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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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South Korea's Prime Minister resigns after criticism of his government is


handling over the ferry tragedy. More than 300 people are thought to


have died when the ferry sank earlier in the month. Hello and


welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With me is Lucy Cavendish, who is a Sunday Telegraph columnist,


and Tom Bergin from Reuters. That makes him a journalist to!


Tomorrow's front pages. Starting with the independent leading new


rules to drive the long`term unemployed and to work, it says they


will be forced to attend job centres every day. The Financial Times says


talks between China and the US on carbon dioxide emissions appear to


be the most promising development in nearly 20 years of negotiations. The


mattress is a triple killer has been awarded ?800 in compensation after


prison guards broke his nose or purpose. `` the metro says. A report


into high taxes and redtape stifles entrepreneurs in Britain in the


Times. The Guardian says a leading doctor has said whether


understaffing has contributed to high deaths in babies. This is the


picture of the British barrister who the paper says is engaged to George


Clooney. And hayfever sufferers are in for a bad summer. Let's start


with the daily Telegraph carrying the story of the elite servicemen


who died in the Afghan helicopter disaster. Four of those men are


pictured on the front page. Tributes have been paid this evening from the


commanding officers. They sounded like they all had promising careers


ahead of them. They are described as elite servicemen, they appear...


There has not been a confirmation of who they were attached to, as often


is the case, but they were all special forces people. Very highly


regarded, it is difficult to get into those units. They seem


incredibly accomplished. Some have done multiple tours in Afghanistan.


It is a very sad story. They have spoken of mechanical failure, it


reinforces that war zones are incredibly dangerous even when


people are not in fighting. This is the cost of having a military


presence anywhere in the world. In addition to those tributes, we have


had heartbreaking tributes paid by their families. They have lost these


men so close to the presence of international troops. It is


heartbreaking, the thought of them going off in the first place must be


so difficult, it must make their friends and families feel very


frightened. And so close to thinking you were going to get this person


that you love back. When you look at the photographs, it is interesting


that the daily Telegraph is the only newspaper with it. It is


heart`wrenching to see it, unbelievable, their loved ones could


be thinking they are going to walk through the door, it looks like it


is an accident. It could bring into question what has happened, whether


it was faulty equipment, which has dogged this whole situation in


Afghanistan, with questions over Kate and not having the right


equipment. Putting people in jeopardy. ``kit. These have had a


fantastic service record? There have been a number of helicopters with


problems, like generics, there have been a number of accidents.


``Chinooks. There has been mechanical failure suspected as a


problem. When you have equipment that is perfectly good, but


sometimes it can fail in particular circumstances. The Times has Labour


's corporate head hard by UKIP. The party is now is to middle`class.


They have dealt with the Tory voters, swept them up, and are now


going to focus on getting Labour voters to come with us. It sounds


like they could be succeeding? Are they? I don't know, I think it is


all froth. There is a real and genuine concern about what is going


on here, with UKIP. They do not have any MPs, at the moment they do not


have an agenda they are working from. They have people who say


things like Lenny Henry should live in a black country. They are doing a


great job of making people not particularly like them. There is the


idea that Labour are drifting towards the middle classes, as if


the people who are in that party are not middle`class. Ed Miliband, and


the people around him, are in what I would call champagne socialists, in


the past. They must find a way of getting the working classes back. I


do not know what the implication is, it is going somewhere that could


be potentially nasty. They are looking at immigration and welfare.


I can see what the underlying message is. Their prospects are


looking quite good for UKIP in the European elections which happened


next month? Certainly, that will be a secondary concern to the Labour


leadership, they will be focused on the general election. Coming from


here, this is reflective of what has been said about the party and Ed


Miliband being too intellectual. On one hand, it is intuitive, what we


are seeing here today. If you think about it, we are not seeing any


pollen behind these views. When it comes down to it, is it a


constituency affair? ``polling. Are these marginal seats going to be


lost to Labour? Realistically, will Labour lose out to the Lib Dems or


the Conservatives in some marginal constituencies because of the rise


of UKIP? I do not know if that has been proven. The Labour Party is


liberal and progressive, it says here, as if that is a bad thing.


What is the suggestion? They should become not liberal and retrograde


looking? I do not know if that is helpful. Is the concern about UKIP,


is that they will upset the vote in some way? There are those old


certainties, in some constituencies, but are not there any more? From


neighbours perspective, they could always, I guess, attract a certain


person, particularly activists, perhaps, they could come out for


Labour. It could hurt them. They talk about immigration, for example,


that might be an issue that UKIP feels freer to talk about than


Labour. It attracts certain people. Is it going to cost them seats? I


don't think so. It is a certain idea, it fits with previous


comments, said by Hazel blears and others, that they read themselves to


attack UKIP ``Blears. Let's go back to the Telegraph. Money getting you


down? The doctor can see you now. GPs should offer financial advice


from surgeries, because the stress of debt and money worries damage


patients well`being. That is certainly probably true. But do GPs


have time to do this? And the capabilities? My heart goes out to


them. Of course it is true, debt gets everyone down. I imagine no


more so than ever. You see people suffering tremendous amounts of


stress. `` I imagine now. Clinics have been set up in GPs clinics


which have helped. The idea that they can focus on the fact that the


reason someone is ill or exhibiting symptoms for example, panic attacks,


is because they are in a financial mess. Most people feel it is panic


making, and they are given advice to get help. I do not think they should


be taking in their current account statements! At that point, they will


put their hands in the air and close down completely. In the five minutes


you had to see them! I love the idea. I love the idea of the GP


telling me I've spent too much on baked beans, that would be great!


The rise of payday lenders show people do not make the best


financial choices. Why would the GP know better than us? There is room


for financial education. If it is in conjunction with the Citizens'


Advice Bureau, it makes sense. I do not know that doctors have time to


do this. There are micro and macro economics as part of their medical


degree! `` they can study. This is the story of a triple killer, he has


won ?815 compensation in prison, because guards broke his nasal hair


clippers, and they didn't apologise. There is also something


to do with his cranberry juice going missing. Compensation for someone


who has killed three times? Of course that is going to make people


furious. These stories come up regularly. A prompt a lot of


outrage. It is difficult to see how you don't get into these situations,


given the rules, though, if someone loses their equipment. `` they


prompt a lot of outrage. It means that people we don't like will


benefit from these rules. It does not mean we should change the rules,


necessarily, just in response. It has happened before, where people


have done bad things have got compensation for various reasons.


Could it be suspended? If you go to prison, you lose your rights to that


sort of thing? It is difficult, nose hair clippers, of course people will


be cross about that. No one will think that is a good thing. It is


infuriating and irritating. You could say, look, if they get broken,


you get a pay`out for it. They focus on the nose clippers. Most of it was


because the prison didn't apologise for the fact that his equipment had


been lost. There are some questions about the process here. Perhaps.


Basically, they do not think it is a good thing! That is what you are


saying! Rules are rules, you can't do anything about it. Let's have a


look at this paper, the jobless are told to sign on every day or lose


their benefits. These are people, the long`term unemployed, they have


to go to the job centre every day, not once every couple of weeks. The


way around this is that they sign up for voluntary work? Absolutely, it


does not sound like voluntary work, of course, if the option is is that


you will lose your income and receipts. It is an interesting one.


It is clearly putting a certain label or certain hint around, almost


criminalising it. It is like the walk of shame. On the same side, we


are not seeing on the tax evasion sighed the same kind of action.


That, potentially, raises the question as to whether there are


double standards here. `` tax evasion seeing. With Swiss bank


accounts, this has not lead to prosecution. It is interesting, to


see how this could end up looking. Wouldn't it make it certain though,


that if someone is claiming benefits, but is secretly working,


they cannot do that? Yes, you would have to go there every single day


on. It is difficult. There is something about the feckless people


who are not working those jobs available. `` and sign on. Your


motivation would go out the window. You probably feel unemployable. The


other thing is that some employers are not making it very easy. There


is this whole thing about not paying for travel expenses or certain


amounts of time, it is a difficult balance to give up your benefits and


get a job, if your potential employer is not doing what they


should be. I have had people who have had that experience, but I will


not name the company. It is scary, none of us are far away from being


destitute. Let's have a look at the express, George Clooney is quite far


away from being destitute! Has this beauty finally tamed George Clooney?


You can hear the sound of hearts breaking across the world. Tom, you


have a lot to say about this? ! And asked who he was! I knew who he


was. She is a legal eagle, a British Lebanese woman, clever and


beautiful, she went to Oxford University. She tamed the man every


woman wanted to tame. He had a bet that he would not get married before


the age of 50 and he is now 52. This is interesting news. Not to me. As a


financial journalist, maybe this tells me that he is selling at the


top of the market. Sexiest man in the world for ten or 20 years. He


has realised he is at his peak. We will all have to lose interest in


him now because he is not single and he is married to someone no one


could compete with. She is only 36. But who will replace him as the


world's most eligible bachelor? I have no idea. Something to think


about on your way home. But will he get married? That is the issue.


Thank you for joining us. We will have to leave it there. Thank you to


our guests who are sitting there thinking, is it over? Can we go? The


headlines are coming up. But next, the Film Review. Hello and welcome


the Film Review on BBC


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