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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Coming up, we review Louis Ruin, Pompeii and Bad Neighbours. That's


on BBC News. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


With me are Nigel Nelson, Political Editor of the Sunday People and


writer and political commentator Jo Philips. Quite feisty tonight,


behind`the`scenes, don't be fooled. Tomorrow's front pages. The


Independent on Sunday is dominated by an image from the continuing


violence in Ukraine. The paper's main story is a claim by the head


teachers union that pupils at a free school "learn't nothing for a whole


term". The Sunday Telegraph says David Cameron has appointed his


senior adviser to lead a new drive for compensation for British victims


of IRA terrorism. More than 30 Labour parliamentary candidates have


written to the Observer calling on Ed Miliband to support


renationalising the rail network. According to the Mail on Sunday, the


Labour leader is planning a crackdown on drinking, smoking and


junk food if he wins the general election. The Sunday Express leads


with the news that a BA steward has been found dead after a landing that


the paper says left the entire cabin crew unfit to fly. The Sunday Times


quotes a top cancer doctor who's calling for cutting`edge treatments


to be rationed for the very elderly in favour of younger patients. The


paper also reports that David Cameron is willing to take part in a


televised debate with UKIP's Nigel Farage ahead of next year's general


election. Finally, the Sunday Herald has become the first newspaper to


publicly back a Yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum.


Let's begin with the times. The idea that the PM may be happy to take on


Nigel Farage in a heated debate. Nigel, this wouldn't be this year,


in advance of the European elections. If this it was unlikely


David Cameron would get out of not doing this. At some point, he would


have to have this debate. According to the paper, people do it on a 235


debate. The first debate with Ed Miliband on his own as a prospective


other PM. Second debate you add Nick Clegg to the mix and in the third


debate, the five, you add Nigel Farage and the Green Party eater


Natalie Bennett. That is the way he envisages doing it. It sounds like a


football team formation. Itself like they are watching match of the day.


I wonder who will relish this the most. Probably not the viewers. It


sounds a terribly unwieldy way to do it. The debates were great last time


around. Listening to people talking about them on buses and trains and


in offices, they captured the public imagination in a way that I think


sadly, newspapers often fail. People felt there was something real. They


like that sort of thing. It is new to us, isn't it? It is. We haven't


got as slick as the Americans have it. By the time you get to five


people, from a TV point of view, it would be ghastly. Unless you do it


like the Americans do, where you have a time limit. There are all


sorts of ways of doing it. Just because David Cameron wants it done


that way, it doesn't mean it will be done that way. Ed Miliband will have


something to say about this. I'm not sure he will want to have Nigel


Farage on. Who knows? You probably cannot exclude him. There will


possibly be some way of bringing him in. If they do as well as the polls


predicting the European elections. On the basis of that, it would be


absurd not to have someone with the most European MPs debating in a


general election when they are fielding general election


candidate. One of our correspondence have spoken to the conservatives who


say this is not what the Times is suggesting, saying that nothing has


moved as far as they are aware and that the PM has said publicly and


privately he welcomes a return to TV debates, discussions about


details... As I just said. Just as you said. I wanted to say we have


spoken to them and the Conservatives say this is not nailed down. It is


up to negotiation. It is about who is chairing and who is casting.


Stone because BBC and Sky News. Everyone had to have a go. I don't


think it will be, got to view telly. Don't you think Nigel Farage


would be box office? Accent he would. On things like that, often


they perform in a way you would not expect. `` I think he would. People


didn't expect it to happen last. A source close to the PM confirms they


are prepared to consider a range of lineups including Nigel Farage. You


could say Bruce Forsyth ought Jeremy Parnell, couldn't you? If they mind


their manners. Let's move on to the sun Herald. We have a request on


social media that we include this `` the Sun. It's not often you get a


chance to look at this paper. They are saying yes. It is the first


newspaper coming out publicly to back the Scottish Independence


referendum, and we hear that the editor of the newspaper, as all


newspapers in this group have done, they have been given their free


choice as to whether they do or don't back it or whether they stay


impartial. Isn't it a stunning? You would put that in a frame. It is


really beautifully designed cover. Or in a window. A very significant


moment for the SNP and for the. You can ask us anything you like because


we can tell you when it started publishing. The longest running


national newspaper in the world, two years before the times in 1783 ``


are significant moment for the SNP. How significant will it be that this


newspaper, or any for that matter, nails its colours to the mast? The


significance is the editorial inside. It is something we need to


learn in Westminster and Whitehall. Our politicians are getting the


argument wrong. In Scotland, which is what the paper will make


tomorrow, this is an emotional argument about the future of


children, about the idea of governing the country through its


citizens. That is an emotional thing. We bang on about things like


the pound, tactical issues, North Sea oil, and whether Scotland can be


part of Europe. Whereas, the Scots are talking about whether they like


the idea of independence. What the paper is suggesting is that they do.


It is likely them that the yes vote could carry. If you make an


emotional argument, rather than a practical one, it could win. Don't


you think this is where the and have got it so wrong? Everytime they have


come up with something that is, vote for independence or there will be no


break in Scotland. If they concentrated on the negatives or


what will happen, rather than the positives of staying put. Yes,


exactly. They have welded people in Scotland together. There is nothing


so bloody`minded as the Scot. You mean it in a good way to split I do


mean it in a good way. There is great political literacy in


Scotland. There is a much more open discussion. It is much less tribal.


People are Scottish first and party tribal second. I think this is


interesting. It is interesting that a newspaper like this could have


such an influence. It is spectacular to come out now. It is the first


newspaper to publicly back the vote. It is not a surprise. Other


newspapers haven't come down one side or another. I wonder if more


will? As we get closer to September and the referendum, I would be


surprised if newspapers didn't when that happens. This will take the


debate one stage forward. It is important that people in London


understand where the Scots are coming from in this paper helps. The


Sun on Sunday is where we will go. They have commissioned a poll from


you Government, asking what people think of Ukip and apparently a lot


of people think they have become a magnet form racists and its `` You


Gov. They don't think the party itself is racist. It is a


fascinating poll and as you said, six out of ten people think that you


get is packed with extremists. They are prepared to desert mainstream


parties to vote for UKIP. We have said that UKIP is likely to win the


European elections at the end of the month. What is interesting is that


it isn't that they love UKIP, they actually don't like the other


parties. There are lots of parties they do like. If someone could pull


all of these things together, they would win all of the elections. UKIP


tops the poll with 29% support for the European elections. If Britain


went for a hung parliament, most people would prefer a labour, Lib


Dem Alliance around. Although the Conservatives got a lead of the


economy and David Cameron is seen as the person most suited to be PM, Ed


Miliband is seen as most in touch with people. As you say, there are


some helpful ingredients. What it shows is that those people who will


vote for UKIP, will be a protest vote. It is not that they think UKIP


are not racist, they obviously do, they just don't care that they are


racist. On that basis, it doesn't matter what the party stands for,


they want someone else to vote for a part from the main three parties.


Only in these elections, not in the general election. It will give UKIP


a bigger platform when it comes to things like that. It will. Lets move


on bring rail under state's control, this is more than 30 of Ed


Miliband's Labour Party parliamentary candidate calling for


a bold new policy to improve rail services. I wonder if you will groan


when you read this that they have gone to the papers. We were


discussing this. I think this is a briefing. I think the Labour Party


have given the Observer this story. Nigel doesn't agree with me. I think


it is testing the waters with the electorate. Obviously, anything that


paints at band as red, likely to send a fear into a swathe of the


population at the thought of nationalisation, which in the mind


of some means strikes and walk out and curled up British rail


sandwiches and the rest of it, which Ed Balls is aware of the dangers


of, there are a lot of commuter belt votes that will make a huge


difference and people are fed up with chaotic rail services,


expensive rail services. You don't think it is a plant? I don't,


because this is a letter to the paper from the candidates. There is


a bit of a plot for them to get together in the first place to write


the letter. It would appear that this is a growing idea with the


Labour Party. What we didn't know at the last newspaper review, which we


do now, is that John Paskin is writing in the mirror tomorrow, and


he is talking about nationalising public services. It seems to be


something labour is talking about. The danger is that the Tories will


come back and say that is the old Labour Party. Lets look at the Mail


on is under. Read Ed, which is what you said, we will force you to get


fit `` Red Ed. It does sound puritanical, that you won't be able


to drink or smoke or eat anything healthy, which is grist to the mail


mill. People don't like being told what to do this is a good test for


Ed Miliband. This is a story of extreme proportions. Most of the


proposals actually make sense. If it means there is going to be busloads


of inspectors coming to check your food cupboards, then obviously that


is ludicrous. If there are lots of public pounds being spent on


employing people to come up with ridiculous notions, he has a very


low pain, to get people more active in ten years. In the next ten weeks


wouldn't be a bad idea. But most of this is sensible. It is how you go


about doing it. And those cultural habits are difficult to change. I


don't think he is talking about this. We are talking about things


that have been around before. Young people don't drink quite so much if


you do that. We don't even know if they are going to do that. That is


the papers for tonight. Thank you. It has been a long time. Stay with


us on BBC News. Much more on the situation in Ukraine. I want to


bring you some breaking news before we go. Police investigating


allegations of malicious communications following the death


of a teacher, Ann McGuire, have arrested a 42`year`old man. The


police have said that the man, from Wales, was arrested and remains in


custody. Police have charged a man with malicious communications as


well, Jake Newsome, 21 years old, from Leeds, has been bailed, to


appear before the Magistrates' Court in Leeds on Wednesday the week after


next. A couple of instances of malicious communications. More


details and we get them. Time now for the Film


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