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a movie villain. We look at the kit that will send these not so curious


signals to your TV. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


Craig Woodhouse, who's Political Correspondent at the the sun, and


the Mirror's Deputy Political Editor James Lyons. Here are tomorrow's


front pages. The Guardian leads with the release


of Gerry Adams from police custody tonight. The paper says the Sinn


Fein president insisted his party still backs the police. The


Telegraph is dominated by a picture of Mr Adams at his news conference


this evening. The paper's other main story is news that there's been a


large rise in the number of housing estates being pushed by planners in


England. A warning by the fertility expert


Professor Robert Winston is the Mail's top story. He tells the paper


breakthroughs in IVF could see rich parents paying for brighter


children. The Express leads with a claim by


financial experts that pensions will be boosted by a 15`year boom in


stocks and shares. And the sun leads with allegations


that two pupils at a school in the Midlands tried to poison their


teacher. Let us begin with what has been happening in Northern Ireland


with the release of the Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams without charge


after four days in police custody in Antrim. We'll stop with the Daily


Telegraph. There is that picture of him with Martin McGuinness, a man


who has used probably more intemperate language during the


week. I suppose that is what everyone was looking for in this


press conference, the tone that Gerry Adams wanted to strike after


clear and and discussed, as Sinn Fein described it, that he had been


held for this long. Also be Deputy First Minister in Northern Ireland


talks about Sinn Fein bullying the police service. Tensions are


extremely high. There was some ugly scenes outside the police patient


when Gerry Adams was released. In fact, they took him out the back


while there were the coin land Rovers at the front. Some would say


his press conference was almost statement like. He said he did not


like the food and he did make reference to be dark side of the


British state which he blamed for his arrest. He said he has been


volunteering to talk to the police for months and then this comes out


of the blue as an election campaign is hotting up. He also went out of


his way to talk about the past being in the past and the IRA has gone


now. He said that the old guard, whether they were Republican or


Loyalist had no place in the current Northern Ireland after being peace


process. That is what everyone here in Ireland was waiting to hear.


Tensions have been rising all week really and it could have gone


completely the other way had he come out and taken the opposite tone. The


fear was we could have gone back to the dark days of the 1970s and 80s.


It is not totally over. The family say they will take civil action. The


police have handed the release file to the prosecutors, so charges could


be brought. In terms of the immediate threat to peace in


Northern Ireland, that seems to have been dampened down. The head of


public prosecutions in Northern Ireland has had to step away from


the case because he acted for Gerry Adams in the past. The world is very


small. It is right that tonight people will be breathing a sigh of


relief about the things Gerry Adams said, but there is more trouble down


the track. We heard from Peter Hain, the former Secretary of State


for Northern Ireland. He said he does not know whether this is going


and the soldiers involved in bloody Sunday will have to be arrested and


questioned by police. In some respects you do have two treat the


past differently. The Guardian says we still back police, says freed


Adams. There are tensions simmering under the surface all the time and


it is so very easy to cut through that veneer. For all Gerry Adams


saying the past is the past, it is not for the family. It is still


there and running sore. Bloody Sunday is still a running sore. We


have managed to compartmentalised the past were certain extent, but it


is still there. Let us move back to the Telegraph and look at the issue


of school holidays. As we know the summer holidays aren't far away.


People are trying to book a holiday and finding that it is shockingly


expensive and David Cameron is sympathising. James, let me explain


the story before you wade in. Travel companies are deliberately putting


up prices during the school holidays. Isn't it odd that a


conservative is complaining about the free`market, supply and demand?


It certainly is. He is not actually complaining about it, he says he is


best rated. He says the way to solve this is more competition, spread the


holidays out, get more people flying with different families. But he says


travel companies are deliberately putting on the prices which is what


happens with supply and demand. Isn't it just the way the market


works? Absolutely. If there was more competition, it would be fine. I


think James's issue is this is a sky that does not need to complain. Mr


and Mrs Cameron take home the best part of ?400,000 a year, forget


about their inherited wealth. Maybe we're going to see Ed Miliband


freezing holiday prices. This is cost of living crisis territory for


him. It is one of the few things he has not waded in on. He'll be saying


that airlines should be forced to bring down the prices during the


holidays and those of us who don't have children should not be


subsidising those who do. Surely what David Cameron is saying is,


well, people will grow with him `` people will agree with him. I agree


with him. Holiday companies need to bring the prices down. He's talking


about sharing the frustration with parent struggling to take their


children abroad does not quite ring true. He did go to Cornwall for his


holiday, but then he went on a luxury break on a flotilla of boats.


These things don't boil away inside me like they mislead dude to you.


James has lots of these stories. The idea that schools can now decide


when they have their holidays and to stagger the school holidays, partly


to help children because there is that six, seven`week period where


children don't learn anything. It is compensated situation. What do the


talking about? Is he saying Leicestershire goes on these weeks,


Cornwall on others. Is he talking about mixing counties. A lot of


schools now share services. I for one would really like to see the


long summer holiday go because I don't think it is very good for


children. It is tied to the agricultural calendar which was


important when I was growing up, but probably not now. Did you have to


bring the Hain? I certainly did. It is not great for children spending


six weeks at home, not doing very much. I think a change would be


good. That's fine in summer, but you can't move Christmas and Easter. The


same thing will happen over those weeks. Not many people go away for


Christmas and Easter. Most people sit at home and eat chocolate. Maybe


I am missing a trick. Now, fertility gurus are warning time will come


when the will be able to alter the appearance and ability of their


children by tinkering with their genes. The rich could pay to have


brighter babies. This is a worry. This man really knows what he is


talking about. I did see this story and do a double`take, but when you


see Winston's name, you do take it seriously. I don't know how he comes


up with these things. Enhanced intelligence, musical ability and


strength. I do know if you can get all of those in one child, or you


can pick and choose. But we do have ethics board that determine how IVF


is used, don't we? Yes, I'm not sure how they would oversee this and


don't understand it. It seems like scaremongering, that you are going


to have super elite families that only want a child that is 40%


stronger than their current child. Really? ! Are people going to do


this, or are they going to have children in the way we have had


children for thousands of years. You get what you get and you love them


anyway. It is part of the lottery of life. The Daily Express and


pensions. I am a bit puzzled by what is happening with pensions. Millions


set for pensions windfall. The Daily Express and other papers seem to be


changing their minds about this, about how healthy people's pension


pots are going to be. It depends on when in the future you dip into


those pots. This is addicting a 15 year boom in stocks and shares. I


don't know quite how they have looked into their crystal ball and


addicted that. It sounds like Gordon Brown's statement that he would


abolish boom and bust. Eight Tory boom and bust, remember that, it is


important. Stocks and shares soar away for 15 years, that is great


news for everyone, until the next bust. So your advice is to retire in


14 years' time? Put it all read and out in 14 years' time? Absolutely


right. Is this wishful thinking? They do say that we should look at


spots and shares for the long`term. Well if this is their prediction, I


would like to read their racing tips. There are a lot of unknown


variables at the moment. From next year, most people will get their


hands on their pension pot for the first time and spend it as they


want. But if you have saved the money in the first place, you might


not do that. You could plough it into the stock market. You will


probably see people putting their money into property. A lot of people


will get their pension pot and think, I want an income and the best


way to do it is property. There is a new housing boom sweeping the


country. We'll talk about that later. Craig and James will be back


with us at 11:30pm. Do stay with us because we will have more on what


Gerry Adams had to say after being released from police custody. Time


now for Click.


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