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and there are playable places up for grabs in rugby, we will have the


results, that is in Sportsday `` play`off places. `` tells us that he


thinks. Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are the broadcaster Alice Arnold


and Alison Phillips, weekend editor at The Mirror. Let's have a look at


tomorrow's front pages now. The Independent has more on Pfizer's


rejected bid for British drugs company Astrazeneca` it claims a


former top scientist for Pfizer has warned against the takeover. The


Mail has an interview with one of Max Clifford's victims who says


she's angry at the celebrities who defended him. The Express says


exercise, even a gentle walk, can help beat arthritis. The FT says the


Treasury is set to benefit to the tune of 4.5 billion pounds thanks to


the new Help to Buy scheme. The Telegraph has a photo of Stephen


Sutton, the teenager who has raised more than three million pounds for


charity while fighting cancer. He's been discharged from hospital,


describing his own recovery as 'quite remarkable' The Mirror says


Lord Hanningfield, the peer whose expenses scam the paper exposed,


said he needed the money so he could pay someone to look after his


chickens while he was in Westminster. The Guardian leads on


the sentencing of celebrity publicist Max Clifford. The paper


says his contemptuous attitude during the trial added to the length


of his sentence. We will stay with that story for the beginning of the


review, we will look at how the Guardian is covering it, eight years


in prison for his crimes and his contempt for women. We can tell from


the picture that those eyes are his. He showed some extraordinary


behaviour in that trial. He seemed to parade himself in front of the


cameras. What he did was horrific, there are four women who, for the


rest of their lives, will have had to deal with the consequences of how


he treated them. What has worsened his sentence is the fact that he


wound up the judge, there was the issue that he refers to when he was


mimicking the Sky News reporter, which has angered the judge. Even in


the dot`com he was raising his eyebrows, shaking his head. You


mentioned that clip will stop `` dock. Here is a clip of the


behaviour, this is what the judge had seen. It is not becoming of the


seriousness of the case. It is as if he could not quite understand


himself. The enormity of what he had done. He has remained convinced to


the end that he was innocent. It is like he could not quite grasp that


what he had done was illegal. I don't understand it, do you think


you understand that tonight? He has for years in prison and four years


on licence if he gets parole. There are rumours that other people have


come forward during the trial, for prosecutions, when his sentence


could be increased. You are right, it is his attitude, that has angered


everyone I think. That is what the judge said. He thought he was


untouchable. It is that arrogance. That is what is so heartening, he


has been found guilty, those brave women who have come forward to tell


those stories and go through that procedure, it is pretty awful for


them, they have at least been rewarded. The irony of a lot of this


is that the first reason he came to the police, is after the Jimmy


Savile business, he went on the television and said it was a


witch`hunt, all these girls are making it up. It was a woman who saw


that who said that was it, she had had enough and it was that. His own


PR machine has been his downfall. He is pictured in the sun, smoking


until the end. That is the headline. The judge at his sentence for being


flippant. `` smirking. A woman in court, the judge said that he would


have been found guilty for the crime he committed against her in Spain,


but it was committed before the law changed, so that crimes committed


abroad could be included in the case, but for her to have travelled


here, the judge said that he would have been found guilty, even though


he was not tried. The alleged victim was very young as well. It is this


posing for cameras. Most people when they are about to be sentence, they


do not pose for the cameras. They keep their heads down. I saw the


footage of him walking to the court. It is like he did not quite believe


that it was real. He had manufactured so many stories over


the years, and been behind so many stories over the years. It is like


it was another story playing out rather than a horrible reality.


Let's move on to the Mirror, Lord fraud, I did it for my chickens ``


Fraud. Lord Hanning Field said that he took his daily allowance from the


House of Lords without doing a great deal of work for it. So that he


could hire a man to look after his paltry. `` Hanningfield. We have


been an investigation at the Daily Mirror. He had been to prison once


before for his expenses, but he had been allowed to walk back in, given


?300 as an allowance. We saw that he was regularly turning up, going in


for 45 minutes, one day it was only 21 minutes. A couple of days for


about one hour. You had a reporter keeping an eye? Yes, watching him as


he went into to the House of Lords, we watched him every day, had him


time not, we knew, it was not just randomly, we knew that there were a


handful of people doing it. When he was confronted, he said that there


were 50 people doing it. He has not given us any names. But this is


public money. We are within our rights to know who is going to work


and who isn't. He is then investigated internally by the House


of Lords, they have said to him, what are you playing at? He said


that he needed the money needed ?300 a day to pay someone to look after


my chickens as I was working in Westminster. Was it lunchtime, when


he was going in and out? It varied, kind of mid`morning. What are they


going to do about this? They have said they are going to do something.


The rules on expenses will be tightened, they have said. I have


heard that before, and people get away with far more than they would


in any other... Maybe they need a clocking in card? Maybe a half day


or a full day allowance. That is a clever idea. Up to four hours, you


get ?150, but if you spend more... You get the full amount. Like normal


jobs, where people are paid for the work that they do. Let's have a look


at the Guardian. There is this story about the death rates for children


under five. Children in the UK are more likely to die before they reach


their fifth birthday, then any other country in the Western world, aside


from Malta. That came as a surprise to researchers in Seattle, looking


at the figures. It is a worrying report, of all the countries in


Europe, there we are, second worst after Malta. The reasons that are


being given by the researchers is an economic problem, and it is children


from poor families who are born, low birth rates, parents may be smoking,


that, coupled with some failures in early years healthcare, particularly


possibly around midwifery, that is worth looking at. When the service


come out, we are often surprised at how low we come. And we have the


NHS, and we are proud of it, and we are an advanced nation. Then we find


out that the statistics do not really bear that out. Maybe it is a


good thing. It makes people had to think a bit, and say, we cannot


continue to be so low down in the health figures. But, we are. Every


statistic that comes out seems to bear the same thing. We are not as


good as we think. If it is to do with smoking and low birth rates,


and a newborn baby, parents have to take responsibility. We need more


education. Parents have to take responsibility, but you have to work


in the context, why are there still parents smoking during pregnancy?


That message has been put up the years. If the messages put out,


people know it, but you had to listen as to why they are not doing


things about it. Deprivation is also listed as a reason. You can be told


things repeatedly, but unless you believe it and would implement it,


it is pointless. Let's have a look at the times. Page 11, we do not


always delve so deeply into the paper, this is looking at the


predicament, Gerry Adams, the president of Sinn Fein, you find


himself then, with police given permission to question him for a


further 48 hours. He presented himself at the police station in


Antrim voluntarily. That was on Wednesday. Looking at how difficult


his position is and the problems he is creating for the Sinn Fein party,


and for his family, what some of his family members have been doing as of


late. It is a piece asking whether he is suitable to be leading Sinn


Fein or whether we need a new generation of leaders, without the


baggage that he has. You know, regardless of this claim about the


murder. He strongly denies this. But he carries with him baggage that in


the sense that his brother was sentenced for 16 years, for raping


and abusing his own daughter. That is the brothers daughter. The


daughter waived her right to anonymity. Gerry Adams... He says


that he did not have any association with his brother. He always believed


the victim. What did he do about that? Was he strong and went forward


against his brother? It appears not. If he is still associated with his


brother then he is not a suitable person to be leading the party. The


whole thing brings together that maybe now, they cite some good


candidates who could lead the party into the future in a more positive


way. And baggage in all sorts of ways could be let go. He remains a


charismatic figure in Northern Ireland. There are new murals


painted in the last couple of days in support of him. Support outside


police headquarters, people parading for him. It is a difficult time I


think for him there. Martin McGuinness has come out, saying that


he is an estate controlled anger over the arrest. It affect whether


they continue to support the police service in Northern Ireland. We have


other people from other parties, coming out saying that Martin


McGuinness cannot say this. It is all very tense again. I would


mention who it is, but someone on social media got in touch with me


saying that we can all feel the tension. It is palpable in the


atmosphere. It is heating up. They are very worried about the potential


fallout of this. Depending on what happens next, if they charge him,


where on earth does that take us all? That was the Good Friday


agreement, semi` people have been released for things that happened in


the 1970s, and someone new could be charged potentially. Twitter loses


500 million as the trend for tweaking slows `` tweeting. How does


this work? Are you still doing it? You know I am not. I think there was


an initial excitement. I have been on there for years but it says that


we are reducing the time we spend on their by 10%. Many people are still


using it. More people still prefer Facebook it is a very ``, it is a


very London media kind of thing. That is all for tonight. We will


have more on Max Clifford at midnight as he is jailed for


indecent assault on women and young


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