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Sheffield. Mark Cavendish has claimed his third


stage win on the Tour of Turkey. That is in 15 minutes, straight


after The Papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are Beth Rigby,


deputy political editor at The Financial Times, and the writer and


comedian David Schneider. Let's look at the front pages. We are going to


start with the Daily Telegraph and the arrest of Gerry Adams, which


features on its front page. The Sinn Fein President is being questioned


tonight about the murder of Jean McConville back in 1972. According


to the Guardian, there has been a huge surge in work is tied to zero


our contracts. The main Jeremy Paxman who is quitting Newsnight.


Financial Times has news of Government advisers apparently


making money during the privatisation of Royal Mail. The


express says an EU tax which could damage UK pensions has been given


the green light. The picture is of Bob Hoskins, who has died at the age


of 71. The actor also features on the Metro's front page. The lead


story is a warning from the World Health Organisation about the


effectiveness of antibiotics. We are going to chat through those stories


in a moment but we will start with the Daily Telegraph. Gerry Adams


arrested over a 1972 murder. He has been linked to this in some quarters


for many years that he has always denied it. An astonishing story


breaking tonight. It has just broken and the Daily Telegraph have managed


to get it on their front page. Gerry Adams has been arrested in


connection with the murder of Jean McConville in 1972. The background


to the story is that he was implemented in the killing ``


implicated in the killing by IRA veterans who gave taped interviews


for a Boston College project. These have been passed back to the Irish


police. He has been arrested tonight. He strongly denies the


involvement in it. The political fallout of this is huge,


potentially. It has come in just as local elections are happening. Sinn


Fein is saying it is completely politically motivated and one has to


wonder what will happen to Adams in terms of his career within Sinn


Fein. Is this the moment that he steps back, he retires? OK. These


are of course all allegations and he denies them all. He would argue,


David, that we are in the middle of an election campaign, the European


and parliamentary elections and so on, and the timing is interesting


because the allegations have been swirling for years. I am sure that


is a thing that he could say and perhaps it is the case. I don't


know. What worries me, as an Englishman sitting here in England,


you see Martin McGuinness with the Queen, something you could never


imagine in the 70s. You sort of go, oh, and you get misty eyed about it.


I was in Northern Ireland a couple of weeks ago and it just reminded me


that the bitterness is just under the surface for a lot of people.


That is what worries me about things like this. Hearing the details of


the murder, it brings out all the animosity that is just under the


surface for some people. Sure. The allegation was that Jean McConville


was a spy working on behalf of the British security services, and that


is why she was targeted by the IRA. Hearing those stories reminds people


in Northern Ireland of how far they have come. Again that is the English


being misty eyed and being a hippy, but you hope that they remember that


this piece that they have now is worth preserving. The danger is that


it pulls them back. On tape from beyond the grave Brendan Hughes, a


leading IRA man and former close associate of Mr Adams, said the


direct orders to kill Jean McConville came from Gerry Adams.


That is what he has alleged. The PSNI finally got their hands on


these tapes. It was a long and drawn`out process getting these


tapes from Boston. As we have been saying, he has denied any


involvement in this and Sinn Fein is suggesting this is politically


motivated. So we will see what develops there. Let's go on to the


Telegraph. David, huge surge in workers tied to zero our deals.


Cable urged to focus on employment issues. Whenever I hear the


Government talking about hard`working people I feel they


should be talking about hardly working people. Now the issue is not


unemployment but underemployment, this zero`hour thing. The Government


is crying out loudly and proudly about unemployment figures, but


there are so many people, and I know this from personal experience of


care workers that I come into contact with with elderly parents,


who are run zero`hour contract and don't have the security of knowing


how much money they will have. This is the underbelly of having


relatively stable employment through a very deep recession. The


unemployment figures have actually not been as bad as people expected.


But the quid pro quo is that people are working on much poorer returns.


Some people like that. Yes. That is the point the Government makes. Some


people like to have flexible working because they are caring for children


and elderly parents and so on. But the figures. One main people when a


year ago it was 583,000. `` 1.3 million people. It sounds like


unscrupulous employers are going for it and they can do what they want.


Labour are really on the attack on all this and it all plays into their


cost of living crisis argument, that they understand what real people are


going through and the nasty Tories don't. In Vince Cable's defence, the


Lib Dem Business Secretary, he is actually very concerned about


zero`hour contract but he is working in a coalition with Conservatives.


Two years ago they were trying to completely deregulate employment law


through the reforms that were a series of reforms put forward by a


Tory donor that said let's do away with maternity and paternity rights


and completely deregulate the employment market. Vince Cable


managed to block that. What he is going to try and do, I think, and


zero`hour contract, bar the worst excesses of it such as exclusivity,


where an employer does not give you a contract but then says you must


not work for anyone else, which is deeply unfair? He must empathise


with that because he had exclusivity for the coalition! How he must want


to work with Labour on bass and tear up his own zero`hour contract! `` on


this. What comes into this is the debate on minimum wage. I think it


is absolutely incumbent on the Government of that as the economy


does pick up that they are seen to be tackling zero our contracts and


poor employment conditions for people and tackling low wages.


Otherwise they are not going to bring people with them by 2015. I


hope so. What they are doing is saying, don't look at the people


suffering, look at the great statistics and the unemployment


figures. But in their defence it is surely better to have a job in a


recession even if it is a pretty awful job? But that is how people


are exploited. You say it is better to have a job. Be grateful. But if


you can't live on the money that you own, that also creates problems.


Then they need to have top ups from the Government, housing benefits. It


is about paying a decent wage, not any job. Employers need to make sure


that as the economy picks up, there is a trickle down to workers. I


think if they don't do that... Labour will continue to talk about


the cost of living crisis? Yes. I don't think it is politically


tenable for the Government not to do more on both these things. OK.


Staying with the Guardian, Paxo is off. Clive, don't do the same! The


BBC would collapse, man! No, no, I'm holding his place up... There is


more pressure on you now. The end of an era. It really is! You know, we


sort of suspected something when the beard appeared, personally. When a


man who is tired of shaving, he is tired of life at the BBC! That is


what I reckon. I thought... He stopped wearing socks as well with


his shoes ` no, I have made that up! What happens under the desk stays


under the desk. If only people knew what was going on under here! Yes,


it is really ` obviously, his house style was being fed up. It is hard


to really notice that he's now REALLY fed up. Also, in Westminster,


if you are talking to a politician and they have got to go on Newsnight


and you say, "Who is on tonight?" It is Paxman. They are terrified. He is


so effective at what he does. I think it is going to be hard to ` he


is irreplaceable. Yes. I saw Piers Morgan tweeted... There you go.


David Moyes is free now! That can only end well. On a serious note, it


is a blow. He's come in, he's reinvigorated the programme. Within


my kind of little bubble in Westminster, the programme is


getting traction and people are watching it again and people are


talking about it. Then he loses his start player. That is difficult.


Apparently, he informed the BBC last year, so the BBC has known... Was it


around the beard time? It all makes sense now! So, the impression is


that he knew this was coming and hopefully he's been plotting a


succession, if that is the right word. Clive, come on! Easy. Do your


pitch now. A couple of people, two have suggested it might be a good


idea. Why would I leave a programme like this? Why would you? Just


kidding! OK. We will go on to the Metro. This is scary. This is a


story saying that antibiotics are becoming useless against


increasingly resistant strains of bacteria. This is a World Health


Organisation warning. It is funny, isn't it, that in the West, in


modern Western society, advanced Western society, we are now


developing, you know, advanced oncology drugs et cetera and if your


cancer, 50% of patients survive a decade or more. Yet, right at the


other end of basic medicine, companies obviously aren't


developing antibiotics that actually protect the mass majority of the


world. It is a really worrying story. Yes. I interviewed a


microbiologist tonight who said they have known that this kind of problem


was going to be developing over the last few years. And the World Health


Organisation, the authorities around the world, haven't really got on top


of the situation. There is a sense where, you know, I mean we are all


to blame. Blame was placed on patients failing to finish courses


of treatment. We were so ` 20 years ago, we were very casual about


antibiotics and it is all coming home to roost. We only get the


front`pages. I don't know what the action is that we need to take. Who


says we have to act quickly? You feel you do have to do something


about it. Alright. OK. I this I we will end it there. No time for Bob


Hoskins this time round. Beth, David, you will be back in an hour.


Thank you for that. Stay with us because at the top of the hour, we


will have much more on the news that the President of Sinn Fein has been


arrested over an historic murder inquiry. We will have the latest


from Belfast. Now, it is time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. Coming


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