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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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have that and the action from Chelsea 's semi`final in Madrid.


That is coming up in 15 minutes. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are Anne


Ashworth, assistant editor of The Times and David Davies, media


commentator and former executive director of the FA. Let's have a


look at some of the front pages. The Metro's just one of many papers


featuring the former Manchester United manager David Moyes ` it says


Dutchman Louis Van Gaal may be his eventual replacement.


The Telegraph highlights comments from the Attorney General Dominic


Grieve who says Christians in Britain are afraid to express their


beliefs because they are "turned off" by the rise of religious


fundamentalism. The Guardian says Vince Cable has


warned Britain's boardrooms to crack down on executive bonuses to help


restore public trust. The Mail carries a story that


customs officials will be prevented from asking EU Nationals entering


the country how long they intend to stay here.


The Times leads on figures which show that serious violent crime in


the UK has fallen by 50% in adecade and puts it down to a decline in


binge drinking. There's a new theory in the search


for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the Express, which


claims investigators are exploring the possibility that it may have


crashed on land. And finally, the Independent reports


that Labour is to set up an "attack unit" ahead of the next election to


counter opposition attempts to discredit Ed Miliband.


We are going to start with the Guardian. A number of people on


Twitter have been saying this story is overblown. Why is everyone


leading wicket? Manchester United is the biggest player in our national


sport and it is one of England's biggest brands globally. If this was


Rolls Royce or Marks Spencer, we would be doing the same thing. This


story has everything. Failure is as fascinating to observe as success.


This man has been humiliated but his face, you see it on all the front


pages. Etched with the misery of that punched look. Who could not be


fascinated eye this? I don't think we can actually write enough or say


enough about it. Is a human drama. The players perhaps not performing


for him. Seeing the former god that was... That controlled their


destiny, Alex Ferguson. They perhaps did not have any respect for him?


Her even his critics would say he has performed with immense dignity.


That is because, certainly as far as I know him, and I do not know him


well, he is a thoroughly decent person who, I hope and expect, will


get a job perhaps our broad as Steve McClaren did. Don't forget what


happened to him as a coach not so long ago. He went abroad and it very


well and has come back and is doing well together. My instinct is, we


have not heard the last of David Moyes in football. When I look back


and reflect on what has happened, there was probably too much change


too quickly on and off the pitch. And, succession planning. You a


great deal... We have already talked about business and the similarities


these days between football. You have succession planning but how


often in business, let alone football, does it work out? I can


tell you about the way that coaches and managers art recruited in


football. Sometimes at a immensely short notice. It is still in so many


cases, is a professional, frankly. There is a club which will remain


nameless which has been promoted in recent weeks which had a number of


disasters with managers and then used a head Hunter to consider a


number of candidates and went with that manager and he has the team


promoted. I do think there are horses for courses. Sometimes you


want a young, thrusting merger and sometimes they need the old head. I


find it extraordinary that much he has had to carry account. He did not


sign the cheque, did he? This is the question. Where is the


responsibility? I always say to people, when you go into a club,


when you become chief executive, you can't teach someone to carry out a


transfer. You learn on the job almost invariably. People do it in


different ways. The chairman of Tottenham is famous, he does deals


last minute. Others say, doing deals last minute is a recipe for


disaster. Let go to the Metro. Louis van Gaal is tipped for the post. He


is the Dutch national coast at the moment. You are a Chelsea fan, you


are hoping that the call. I am intrigued by this guy. As a David


Moyes got some history with this guy? Black Louis van Gaal is a very


strong character. I happen to be in the same hotel as him for several


days a year ago, almost a year ago in Brazil. The reality isn't


necessarily the image of the past, somewhat maverick, can be very cross


rather stern figure that he had in this country. Sounds like Sir Alex


Ferguson! He is leaving Holland to the World Cup which goes on until


the second week of July. Either way, Holland got to the final time


in South Africa. This thing about your own sports presenter is saying


tonight, Ryan Giggs is not going to be the permanent manager of


Manchester United. Well, the only thing I would say is that if


Manchester United romped through the last four games of the season, with


wonderful results and the roof comes off at Manchester United, just


watch! When people were themselves out. People used to run themselves


out who we were never going to consider any way. Ryan Giggs is the


only British name mentioned here. There is a whole absence of that


kind of manager. Why is that? That is what I am most worried about. I


know Brendan Rodgers is a dish manager of Liverpool but the impact


of David Moyess failure at United may well be to put the case of


British managers back a number of notches at the biggest club which is


immensely sad. We are going to go to the Times and a shock drop in


violent crime, reduced consumption and binge drinking. This is


extraordinary. It is the upside of the downtime. People that incomes


were constrained. They could not spend so much on alcohol which


became rather more expensive. And so, they can bide less unless


violent. These figures are not, we quite often look at crime figures


and say, well the statistics are reliable. But these are based on


hospital admissions, figures on which we can rely. The ending of


bid`rigging has lessened violence on our streets. This is a good news


story. This hit or help, the case for increasing minimum prices. I


think these figures help the case without a shadow of a doubt. My


reaction to this story was, crime statistics have been improving over


several years. In the last years of the labour government and the use of


the Coalition government. And yet, out in the country, there is huge


scepticism about these figures, I think. These figures are impressive.


Figures down to the sixth year in a row in England and Wales. The latest


quarterly crime statistics overall, not just these figures, are going to


be out tomorrow. It will be interesting to see where they go


because what's happening in the UK, or at least in England and Wales, is


being reflected in other European countries. Very interesting story. A


good news story. And also, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Uluru. A


reminder of a previous picture. Really rather beautifully posed,


despite the lengthening shadows. The extraordinary colours of this rock


that used to be called Ayers Rock. This is the image that will make


everybody start thinking, yes, I do want to go to Australia. She was


also wearing a frock that she had warned before so she was being


thrifty. It is a story with everything. A beautiful blue sky


there. Having had a go at some elements of PR, one should say that


the PR of this trip have been fantastic for Australia and New


Zealand. That is very true. And also for the Royal family because the


cause of Republicanism has dipped quite a lot Down Under because of


the trip. Let's go to the Independent. New England and adviser


to model instant rebuttals on successful Obama campaign. I think


they have all been watching house of cards. Who hasn't? I just finished


the first series. I have watched it and they are all wanting to be a


character in that drama. Whenever the Tories say anything bad about Ed


Miliband, they will say, that is not true. Is that not just what you do


in an election anyway? Vista is telling me that there will be an


election and lies will be told and we will say they are not true.


Apparently, any time anyone says Ed Miliband is weird, they will say...


They will bite. The rebuttal machine, was that not a great


strength of the Blair government. There is nothing new. Some of us in


about the 1992 general election. I was working for the BBC then in the


West Midlands. The weekend before I was told by the Tory agent, sadly


now dead, that we are going to lose this election. On the Monday


morning, early on, he rang me up and said forget what I told you! We will


win this election! The vilification of Neil Covic, if he wins the


election today, all that stuff. In itself didn't change the election.


That vilification of him over the months leading up to the election


and during the election campaign was a big thing. Was that not a very


different kind of election that one waged on the front page of


newspapers. This election will be all about how you work social media.


Very interesting indeed. Finally, the Daily Telegraph. Why are you


talking about older people going to Spain and then going to meet? Anyone


with a holiday. It is not just the Brits to be fair. If you read this


story, we are talking about the Germans as well and the French.


Spain has its employment problems big time, particularly youth


unemployment. It is an interesting story when you look back only a


decade, perhaps 15 years as well. And how things have changed. If you


cannot get a job, there is also the health`care issue here. If you are


unemployed and under pensionable age in Spain, you are no longer getting


any health treatment costs covered. By the UK. If you were not feeling


very well, without a job, and unlikely to get one, wouldn't you


just think that you have given it a go, let's go home? You run the


bricks and mortar section of The Times, these Brits abandoning homes,


are they managing to sell them at any kind of profit whatsoever? There


are parts of the Spanish market that are beginning to turn, where a


recovery is coming, but they tend to be in better areas. A lot of these


homes that were built illegally, who knows when that problem will be


resolved? I suppose people get tired of waiting for their lives to begin


and are cutting losses and coming home. Some people are losing a lot


of money? They have stuck at this story. It appears there are 100,000


of our fellow countrymen and women in Spain `` 800,000. Migrants


working? Yes, living there, at least part of the year. That is a heck of


a lot of people, isn't it? 800,000? It is not all over. Indeed. The news


about the euro and the European crisis, in regards to its finances,


seems to be getting better. That is fairly good news. It has been great


having you both here. Many thanks. Stay with us, at the top of the


hour, we will have more on the crisis in Ukraine, tensions are


rising that, especially in the east, as the acting president orders a


relaunch of military action against the pro` Russian groups. But now, on


BBC News, it is time for Sportsday. Welcome to Sportsday. So much for


being the Chosen One. Manchester United are looking for the Right


One, after sacking David Moyes. Chelsea lose Cech and Terry but old


Athletico Madrid to a goal`less draw in the Champions' League


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