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acrobats are injured after an aerial platform collapses at a circus in


the US state of Rhode Island. One is said to


condition. Time for a look at the front pages.


Thank you for joining us. The Guardian has the release of Gerry


Adams from police custody tonight. It says he insists his party still


supports the police. The Telegraph has a picture of Gerry Adams at his


news conference this evening. The other main story is news that there


has been an increase in the number of housing estates being pushed by


developers in England. A warning by the fertility expert Professor


Robert Winston is the Daily Mail's tops story. Breakthroughs in IVF


could see rich parents paying for smarter children. According to the


Times, fraud in the care system has almost double in one year, as


middle`class families try to hide their tax assets. The investigation


into the disappearance of Madeline McCann continues. Pensions will be


boosted by a 15 year boom in stocks and shares. Allegations that two


students at a school in the Midlands tried to poison their teacher.


We will begin with how some of the newspapers are covering the release


of Gerry Adams this evening. No charges for the Sinn Fein leader


after four days in custody over a 1972 murder. I suppose this is the


indication that people would be looking for after the very strong


words that Martin McGuinness had for the police about the timing of their


decision to question Gerry Adams now and whether Gerry Adams would


continue in a similar fashion. Absolutely. Great relief here and in


Northern Ireland. The tone that Gerry Adams struck upon being


released. There were genuine concerns and fiery rhetoric from


both sides, actually, that the peace process in which so many people have


invested so much time and energy could have been on the brink of


falling apart. That seems to have receded with the way that Gerry


Adams has behaved and responded since he was released by the police,


although the charges against him have not completely gone away. A


file has been handed to the prosecution and Jean McConville's


family says they will pursue a civil case in any eventuality. It is not


that easy for everyone to go along with this but to show that sort of


intention made him look very statesmanlike. Of course, the family


in this case will be pushing for other avenues if there are no


charges, but as Gerry Adams said himself upon his release, loss of


the strongest supporters of the peace process are victims


themselves. `` many of the strongest supporters. Many people have


invested an awful lot in this process. I wonder how much of a


miscalculation it was by Sinn Fein to be so robust in their criticism


of the police and how much of a miscalculation it was by the police


to choose this point in the middle of an election campaign to question


him. On the Sinn Fein rhetoric, it does play into their hands for their


support base to say that the timing seems political when they are in the


middle of an election campaign. You are right. The timing seems slightly


odd. Derry Adams says he has made himself available to the police in


numerous cases and there is the sense that this could have been


handled badly. He was possibly more conciliatory than a lot of people


would have expected, James, in terms of taking responsibility for


accepting that Republicans need to take responsibility, any of those


groups who are responsible for people being killed or disappeared.


He went quite a long way to apologise for that. Absolutely. He


said he very much supports the process of trying to find the


remaining bodies that are yet to be found. He said his main complaint


about his time in prison was that the food was so terrible. He was


using humour. He went a long way to try to ease the tensions that have


been mounting over the weekend. But four days and 33 recorded


interviews? Police now have those tapes which they may have not


expected to have the opportunity to get. Whether the content will ever


see the light of day in our lifetime we do not know but it's an


extraordinary amount of time they have had to ask him a lot of


questions. Yes but you would not expect anything else. If police call


in a suspect in a crime they are trying to get to the bottom of, they


go through that process. It might have been a shorter period of time


than four days but justice has been allowed to take its course. The


police made their case in court and the court granted that extra time to


question him. This file is still live. It has not been... They could


have asked for even more time. It can be up to 28 days. The police


cannot change their methods or determination to get to the truth


just because of who they have got in front of them. And he made that


point as well. He said he did not expect to receive special treatment


or not to be called in if that was what they wanted to do. Care home


fraud soars among the middle classes. People trying to hide


assets to avoid having to pay fees when their elderly or infirm


relatives have to go in to care homes. 82% increase in the amount of


money lost to councils each year. Isn't this what many people will try


to do? To be honest, if you know that your home may possibly have to


be sold or remortgaged to pay for care, many people would be tempted


to try this, wouldn't they? Yes. And this figure does sound shocking. So


shocking that they have used it twice in the space of three


sentences. But if you look at the figures, the money involved is very


small. The 82% increase takes you to ?4 million. It sounds like a lot of


money but nationally, it's not. And there is a 64% rise to 200 cases.


These figures are small, particularly when you bear in mind


that it also says that councils lose ?2 billion per year in fraud. What


is most interesting, I think, is what one of the experts said. He


says that the capacity that there is for fraud in the system... Even two


cases a year could lose a council the best part of ?500,000. There is


a massive potential there and it does seem to be a problem. Should


people just pay the money? Do you have sympathy? Absolutely I have


sympathy. People go through an awful time if you have a relative who has


to go into this kind of care. What it does speak to is the skyhigh cost


of care in this country and people feeling that they want to care for


their loved ones and not have to lose their house to do it. I had no


idea that someone from the Sun would be so soft on benefit fraud! It


might seem like a hypocritical position to take... It might. But


having to sell your home to keep your grandmother alive... I'm not


defending people who defraud the benefit system that many of them are


quite serious situations as well. I'm seeing a more human and caring


side from you and your employers. I'm a very caring person. Thank you.


You have not disappointed. Former Tony Blair adviser says the party


should mandate to increase the burden on the rich. Labour is being


urged to come clean with us all and admit they will have to raise taxes


after the next general election. He advised Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.


He is very nice and very bright but I think he has got this wrong. They


should not admit to it or they should not raise taxes? Talking


about raising taxes is not ideal ahead of an election. They should be


discreet to the point of lying to us? Lying is a very strong word. I


don't think there is anyone who thinks their taxes will not go off.


I just don't think we should go on banging on about it. This is going


to be a disaster for Labour. It will take the Tories 30 seconds to bring


out their old campaign posters. It also does not chime with Ed Miliband


's cost cost`of`living crisis agenda. But it would not be all of


us who would be taxed, it would be those of us who can afford to be.


It's what both parties call hard`working people, as if people


who earn lots of money don't work hard. I don't know how they think


the money is coming to them. This is someone in labour making it clear


that Labour will try to tax everybody. It does say middle and


higher income. What we... We have the Tories and Labour trying to


outbid each other on tax cuts. `` the Tories and the Liberal


Democrats. And it's exactly what they were talking about before the


last election. You just said that honesty was not a good idea! I'm


just saying that there is a false debate going on now and it would be


an unwise politician who decided to jump in. He is not just saying it is


Labour who should come clean, the Conservatives should as well.


Whoever is in power is going to have to raise tax. The Conservatives have


come close and we will probably see as we get closer to the election, to


saying that the consolidation that comes around... That is the Holy


Grail for George scored. To say that Ed Miliband has called for tax rises


but for him to say that balancing the budget will then become through


cutting the state. He will probably come to the election with a sort of


Ronald Reagan 's vision. The all`new how well that went. George Osborne


would love to do that. George Osborne told us all sorts of things


that he would do in terms of balancing the books and sorting out


the economy before the last election that has not happened. All


politicians do that, don't they? We will be told all sorts of things


that when they get into power it will be, we have not seen the books


and it is all worse than we thought and so on. And this is complicated


by the fact that we may have coalition negotiations again. Isn't


that a great thing? If they go in saying no tax cuts and then they can


just blame the Liberal Democrats. I thought that was exactly what they


were planning to do. The Daily Telegraph. David Cameron says he


resents higher fares in school holidays full of travel companies


deliberately put up their prices of wood into the Prime Minister. He is


calling for schools to stagger templates to help families with


young children. He is also suggesting that the long summer


holiday that we have all got used to is out of date. How many people will


believe that David Cameron struggles to pay for his summer holiday? I


think they will be glad to feel that he is feeling the same pain as them.


Whether they feel malicious enough to question that, I don't think many


people will do that. It's an easy leap from one fought to the next,


isn't it? I don't think people will be that malicious. Not malicious,


just hard up. A man who is worth the best part of ?4 million and takes


home that much money per year and lives in a nice house in central


London while renting out his Notting Hill mansion... Looked after the


pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. This is very


prudent that you should try to save everywhere, whether that means


flying easyJet or taking the National Express to Cornwall.


Samantha Cameron is going to hate you for saying that. They will have


to do it now. You could go with them. Would you like that? You could


take them to Cornwall on the Sun boss. Some people I knew were


horrified by and they were going on holiday in the next bay around from


him. What do you think about staggering school holidays? It is


happening in some areas. But I don't understand how you will avoid that


kind of super peak. There will always be a core of a few weeks


holiday. You can go whenever you like. I cannot go in the middle of


the parliamentary calendar. I suffer the penalty without having the


children. Let's move on to the Financial Times. Mindfulness gives


financiers have something to think about. Fast paced financiers are


embracing this Buddhist idea. I don't suppose it is really grasping


the right idea to say that I don't have time for mindfulness? I had


never really heard of it until this weekend. Now this is the second


article in two days that I have read about it. I don't know, maybe I am


lucky, but I have never felt the need to turn to meditation. That's


because you work for a Sunday newspaper and only have to write


once a week. Lots of time to sit and contemplate. Would it fit with a


journalist's deadlines to be mindful? Or Mac I can't really work


out when to do it. I don't know when bankers managed to do it `` I can't


really work out when to do it. If you sat there contemplating, I don't


know what you contemplate. Eating one Raisin at a time. That is what


you are encouraged to do. I haven't tried it, I have to say `` raisin.


It will confront greed, materialism, and income inequality. Who knew it


could do so much? We will see if it works. That's it for The Papers


tonight. Thank you Craig and James. Stay with us here on BBC News: At


midnight we'll have much more on what Gerry Adams had to say after


being released from police custody tonight, without charge. But coming


up next it's time for the Film Review. Hello, and welcome to The


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