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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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Championship in Sheffield. That's all in Sportsday in 15 minutes after


the Papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are the


broadcaster Daisy McAndrew and Ian Birrell, contributing editor at the


Daily Mail. Let's have a look at some of the front pages. We will


start with the Metro. Their top story is from an interview with a


senior judge who says that unmarried women who live with their partners


are thrown on the scrapheap without financial help if the relationship


ends and have fewer rights than they expect. And the FT leads with the


news that Barclays is to create a bad bank to transform its struggling


investment banking operations. The Telegraph says that Nigel Farage


does plan to stand in the Newark by`election after former


Conservative MP Patrick Mercer announced he will stand down this


evening. The Express says that 150,000


Eastern European migrants are paying just ?1 a week in tax. The Guardian


says the Justice Secretary has told prison governors he wants to cut


costs by over ?2000 per prisoner. The Mail leads with one of the


tributes to Ann Maguire, the teacher who was killed in her classroom in


Leeds. We will start with the Daily


Telegraph, Nigel Farage's bid two Rob Cameron, he would be mad to not


go for it. It certainly looks like it, the Tories Bill worst nightmare,


the European elections, and enable change which means you cannot have


the by`election on the same day, they will probably come third in the


European elections, they are currently ten points behind UKIP,


and then to have this straight afterwards, it could not be worse,


perfect territory for UKIP in terms of where there are concerns that


they can whip up and exploit. At the same time, it should be said that I


do not think the loss of Patrick Mercer will undermine the political


body of this country. He is a man who, since being sacked for racism


from the front bench, has been on a mission against as leader and Gordon


pretty horrendous circumstances involving cash for questions. ``


court in. Although he has performed one last the digging the man he


clearly does not lie, it is no great loss. Sure, it is clearly does not


like David Cameron. Eric Joyce has lost the web but they want to shore


up support there. `` the whip. You can see from the company that he


keeps, flanked by Bernard Jenkin, Bob Stewart, very much not in the


David Cameron camp, both kind of smoking. I think all three of them


were smirking. `` smirking. Patrick Mercer reminds you how he is a


former soldier all the time, never misses an opportunity. We would all


like to see more politicians who have had a proper jobs, but he is


quite smug about it a lot of the time and really bangs on about it,


and he was obviously enjoying putting the boot into David Cameron,


and then other people come out of the woodwork. Lord Ashcroft has been


critical of David Cameron, saying he should not be surprised Patrick


Mercer has given him a headache, what goes around et cetera, that is


what he says. A lot of rejoicing today about the fact that Number Ten


is having a right royal headache over this, and one other thing, what


you were saying earlier about the fact that they cannot have it on the


same day, it is a financial headache as well. If you cannot piggyback on


the back of the other and engineering, you have to do a


separate campaign, it is very expensive. `` electioneering. That


will probably be do you give's benefit because they will be getting


all the publicity. Astonishingly self`defeating to see these MPs


luxuriating in the fact that their party will get another kicking. It


shows why some people are so turned off by politics and why UKIP has


done so well, because of the BA view of these people. People in your tent


doing something unspeakable! Patrick Mercer polled more than all of the


other candidates together at the last election, if Nigel Farage


cannot overturn not, will it affect UKIP? He will have a beautiful time


of causing trouble and winning headlines and being the dominant


story... And being listened to. Anything that is being done to stop


people hearing UKIP gives them publicity. This new group saying


they are racists, it is giving them publicity, the worst possible thing


for their rivals and the best possible thing for UKIP, added not


matter if he loses, he will say it was a 16,000 seat majority, I was


never going to win it. Very difficult for political advisers,


dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. If they do not take the


threat head`on, they will say they are living in a metropolitan cocoon.


And if they do what you are saying, it is just giving them the oxygen of


publicity. More than 90% of the country live in metropolitan areas,


so talking about a Metropolitan Police is rather daft! That is going


to be a good by`election. `` metropolitan elite. China to


overtake the US economy this year in the Financial Times, the prediction


was that it would overtake America by 2019`20. By this year,


apparently. In fact, as a lot of Chinese economist and they would say


they did it lasted, and the Americans would say they did not. ``


ask a lot of Chinese economists. We will not know for certain for a few


months, but these new figures have put them so far edge it is almost


impossible to believe they will not be in pole position. `` so far ahead


. It is just statistics and numbers, but it does particularly


matter to how the Chinese feel about themselves and how the Americans


feel about themselves. As an American businessman or politician,


does this matter, and it really will matter. They had a long time to get


used to the idea, but that is not the same as the reality. Is the sort


of thing that, because of the different constituencies, the way


they will see these figures, is it something that would feed into an


election campaign in America? Look at what has happened to our prestige


on the international stage and the Democrats. I think America is


questioning its role in the world, and there is an isolationist


tendency and talk of protectionism, and this feeds into it, the idea


that America is no longer the dominant economic power. At the same


time people see it as a race and if one side is up, the other is down.


Remember that while China is growing 24% in three years, America is


growing nearly 8%, the whole world is growing and we all benefit from


this. The fact China is doing well could be good news for Britain,


because the luxury goods and services are going up, they are


sending more kids overseas for universities, along with others. We


should not necessarily see this as a bad news story, it is good for the


whole world ` economic growth, we will feed off each other, this is


something positive, despite the fact that it is an interesting,


symbolically important moment. I think you are absolutely right in


one way. I don't believe it will make any difference to a short`term


American election. What I think could start is certain American


politicians saying, we are no longer the number one global economy, so we


no longer have to be the world's policeman, and you can see that


argument taking strength in some areas, saying the world's problems


are there problems, why should we pay for everything? And the converse


of that is if the Chinese economy is growing and doing well, they have


more money to spend on one of the largest armies in the world and on


expanding their influence further afield. No doubt China is a growing


important part of the equation, and it is spending more on arms, but the


world is changing fast. We still have 82,000 soldiers! The Guardian


Ian, Labour rubbing out glof era `` Gove era. There are concerns that


the changes he's bringing in are shaking up the education system in a


way that needed to be done. He's the hate figure for the left.


He's loved by the Tory party and is seen as one of the few real


successes who've pushed through dramatic reforms. This is Labour and


interestingly David Blunkett working with the Education Secretary coming


up with something that seems like a muddled solution which is the right


word which I don't think it is. It's bureaucratic involving authorities


coming together in different groups to appoint the directors who've


tried to raise standards. It's a bit of a fudge in that they don't want


to give local authorities power again as particularly the unions


would like. Nor do they want to allow this sort of independence. It


shows the big split between the Conservative Party which really


believes in transdevolved power and allowing more freedom to


institutions to operate and Labour who have the slightly more


interventionist approach and believe in a more dictatorial solution.


Again that feeds into the debate you have had with Ed Miliband and Jon


Cruddas about the idea of devolving power. It's a muddled solution. I


agree from reading what I have about it, it smacks of, remember when


every solution to every problem was a new czar and that's exactly what


this sounds like, yet another layer of measurement, whether in health or


education. It says this is going to be a whole new flanks of independent


directors appointed by fixed term contracts. That sounds like a


nightmare `` a new fall Lancs. It's believed this will be unpopular with


the Labour left. I think it will be very important from my reading of


it. I can't see who it's going to be particular with, apart from Deb,


Tristram Hunt and maybe some from the educational list. You don't


fancy being a director? Well, the probably going to be well paid!


We are running out of time. We are going to go straight to Harry


actually, at the top of the Telegraph there, no happily ever


after for Harry, Prince and Cressida end their romance. Was there much


pressure? Secondly, were they going out together? Is it over? Who cares?


It's good enough for the front`page of the Daily Mail. I think he will


be able to hear the cheeps and `` cheers and whoops of delight of


teenagers thinking Prince Harry will be single again and on the market,


assuming that's what this story is. The Royals are on something of a


crest of a wave, they are on a high at the moment, just seen the Royal


tour, the baby, everyone talking about Harry and Cressida. No matter


how much we might not like it, it's definitely news and it will be


popular news. So the wedding's off, they can put their fascinators away.


The wedding is off. Ian, your opinion on this, please? Aagree with


everything Daisy says. Can't add anything. I knew you were going to


say something along those lines! But why the pressure became too much `


that's just the pressure from the press saying they are going to get


together, they are going to get married. People are going to want to


read it and they have got to try and give it a push. Couldn't you say


that about pretty much any relationship that's broken up. Why


the pressure became too much ` the pressure of not agreeing. The


pressure of hating each other. Not getting on with each other! You are


going to be back in an hour for more. More Royal news. We'll have


lots more, Ian. I know you are loving it. Many


thanks. See you in an hour. Stay with us on BBC News because at the


top of the hour, we'll have much more on tonight's resignation by the


former Conservative MP Patrick Mercer after allegations he was paid


to ask questions in Parliament. Coming up now, it's Sportsday.


Welcome to Sportsday. Real Madrid thump Bayern to make the Champions


League final. John Terry's played in that final


before and he's back tomorrow to help Chelsea get there again. Mark


Selby's just one frame away from the


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