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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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look ahead to the semifinal between Chelsea and Athletico Madrid as well


as a look at the snooker. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


the broadcaster Daisy McAndrew and Ian Birrell, contributing editor at


the Daily Mail. Tomorrow's front pages, starting with... The FT leads


says Barclays is to create a bad bank to transform its struggling


investment banking operations. The Telegraph says that Nigel Farage


DOES plan to stand in the Newark by`election after former


Conservative MP Patrick Mercer announced he will stand down this


evening. The Guardian says the Justice Secretary has told prison


governors he wants to cut costs by over two thousand pounds per


prisoner. The Mail leads with tributes to Ann Maguire, the teacher


who was killed in her classroom in Leeds yesterday. The Times also


leads on that tragic story adding that Mrs Maguire brought up her two


nephews after her sister died of cancer at the age of 36. The Sun


says that Ann Maguire wasn't meant to be school yesterday but came in


on her day off to help students get ready for exams. 'Heartless' is the


Mirror's stark headline over a picture of secret filming of a care


home resident begging for help but being ignored. And the Indepedent's


top story is on the Royal Mail floatation. The papers says that 20%


of shares were allocated to hedge funds and short term investors in


contradiction to assurances given by the Business Secretary at the time


that they would only go to long`term investors. Only one place to start.


Nigel Farage. Will he, or won't he? Patrick Mercer was the first person


to be fired from the front bench by David Cameron. Is revenge a dish


best served cold? I don't think Patrick Mercer wanted to stand


down. He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It has, no doubt,


given David Cameron a major headache. Causing a by election at a


very difficult time. Flanked by all of his lackeys who were very anti`


David Cameron and now it's all lies on Nigel Farage `` it. All eyes are


on him. The Telegraph certainly seems to think that he is poised to


stand. Interesting that you was on the news tonight with their chief


spin doctor. Many people are saying that he will be the one to stand.


The problem is, if a UKIP person does win, the chance is that they


will only have the seat for a year. That could be a bit tricky, a bit


trouble magic. `` problematic. They had a lot of momentum running up to


the election in 2010 and the previous local and European


elections that year. That's trailed off when it came to the general


election that year. A seat in Newark would certainly boost things. The


Tories are ten points behind. The major politicians may not know how


to deal with this phenomenon right now. They are led by a public`school


educated guy on a very healthy salary and many candidates seem


rather dubious. It is more publicity and that is helping them all the


time. They do not know how to deal with it. Straight after a win it,


there will be another question of what happens in Europe and they will


dominate that debate and that gives them more momentum going into the


election. Many people think that they will be under 10% before the


next election but I think they will do better than they expect. The


other problem is that it would be perfectly natural to put the


by`election on another day but that cannot happen. It is a protest vote


and the next day it will all be about the forthcoming by`election,


rather than putting it all behind them. It will be extra expense as


well. The Tories are defending a 16,000 majority, that will be hard


to overturn. A by`election can do strange things. It could be


seminal. If they only lose by 4000, they have still done wonders there


are and will continue to build up their bandwagon and to show that


they are a force that cannot be underestimated. At the moment they


are flailing around all over the place and do not know how to deal


with this, this creature which has risen up. The more supporters they


get, the harder it is, because if you start to say that they are just


a bunch of loonies, you are insulting all the new supporters.


People are bending over backwards because of that. The fact that one


or two of the candidates do look a bit nuts, is overlooked as a means


to attract fans. They will take any boat they can get. We will stay with


this front page, an impressive tributes to Anne Maguire the school


teacher murdered in Leeds yesterday. So many stories are


coming out about this woman and her personality. She was not supposed to


be in school yesterday and was there to help students with their exams.


She brought up her sister's children because she died of cancer. It is a


tragic story and the more we learn about it, the more tragic it


appears. She appeared to be such an inspirational teacher who had done a


selfless and incredible thing in bringing up her nephews and to have


been so close to retirement, the whole story is heartbreaking. The


only thing you can say is that it is a very rare thing in this country


and the only reason it has so much attention is because it is so rare.


The prosecutor who is dealing with the case said he had seen nothing


like it in 25 years top yellow thank goodness for that. `` well thank


goodness for that. All the politicians are talking about it.


David Cameron has already been asked about the violent computer games but


nobody could possibly know what caused this to happen. That is the


danger when something so shocking happens. Politicians must be slow


and drag their feet. . Slow and old. A 15`year`old boy is being


charged in connection with this story. We will move on. The jails


have been told to cut cash. They have been told to do this quite


heavily. They want to cut another 24% out of the budget. It seems to


me that it is a shame because when Ken Clark came in he had a much more


sane approach to prison. It is similar to what is happening in the


United States where they are saying that effectively prison is a sign of


state failure as one in three prisoners have done ten crimes or


more. They have seen excellent results with low risk offences in


Texas where one in four re` offended previously and now it is something


like one in 100. We should not be getting soft on crime, but smart on


crime. The American right have learned that and unfortunately here


it has reverted and they are going for the hard`line, tough on crime


stuff and it is a waste of money and very nonconservative to be wasting


money, isn't it? He is talking about trying to save money. Budget will


not solve the problems that cause people to commit crimes. If you


really want to get on it darts dealing with the problems that are


underlying it `` start. I could not agree more. They have done this in


New York as well and politically, it was very difficult as you don't want


to look like you are soft on crime. It is one of these areas where


politicians already know all of this behind closed doors. They know it


doesn't work but they don't want to lose votes to cut prison is


popular. It was the American prison system that introduced these massive


prisons and it is the very size that is the problem. In this prison they


are talking about drug packages being thrown over the fence and it


is all because the staff is not experienced enough apparently but I


don't think it has anything to do with that. The entire system does


not work. Do you like a bit of a flutter? I do but I understand the


point here, the proliferation of gambling on high streets. I did not


realised. `` realise. It is because they are the only type of company


that do not have to get a planning application. They don't have to get


one at all, how ridiculous is that? They can move into any premises they


like. That is being tackled and the other problem is that these


companies want to put more of their shops onto the high streets. They


are only allowed a certain number of machines in each shop and they are


so popular that they want more. Although I do like a bit of a


flutter, I do think it is damaging. So much of it has moved online


anyway. I think it is good that they are responding to it. It shows that


politics can try to tackle some major problems although people sneer


at politicians, they can... You wanted them all to shut up a moment


ago. I am just trying to be kind. It is a very sad day. Young love. But


it does happen, to be honest. You forget, this girl has been around.


She is only 25 years old, poor lass. She seems to be saying now, it


is because of the intense scrutiny. Apparently, the couple round over


their future. I mean, where did the son get that from? Was that someone


in the room? Where am I. Time is up. You will be pleased to note you will


not need to talk about this story any more. I am very sad. Much


appreciated. At midnight we will have the latest on the rest nation


by Patrick Mercer after allegations he was paid to ask questions in


Parliament. Now, it is time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday with me, Will Perry. The headlines


tonight: Real Madrid, the real deal, thrashing Bayern Munich to make the


Champions league


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