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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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will have more on the sanctions basing Manchester City for failing


to meet UEFA 's financial fair play rules, that is coming up in about 15


minutes. Hello, and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are Emily


Ashton, Whitehall correspondent for The Sun, and journalist Eva Simpson.


Pretty much all of the front pages are in now, we will start with the


tragic death of the teacher Anne Maguire, that is the front page of


the Independent. She was stabbed to death in front of pupils in a school


in Leeds. That story is on the front page of Tomorrow's front pages.


The Financial Times is going with the big Pharma takeover bid made by


Pfizer for UK firm Astra`Zeneca. The Daily Telegraph is another paper


leading with the killing of Leeds teacher, Anne Maguire. The paper


says she was seen as the 'figurehead' of Corpus Christi


Catholic College. The Daily Express also leads with the teacher's death,


reporting that Mrs Maguire was in her final term before taking


retirement. The Guardian claims that a cross`party campaign to discredit


UKIP as "racists" is to be launched this week. The death of teacher Anne


Maguire leads the Daily Mail, the paper says she was a dedicated


teacher. And the Mirror's front page also focusses on that shocking


story, reporting one pupil as saying Mrs Maguire was a "lovely teacher".


It is clear, Emily, from the tribute is pouring in for Anne Maguire, who


died up in Leeds, that she was well loved, and well liked, apparently


the first murder of a teacher it on a school promises `` premises since


Dunblane. `` tributes. The first murder in a classroom. She had been


working at the school for 40 years, for her entire teaching career.


There were a lot of peoples who respected her. You could tell this,


people were travelling across Britain this afternoon to pay


tributes to her, to lay some flowers for her. Pupils gathered at this


church, earlier tonight, hundreds of pupils. Former students, and their


parents, wanted to pay tribute to her. It is so shocking that this can


happen in a classroom in front of other pupils. It does not bear


thinking about. We are more used to hearing about teachers being


killed, students being murdered, in America. This is the thing that we


hear about in the news that happens in the United States, for summing


like this to happen in Britain is unheard of. It is unprecedented.


What is more tragic was that she was in her final term. She was about to


retire this summer. She spent all of her career and her life working at


the school. She was loved by pupils, and teachers, and by their parents.


She was finally about to say goodbye. And then this awful thing


happens. You hear of pupils potentially taking weapons into


schools, in inner`city schools, knives, and that kind of thing.


There has always been the suggestion that it is gang`related, and somehow


tied up with trying to get one upon another gang, or another pupil in


the same school. This was seen to be what is coming out, completely out


of the blue from a pupil that apparently was alleged to have been


doing very well. This is, according to reports, this 15`year`old pupil


has been arrested and not yet charged, but he was from a


middle`class family and doing well in his exams, perhaps a bit of a


loner in the school, but we do not know the full truth of that yet.


This was an attack by one pupil, this was not like the head teacher


who was killed outside of school gates in 1995 who was breaking up an


attack between pupils, was stabbed in the process. This was an attack


launched against teacher and buy one pupil. It is profoundly shocking. ``


against a teacher by one pupil. We will wait for the police


investigation on this. Let's go to the sun. Max Clifford is guilty of


eight sex attacks. `` The Sun. Those with contracts with him, they are


moving away from him. Simon Cowell is one of them. This is a story


dominating the papers, The Sun has an excuse of line, `` exclusive


line. Simon Cowell is the first person to fire him in the wake of


these guilty verdicts. It remains to be seen who else will do the same,


and follow suit. It is the sort of risky thing to do. If you hire Max


Clifford as your publicist, he knows where all the skeletons are buried,


and all of your guilty secrets. Is it a wise thing to do? So soon?


Nonetheless, this is the action Simon Cowell has taken. I don't


think he has a choice after this. It will be the first in a long list of


clients to distance themselves from Max Clifford. It is interesting,


this is your newspaper, Emily, and either, you as well, you are an


entertainment reporter `` Eva. It is difficult for the red tops, they


have had close dealings with him over the years. He had a hotline to


most tabloid editors. He was the king of kiss and tell. If someone


had a story, the first person they would call was Max Clifford, and


then he would call the tabloid editors. He had a strong and close


relationship with them going back decades. The interesting thing for


me with this story is that I think most of the general public are aware


of Max Clifford as the king of kiss and tell. I do not know how well it


resonates with them. He is a public figure. But he is not an a list.


Really? Not really. But inexperience? In journalism, but...


He was the silver head figure behind the starlet. `` silver haired.


Leading the kiss and tell. You are defending your front page? I have


two, he is famous enough to merit any tabloid front page. He made a


living defending such people in his position `` too. But now he has


become the story. He is a story in itself. Let's go on to the


Guardian, a cross`party campaign to brand UKIP as racists. This


aggressive move comes as there is an anti` Europe move put at 30%. The


European elections are coming up and made the 22nd, the polls are putting


UKIP first, people are fed up `` the 22nd of May. People are fed up with


EU laws and immigration, it is a huge issue, Farage has tapped into


this. But in the last week, has unravelled slightly. UKIP members


are saying unsavoury things, and some are being kicked out. Now there


is a campaign, a cross`party campaign, and they are going to


contemn the party as" racist". It is a bold tactic. It is not racism


necessarily towards blacks and Asians, but your road races. Yes,


you saw these billboards launched by UKIP last week ``euro`racism. I


think it is a patronising campaign. It is well`intentioned and


well`meaning. This one with UKIP? Yes, this cross`party campaign, most


people are intelligent enough to make up their own mind about what


they think of UKIP and what they are and to be stand for. `` and what


they stand for. More stories have emerged about their policies. I do


not think people need a cross`party campaign. For me, it comes across as


desperate for the parties to have to get together. But they are desperate


because you taking votes from all of them. But if you beat people over


the head and say they are racist, don't vote for them, people are


already disillusioned by the main parties, which is why they turned


UKIP in the first place. This is why there is this reverse effect in


pushing people to vote for them in the first place. It harks back to


David Cameron 's attack describing them as fruitcakes and loons, that


backfired. Exactly. Now they are going to UKIP. They have to be kept


not to alienate their own. `` have to be careful not to alienate. Let's


go to the times, this is a test to predict those at cancer. There is a


tipping point in the battle against a whole range of cancers. More


people are now surviving them dying as a result of the disease. ``than.


It seems there is an easy way to deal with some male cancers? Yes,


there is a simple blood test back and predict the risk of cancers in


some older men, some men with a common defect in their white blood


cells are more likely to die from cancer than those without the


defect. There is a new study showing that half the people diagnosed with


cancer survive for at least ten years compared to just a quarter in


the 1970s. It is all gaining traction. It is a great


breakthrough. We know people, we all do, we have lost friends and family


members. To read a story that says 50% people can survive cancer, that


is fantastic. It is amazing news. That is the story on the front page


of the daily Telegraph. Richard Nixon, I think it was, in the early


1970s, it was him who declared a war on cancer. It was a similar


thing... He believed if America focused all their attentions on


this, they could beat it within a decade or so. That did not happen.


Clearly. Why is it only now that they seem to be getting on top of


this? It takes time, there is a lot of research and element going on


behind the scenes. There is a lot of awareness, for people to recognise


early signs. It is heartening to know that it is no longer... In no


longer has to be a death sentence. Decades ago, you would hear the


C`word, and it would be a automatic death sentence. Now they are saying


that women with breast cancer have a 78% survival rate, and men with


prostate cancer have an 80% chance. Whereas years ago, it was only 25%


rates of survival. Millions has been pumped into research. And it is


finally... Yes. It seems to be bearing fruit. On the front of the


daily Telegraph as well, a lesson for BBC chiefs in unconscious bias.


Indeed. I hope that does not refer to this programme! Not tonight!


There has been a huge study of the BBC current affairs output, the


results of this will come out this week. We have had some tasters of


what may be in the offing. This is a piece which talks of how senior


staff have been taken by unconscious bias. There is the perception that


those who do hiring and firing will be hiring those who like themselves,


who look and sound like themselves. Normally, white and middle`aged men.


There seems to be a will, according to this piece, to change that. It is


important. People would think, does that really happen? Does it really


go on? I think so. It is not a conscious thing, this is the


problem. No one goes out of their way not to hire a certain person


because of their gender or their race, but I think people working in


the media are busy and it is hectic. It is not something that


necessarily occurs to them. This is why I think things like this are


important, to say, actually, we had to shake things up a bit. So anyone


watching the programme tonight shouldn't be for? This is the first


time we have been on! It is, actually! This comes from James


Harding, the head of news at the BBC. He is very forward thinking.


This is a problem for all big corporations. It seems to be a


trendy thing. It is done by a lot of corporations. The BBC are taking it


on board. It not trendy, it is long overdue. Finally, someone... We have


heard about gender and inequality. It has got a lot of attention and


things are finally changing. You do not hear a lot about race and


diversity. Lenny Henry has been making some noise in this area. What


is interesting in these campaigns, these campaigns have been outside of


the BBC. They say it is not looking so good. From the inside, no one


is... It is not an issue. You don't realise until someone from the


outside says it is an issue. It is an unconscious bias. The fact it is


noticed now is fantastic. As we said, don't be folded you are


watching the programme. Thank you for helping us. `` do not be foaled.


Stay with us, at the top of the hour we will have the situation in Leeds.


`` more on the situation in Leeds. `` do not be fooled. Now, the latest


sports. Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I'm


John Watson. On the way tonight: Arsenal seize control of fourth in


the race for Champions League Football next


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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