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1970s. His supporters attended a rally in Belfast demanding his


release. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With us are


Gerry Phillips and Michael Nelson. That is overlooked at the front


pages. The Independent on Sunday is


dominated by an image from the continuing violence in Ukraine. The


paper's main story is a claim by the headteachers union that pupils at a


free school learnt nothing for a whole term.


The Sunday Telegraph says David Cameron has appointed his senior


adviser to lead a new dry for compensation for British victims of


IRA terrorism. More than 30 Labour parliamentary


candidates have written to the Observer calling on Ed Miliband to


support renationalising the rail network.


According to the Mail on Sunday the Labour leader is planning a


crackdown on drinking, smoking and junk food if he winds the general


election. The Sunday Express leads with the


news that a BA steward has been found dead after a landing that the


paper says left the entire cabin crew unfit to fly. Let us begin with


the Independent on Sunday which has this chair of what is happening in


Ukraine. A quote from President Putin who has said, it Ukraine is


beyond our control. Ukraine is nudging towards civil war and it is


difficult to see what anyone can do about that. The best hope is that


all the indications are that Putin does not want to invade. He does not


want Ukraine. He is content with Crimea. If that is the position and


Russians in Ukraine don't get knocked about too much, there is a


chance that we can at least find a way through this. At the art a lot


of pro`Russian voices in other parts of the country? Not just in Crimea.


Absolutely. The stakes have raised in the last 24 hours with the death


of over 30 people in Odessa. Things are escalating. It is that slides


now and you don't know how it is going to be stopped. With Putin


saying that, his control is it under? We in the West are looking


increasingly important. It is strong words and threats of sanctions. The


danger is that Putin goes in. What do we do next though because


sanctions are not working. This is not about a policy or anything like


that. Sanctions won't change anything. The question is, how do


you bring this to an end. The ideal thing would be to do it within the


country. And there is still an interim government in Kiev. They


overthrew President who was democratically elected. That is


distasteful. But they do have elections coming up on the 25th of


May. That is not far away. How anyone can campaign in these


circumstances is Dion 's belief really, and I think it is very


difficult to see how this is going to have any sort of happy ending. If


both sides meet back from the rink, you can have those elections. Let us


move on. 27% say they think UKIP are racist but 29% still back them. It


is not necessarily the party that people thinks is racist, but it


might attract racist. We could talk about this for the rest of the


evening and just get the sport! It is a really thorough pole and it


will make interesting reading for all four leaders. What it tells you


is how complex the richest electorate are. That whilst they do


think, most people think UKIP has become a magnet for racist bigots,


six out of ten people think that Nigel Farage's outfit is packed with


extremist, but they are prepared to vote for him because they think he


is more in touch and the other leaders. That is really interesting


and also the research is expensive. It talks about things that people


have liked about the colour vision. They like that the coalition raise


the personal tax allowance to ?10,000. They are also praised for


capping benefits, but attacked for the bedroom tax. Or despairing


subsidy as we might want to call it. We will call it the bedroom tax. If


you are sitting in Westminster working out your campaign, or where


ever you are, you will be looking at what other messages that are


resonating here. The clue to how people will vote of different for


the European election. That's right. Broadly, it doesn't matter


what UKIP stand for. What the voters are saying we don't like established


politicians and politics. They are saying they will have a protest vote


for one election only and UKIP will do. It does not matter about this


party, but they are about to win the most seats in Europe, and what the


mainstream parties have to take from this kind of data is that people are


fed up with them. But what can they do? David Cameron has been promising


that we will have a new look at our relationship with the European


Union, but we know that holding that kind of referendum is almost


impossible. Absolutely. Nick Clegg's ratings have plummeted by


taking on Nigel Farage. However, the Lib Dems have been upfront and they


are pro`Europe. However, this tells you about this very richest thing of


want to give it a kick in the teeth and have a protest. The Liberal


Democrats always used to be the recipients of the protest vote. Now


it looks as if UKIP will get it. The challenge is how do you say to those


people, actually, if you vote to UKIP next year, you will probably


get Ed Miliband. Which they probably won't anyway. You are right. They


want to give the main parties a bit of a kicking, but not too huge a


kicking. And not on home ground. Exactly. People are saying they


don't think that the European elections are that important, so it


is the eye your time to do it. It will give Nick barrage `` it will


give Nigel Farage quite a bit of power. He doesn't even agree with


the European Parliament. But we don't want to end up with people who


are not as in touch as Nigel Farage is. UKIP is really a one`man party.


I doubt if many of the electorate could name another UKIP politician


beyond Nigel Farage. It is crazy to think that someone like him could


form a government because although I think he is probably capable of


running a government department, he needs 22 other Cabinet ministers.


UKIP is not a proper political party. He just needs to take this


home with him, or shove it on a piece of paper and he is laughing.


Let us move on to be observer. Pressure from more than 30 of Ed


Miliband's parliamentary candidates to bring back the railway to state


control. Labour macro while some of his candidates might be saying it's


a great vote winner, I'd then see him actually coming up with it. He


has one huge problem coming up with his van to freeze energy prices. It


could well be somewhere down the line that you talk about taking the


energy industry into public ownership. The last thing he needs


is to make it look like he is taking all of public industry `` private


industry into public industry. Well, it is not impossible. The East


Coast mainline is now state owned. He needs to work out all these


independent rail operators and get them to work together sensibly, and


bring the fares down. It is very dodgy for him. Of course. Other


countries manage to have a transport net work that functions and is


affordable to lose. Absolutely. My own personal view is I would like to


see if essential public services in state control. It seems to be that


that is where they should be because they are essential. But how do you


make them run efficiently? That is the problem we have a four, but


there is no reason why the state can't run something as efficiently


as a private company. We did have a bad experience before and the danger


is that the electorate will shy away from this. Let us move on to the


mail on Sunday he stays with Ed Miliband. He is on to front pages.


He says that he will force people to get fit. How will he do that? It is


a lairy is. This is the e`mails screaming about these neo`


communists who are going to make us healthier. `` this is the Sunday


mail. As you said before we came on air, the Daily Mail is the paper


with the biggest health coverage. On a Tuesday morning there are hundreds


of people queueing up for this newspaper because there are miracle


cures in it. When you look at it, it is perfectly sensible. There are


some things that are slightly questionable and these are the


things that people will pick up on. For instance, ban on sponsorship for


sport by drink firms. That will have a serious impact across the board,


especially grass roots organisations. Banning supermarkets


for selling drinks near the door and sweetener the till. Aiming for a


smoke`free generation. It would help a lot of parent if there weren't


sweets may be till, but haven't we learned that you cannot force people


to do things? And a sense, that is exactly what you're doing. If you


are fiddling around with advertising, that is part of the


nudge approach to it. Minimum pricing for alcohol has been put on


the table by both Labour and the Conservatives. This is not as


extreme as the mail on Sunday would want you to believe. Well, it was


Labour who fought in the cafe culture that introduced 24`hour


drinking. For 13 years they had to do a lot of this stuff and shied


away from it, but I think most parents will agree with it, and that


is why they put the drinks by the sweets, by the way. It is for the


parents. Victims of the IRA deserve pay`outs,


David Cameron in a bid to persuade Libya.


They are going to Libya costs of some of the materials that were


used. A lot of the material came from Libya. The argument has always


been the Libyans have to pay the victims compensation. At the end of


the story in the Sunday Telegraph, it explains the real album. None of


this can happen until Libya is a more stable country `` the real


trouble. The Libyans are not against the idea of paying compensation but


as far as they are concerned, they have more pressing concerns in their


own country to deal with first. This is surely trying to bring British


victims of IRA attacks in line with American victims is according to


this report, Tony Blair intervened `` because according to. So American


victims of IRA bomb attacks received millions in compensation from Libya


and British victims received nothing. This is about winding


British victims in line with what happened in America. `` wingding.


And these efforts started some time ago. Tony Blair was very active with


Gaddafi. That is all we have time for what we will be back at 11:30pm


for another look at the front pages. But as tensions continue to escalate


in Ukraine, more on the situation in Odessa and Sloviansk.


Hello, I am Tim Wilcox. We send our correspondent to bring you the best


stories from across the globe. This week,


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