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newspaper speculation about Moyes' position. Delegates at the NUT


conference in Brighton have voted in favour of strike action in June. It


follows an argument with the government over pay, conditions, and


pensions. Hello, and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are James


Rampton of the Independent, and the broadcaster and journalist, Lynn


Faulds Wood. The Telegraph highlights an NHS


report which says at least a thousand patients are dying


needlessly each month from acute kidney injury, a treatable condition


which can be avoided if people are kept hydrated. The Guardian says the


former PM Gordon Brown will intervene in the Scottish referendum


debate for the Better Together campaign, with a claim that Scottish


pensioners will be better off if Scotland stays within the UK.


Metro's headline is "Farewell Peaches". The funeral of the singer


Peaches Geldof took place today and her coffin was decorated with a


drawing of her husband, her children and her pets. The Mail warns of the


"Mortgage Inquisition', saying prospective home buyers will be


forced to answer very detailed questions about every aspect of


their finances and spending. The Times says Britain is to lead an


international effort to weaken President Putin's power by reducing


the world's reliance on Russia's energy supplies. The Financial Times


claims that legislation is due to be introduced which would allow energy


companies greater freedom to frack for shale gas. The Sun also carries


a photo of Peaches Geldof's funeral, but the banner headline also refers


to speculation that the Manchester United manager David Moyes is on the


verge of being fired. The Mirror, too, leads on the expected changes


at the top of Old Trafford, saying that Ryan Giggs could be appointed


caretaker manager. Let's start with the Times. Lynn, do


you want to start us off? This is a warning from the energy Secretary.


Europe gets a quarter of its energy from Russia, and half of that comes


through Ukraine. All the troubles in Ukraine means that energy will be a


lot more expensive in Europe. In Britain, we have some of our Rome,


and maybe we should hang on to Scotland before we don't have any


left! `` our Rome. The Shetlands and Orkneys claim it as well, they will


maybe secede as well! We have a serious problem, because Russia is


so rich in gas and we need its gas, and Britain is worried about


Germany, particularly, because Germany gets most of its gas from


Russia. The end result is that we are going to end up paying more on


our energy bills, and there is a warning here for Europe, Gazprom,


the Russian energy giant, said that prices could go up 44%. If you


shelve prices up, people will look for alternatives, and it might not


be very good for Gazprom in the long`term. There is a fascinating


issue here, apparently Russia wrote his Ph.D. About the concept of


Russia using its energy riches to re`establish its position in the


world. I think it is very interesting that Ed Davey is saying


that we must show our support for Germany. Germany is much less


willing to impose sanctions and the rest of Europe when all the


activities were happening in Ukraine earlier this year, because they were


so worried about the gas being turned off. It is all about


politics, we are lucky that we are not dependent on the Russian gas,


they think it is good to show solidarity with the rest of Europe


and show Vladimir Putin that he can't bully us. Let's move on, the


Daily Telegraph, a big picture on the front page of David Moyes,


looking very harrowed and harassed and miserable. I want to go down the


page, this story. Vincent Nichols, the leader of the Catholic Church in


England and Wales, what is he on about? Ukip are coming out with an


1.5 million pound poster campaign, and that is partly what he is


thinking about. They drove vehicles around with these huge boardings on


the side, and Nigel Farage of Ukip called them nasty at the time.


Arguably, the ones that Ukip are bringing out, they are even nasty,


Oracle is that is what Cardinal Vincent Nichols is saying. One of


them shows a big finger`pointing at the reader, saying that millions of


people in Europe are looking for work, and whose job are they after.


Because we have a lot of old people in this country, we need young blood


to come in. There was a warning at the beginning of the year that we


would be overrun by Bulgarians and Romanians, and when we monitored the


flight, only one chap got off. And he was met by 50 journalists! We


need these people to regenerate ourselves and fund the older


people. There are figures that show that immigration benefits the


country. I know there are this reaction is that people have about


immigrants, but they do help our economy, and I think it is good that


the Cardinal has brought that up here. A church that is divorced from


everyday reality is not a church in my book. I remember Mrs Thatcher


talking about the Bishop of Durham commenting on the miners' strike.


And I thought, that is what the bishop is for. Cardinal Nichols is


commenting on what is happening in this country, and it is right that


he does so. We were talking earlier about people writing secularist


letters to the paper, and right at the bottom of this story, Vincent


Nichols is saying that some catholic churches are full to overflowing


juju immigration. A lot of immigrants are from Poland, and that


is a very devout Catholic country `` due to immigration. I think it is


his role to speak about what is happening in society, and good on


him for doing that. Look at the Daily Mirror, we can't avoid this


story, it has been everywhere. David Moyes. Who is the biggest football


fan here? Can I surprise you, I am all for having women more involved


in football, especially playing it. I was telling James earlier that my


husband is a mad Manchester City than, and one of the banners... The


City fans were holding up a banner that said " keep David Moyes! " .


The fact is, it has all gone horribly wrong. It probably went


horribly wrong because it is very difficult to follow anyone like Sir


Alex Ferguson. You think it would have happened to anyone? Jose


Mourinho shows what and astute man he is for not taking the job, if he


was offered it. You are right, it is impossible to follow Alex Ferguson,


especially because he sits there sternly muttering and cutting about


what is going wrong. He was called the chosen one, and a few weeks ago,


the hands of Manchester United hired an aeroplane with a private message,


the wrong one. They are out of the Champions League, that has cost them


30 million, and the fans are threatening to desert them, so


ticket sales will go down as well. In the Daily Express, we have, how


dreams become nightmares, because Old Trafford is known as the Iturup


dreams. It is all about money, they are worried about season`ticket


sales, they are worried that the business of selling shirts is an


enormous part of any football club, and that is under threat. If they


don't even make the Europa league, it will be catastrophic. What is


staggering to me is that the man had a six`year contract. Nobody gets a


six year contract, do they? If they get rid of him, it'll cost them, ?5


million, ?10 million, it will cost them a lot. We talked about this


earlier, contenders include Jurgen Klopp, and a Dutch national coach. I


like that Alex Ferguson himself is 16 to one to return. The Guardian,


Caroline Spelman has been speaking out on the subject of criminalised


eyeing off sex. There is a Nordic model whereby those who buy sex can


be guilty of a criminal offence. At the moment, only the selling off sex


is a criminal offence, and I think it is a good idea because it might


clamp down on the scandalous number of poor girls who are being


trafficked to this country. It is only ever an estimate, but something


like 2500 `3000 girls are trafficked into this country to be used in the


sex business. If anything can stop that, it would be a very good thing,


and this might do something to help. What worries me is you might


end up with a rapidly in the law which could turn out to drive sex


underground, because if a man was to be a criminal for looking for sex or


going with a prostitute, then you are not going to see them out


anywhere. There are 30,000 prostitutes apparently, and just


over half of them are immigrants into this country, and they think


that just under half are vulnerable women, and they are mainly women, I


think. It does seem to have worked elsewhere, but perhaps the Nordic


countries are quite different. It is getting a warm response from people


representing prostitutes at the moment, so I don't think it is about


throwbacks. They were talking about if they banned boxing it would go


underground, you are right. There will always be the search for some


kind of prostitution, and if it is unregulated or unauthorised in any


way, then even more criminal elements could become involved and


that could be even worse. Let's go to the Independent, there is a


story, I read it, it is quite complicated. Scientists and it DNA


to cure diseases. I have a genetic disease in my family, I have lupus


in my family, and I wish them a speedy solution on how to edit my


DNA to get rid of it, because it killed my mother. There is a


technology that allows to make almost any DNA changes at precisely


defined points on the chromosomes of animals or plants. There may be huge


explanations in sight, we have only got the front page of the moment,


and it is well worth everyone buying it to see what they are saying. They


have terrifying overtones of big rubber, if you just read the front


page, and I'm hoping it is all very clear. I would spend it


differently, I think this is an extremely reputable journalist ``


Big Brother. My interpretation would be positive, if they have found a


way to alter one letter of DNA, to cure live disease, which they have


done in a mouse, if they could then you are other diseases which are


affecting so many humans, I think that is brilliant. If we could


possibly find a way to deal with these terrible conditions that have


devastated human beings for centuries, that would be incredible.


Let's go to the Financial Times. The important thing about this is that


companies that want to look for shale gas can do it, we'll be able


to do it on private land. In America, landowners have made a


fortune from selling the rights to frack. I'm sure there will be


increasing calls for more fracking if we want to be independent from


Russian energy. In my eyes, it is extremely unproven tech knowledge, I


know there have been a lot of allegations of earthquakes in the


US, and it seems to make sense that if disrupt the ground underneath


towns they will have a lot of structural damage. I know there was


a minor earthquake in Blackpool when they did some recently. Exciting in


theory, but as yet, I think the jury is out. Be careful what you wish


for. They are talking about changing trespassing laws. We have huge areas


of Britain owned by private landowners, some of whom are Tory


MPs as well. I think there is a long way to go before this happens. Thank


you both very much. Stay with us. At midnight, we report on the


presidential elections that will take place in Syria in June, despite


fighting going on. The UN condemns the decision, as does America.


Coming up next, time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


James Pearce. Our headlines tonight: Is Moyes being moved on? Manchester


United refuse to comment on speculation that their manager is


about to be sacked. Manchester City beat West Brom to


keep the pressure on Liverpool at the top of the Premier League.


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