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Britain. And Lewis Hamilton leads the way in prep is ahead of the


Spanish Grand Prix. `` practice. Welcome to our lookahead to the


papers tomorrow. With me are the journalist Jeremy Cliffe and the


novelist Dreda Say Mitchell. First of all, the Rolf Harris trial


on many of the front pages. The Daily Mail focusing on a letter he


claimed he wrote to the father of one of his alleged victims.


The Mirror also leading with Rolf Harris.


Then Britain's Camp Bastion shame, a photograph of a serviceman posing


with a dead insurgent. One of the two serviceman apparently sent home


from Afghanistan. A special report from Ukraine, where


there have been violent clashes between government forces and pro`


Russian separatists. Russia celebrating victory Day, the


defeat of Nazi Germany. That is in the FT. President Putin prompted


protests from the Ukrainian government by visiting Crimea.


The Guardian claims that NHS hospitals are in need of thousands


of extra nurses. Then take that Gary Barlow, the front page of the Times.


A hefty tax bill after signing up to it tax avoidance scheme.


And the Express has a story that the Queen has been told to take it easy


after Prince Charles stood in for her during an official ceremony.


Let us begin. As we were saying, the Rolf Harris trial really featuring


on a lot of the front pages. We start off with the Daily Mirror.


That quote apparently coming from a letter that the court heard. All of


the court reporters have picked up on this letter in the first page of


this trial. He was apparently writing to the father of one of the


alleged victims. Begging for his forgiveness and dramatic language.


He said that although he was saying he had this relationship, he


disputed the relationship had begun when the alleged victim was


underage. Absolutely. He said that it was when she was 18. She is


alleging that it was going on for 16 years. One of the incidents took


place in the same room that his daughter was in. This was his


friend's daughter. I think it is interesting with that headline.


People would look at it and I hope that they do read the letter to see


that he is alleging that she was not underage. Just looking at that, you


might think that he is confessing to the allegations put before him. We


will leave that to the jury. Let us move on to the Guardian. The story


at the bottom, Nigerian forces were warned over the kidnapping. Amnesty


International alleging that there was a tipoff and Nigerian security


forces failed to act. Absolutely. Jeremy put it well earlier when he


said that Amnesty International have been talking to a range of people. A


number of things have come out. One of the things that Amnesty


International is alleging is that the Nigerian security forces did not


do anything because they had a lack of resources and they were not


prepared to engage with well armed men. We are talking about the Armed


Forces. The economy is one of the most buoyant economies in Africa.


One of the other thing that Amnesty International says is that they


talked to residents and they said they got calls warning them and when


they called the local military post, people did not answer the


phone. This is really disturbing if this is true. Given those accounts


by locals, the response from the Nigerian army is really bizarre.


They have called these rumours and allegations. It seems oddly casual.


You were talking about resources and they were making the case that they


did not have the wherewithal to go in against Boko Haram. The change


might be that British and American advisers on the ground. What kind of


strategy might we see? In the short term, hopefully all the resources


will be there to try and find these girls. The terrain they have to go


into is very difficult, but there is the issue of whether they are still


in Nigeria or Cameroon. Who knows. This has brought up so many things


about Nigeria that need unfitting. It almost seems like the


international community cannot do that for them, only the Nigerian


government and its people. There seems to be so many divisions, so


many geographical divisions, religious divisions, this country


needs to stop for a moment. Britain and America say they are sending


experts. But this is not going to be a military intervention. They are


being very cautious. People are keeping hope, but it is a difficult


situation. Gary Barlow. Take that, Gary Barlow. This is apparently a


?20 million bill for tax avoidance. To be fair, it does not appear to be


a comment from him or his accountant. The allegation made by


the judge in this case was that he was using an investment vehicle to


put their money in something that would avoid tax. If it transpires


that he was involved in this decision or was simply ignorant, you


would wonder what it would do to his image? He trades on his patriotic


credentials. You wonder whether this will damage that. Celebrities have


gotten into pretty hot water on this before. Absolutely. We are not sure


what his comments. As a British citizen sitting here, I am thinking


that everybody should pay their taxes. ?63 million from world tours


and see these. `` CDs. If people are doing tax avoidance and they are in


the public eye, they have two think very carefully. It is not just about


money, it is an issue about themselves. For somebody like Gary


Barlow, think of all the young people looking up to him. What would


they think of this? The fact that somebody so famous has been caught


avoiding tax is great for the Treasury. This will persuade a lot


of other people to find out how they are managing to secure such a low


tax bill. This is part of a drive by the government to crack down on tax


avoidance. Let us turn our attention to a very different thing. These


reports were fairly disturbing pictures dating back to 2012.


Britain's Camp Bastion shame. British service personnel rejoicing


over the bodies of dead Taliban fighters. I hope not. People


rejoicing. Some of the servicemen who did this, if it is proved that


they did this, it was one of those moments and they look back and


think, I really wish I had not done that. It makes me think sometimes


about the whole issue about war when we go into particular countries. How


it sometimes can change people and how people actually behave. The


important thing about this story is how the Ministry of Defence react to


it. That this cannot happen again. We heard that two members of the


staff have been from frontline duties. Britain is pulling out of


Afghanistan by this year. By September there should be no troops


left. The Taliban has started its attacks on coalition forces. This is


grotesque in and of itself. It poses a risk to soldiers still out there.


It is a fantastic recruiting agent for the Taliban. That is yet another


reason beyond the horror of the images that they should take it


seriously. There is a quote from another serving member of the Armed


Forces saying that these incidents and an extra weapon to the Taliban.


`` are an. And another story having parents and, I knew it. Schools have


been told to let some children start a year later. Guidance from the


Department of education. This refers to children born between April and


August. The younger half of the school year. They do slightly less


well because they are slightly less developed than their peers. A lot of


parents would like the opportunity to hold back their children's


starting point. So that they have the extra bit of time to develop. A


lot of councils have said no to this. But thanks to guidelines from


the Department of education, from now schools will have two give


parents the chance to put children in the group below. Will we see a


lot of people doing this? But also you have the problem being passed


along. Exactly. I would like to see where the evidence comes from. I do


not think that everybody believes that is the case, that some children


are less developed. `` summer. It depends on your educational


experience. Some schools, a lot of schools what they do is that they


will stagger their intake. A lot of children coming in in the autumn


tomes and then in the summer terms you have younger children. Children


develop at different speeds. We are agreeing a lot. Going to the FT. One


that will make people chuckle. Rooms with a view. A dreadful pun. How


does this work? This has made me laugh so much. It seems to have had


so many problems from the get go. This is about its wonderfully


luxurious hotel. The architect has designed some of the corners so they


have got class. When it becomes evening, a act like mirrors. People


are able to see in other people 's rooms. Plus the hotel give people


the Nokia was so that they can look at London. `` binoculars. The


problem is, people do not want to put down deadlines because they pay


a lot of money to get a good view. `` the blinds. Let us finish on the


Express. The Queen told to take it easy. We were mentioning the


suggestion that Prince Charles had stepped in because she was


struggling a little bit. You have to feel sorry for her. The description


on the front page of the Express is that she was struggling to get up


the wooden steps. You just think, poor old dear. Isn't it time we let


her go off and watch the horses? The did that in the Netherlands. The


suggestion is that she would never agree to that. She seems very


committed. She is and 88`year`old woman who seems committed to her


job. She does appear to recognise that sometimes she cannot meet those


commitments. She would pass them on to her son. I felt for her. I find


it hard enough to get up this as myself. `` these days. Thank you.


We will get an update at midnight on the latest developments on the


violent clashes between Ukrainian troops and pro` Russian separatists.


Coming up next, it is time to Sportsday.


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