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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me, Kate Devlin of the Herald and journalist and author


Matthew Green. Tomorrow's front pages.


The paper says the BBC has been accused of double standards. It


compares the treatment of the DJ to that of Jeremy Clarkson.


The Sunday Telegraph carries a survey about patient treatment. They


suggest that they are waiting more than one week to see their doctor on


more than 50 million occasions. Let's begin with a couple of papers


which are featuring this story of the row over funding of free


schools. There is a suggestion in the Independent on Sunday that the


zealot Michael Gove has diverted ?400 million to his pet project,


free schools. Where has he taken this money from? He has taken it


from other schools, from places from `` for other schools. There are two


parts to this story. One is education and the other is


tit`for`tat that is happening between Michael Gove and the Liberal


Democrats. The education side is very important because that is one


of the charges that has always been put against free schools, that they


are kind of in the wrong place and some of them are taking resources


from other schools which need to be built and other places. This is an


allegation that he has raided a fund that is supposed to help create more


school places across the country at a time when we also have a rising


birth rate and followed it to his pet projects. Some of the language


being used is rather right. Zealotry, obsession.


Exactly. It is another embarrassing episode for the coalition when they


are at each other's throats for `` insertion area as education. The


report in the Observer said that a lot of these free schools are


failing. The Ofsted report said 11% are inadequate which is double the


number for the state sector. So it is not just a poison for the


coalition, it may not be working. But those who support free schools


would say 89% are successful and they take a while to bed in. Yes, it


may take a while to judge, but it is amazing the vitriol that is flying


back and forth. Another piece of strong language,


both's lunatic rage to rescue his free school vision. There are other


schools beside free school that need to be set up. It doesn't look good


to be grabbing money out of a budget from basic education and switching


it over to fund your pet project. It is one thing to have the plan


rolling out smoothly and working OK in some areas and not in others, but


to be scrabbling around at the last minute is not very reassuring. The


other problem is that so far free schools are in very `` are very


popular with some parents. He has had political capital and this seems


like a direct challenge to that. If he has taking money from other


children, notes spending spending restrictions


on free schools. But his office says that there will be an expansion of


free schools which will lead to an event and of places in total and


this budget where the money is coming from will be higher in the


next two years. There is also a quote from a spokesman for Michael


Gove saying that they suggestion that we are cutting places in an


area of need to pay for free schools in areas they are not needed, is


wrong. The money for free schools is not taken from there, that is not


true. I do logically, they might not be the kind of places that everybody


wants. No. And the problem is that this is coming from a very internal


row within the government. This is coming from high`level sources. In


the last couple of days, the Liberal Democrats and Michael Gove have gone


to war. We had leased e`mails on Friday suggesting that Nick Clegg


had pulled a fast one with his pet project which is free school meals.


Now we have these claims about Michael Gove's pet projects. We


should not be surprised about the timing, it is one year from the


general election and people will be jockeying for position.


Staying with the Observer, look at what Michelle Obama has been talking


about today. Using her husband's address to talk about the abductions


of 200 girls in Nigeria about four weeks ago. Saying that they were


outraged and heartbroken. And as parents of girls, really rather


bereft at the plight of these girls who have been taken by Boko Haram.


It is a part of the world that you know quite well, Matthew? Yes, I


lived in Nigeria for a couple of beers. What is remarkable is to see


this insurgency which has been going on for some years now under the


global spotlight in a way that it has not been before. It is easy to


remember `` to forget that Boko Haram have killed thousands of


people, even early this year, they killed 50 boys in a boys pupil


school. That got barely a ripple of attention globally. Suddenly, they


are in the spotlight. The name means, Western education is bad. The


fact that boys were targeted to, will surprise people. This statistic


of how few children are in school in Nigeria, not just girls, but boys as


well, has really surprised me. Yes, it is shocking. And part of this is


that there has been so much attention in the past couple of


days, a spotlight has been thrown on this, but Boko Haram has been


committing atrocities for a long time. Lots of people are suggesting


that unless a lot more is done to ease the absolute poverty in large


parts, this kind of thing will just continue and that they will find


people flocking to Boko Haram. Yes. It is a fascinating moment for


Nigeria. Only a few weeks ago, it overtook South Africa to be the


biggest economy in Africa. But still the struggle to spread that around


and to help alleviate poverty. That is the environment in which Boko


Haram is thriving. And huge pressure on the Nigerian government which in


the first few weeks did virtually nothing. This happened over one


month ago. It is only now that this campaign has built momentum. A


hat`trick for the Observer, voters cannot name there any P.


Shall I be mean and ask you about yours? Why can't we named our MEPs?


I think it is because voters are quite smart. We have busy lives. We


all know that they are `` that the European Parliament has some very


hard`working politicians in it but we also know that there are some


people who are on gravy trains and not working in the national


interest. Voters pick that up and they are aware of that and they know


that the parties put forward people who they maybe would not put forward


as an MP. So they wrote for the party and not for the MP. There is a


paradox because you kip `` UKIP has been saying we have sold all our


power is out to Brussels so people would Da Silva `` so you would think


there would be more interest. I'll yes, there is interest, but it is


about the parties, not individuals. So there could be a huge number of


votes for UKIP. We have seen on the Telegraph a very personal appeal


from David Cameron, not to vote for UKIP. I don't invest necessarily


because of individual MPs. Let's look at the mail on Sunday. The BBC


on the front page. BBC sacks TJ for playing the sun has got his hat on.


The presenter did not know that the original version contained a racist


work, the N word. This is a man called David Lowe, who is in hot


water. David Lowe has worked for 32 years in radio Devon and he has a


show where he plays old classic songs. And he played a version of


the sun has got its hat on, which contained an offensive racist slur.


He said he was horrified when he found this out. And of course lots


of friends and colleagues have rallied to support. It does seem


like the BBC is being pretty hard. He has basically been forced to


resign. Busy, the real problem is that the row in the background of


Jeremy Clarkson who has kept his place despite facing similar


allegations. The BBC say that they have offered the BBC `` stay below


the opportunity to continue presenting his show and we would be


happy to have them back on air. We accept that the conversation with


David could have been handled better but if he chooses not to continue,


we would like to wish you well for the future. So we will see whether


David Lowe feels that is enough for him to carry on. But it is the


double standard over how this man is being treated compared to Jeremy


Clarkson. Absolutely. And it seems as though David Lowe has taken a sea


with it as well. He feels very hard done by. He was very contrite when


he realised his mistake and admitted it. It does seem like a genuine


error. All the stories" from his friends, it does seem like he just


didn't know. And he didn't actually say the word, it was in the song he


was playing. He has played the song many times and he just didn't


realise. It does seem like double standards that he has lost a job and


the `` and Jeremy Clarkson has walked away. It does raise the


question whether BBC should stop rap songs for being `` drops `` rap


songs from being played. Another story, Cameron tells you ``


Eurosceptics, trust me I get it. He keeps saying that the parties `` the


Tories are the only party with a credible plan. We keep hearing about


renegotiating our relationship. I think people are now starting to


realise the problem with the 2017 referendum. They thought it was so


far away that it could distract people. But every time there is an


election, everybody was to know, what have we got from Europe so far?


You have to get bits back through negotiation over the next couple of


years. It doesn't really seem as if there is much to say. They seem


worried that they are going to suffer from it. It has never felt


that David Cameron is saying we should be coming out of Europe. It


does not seem that that is his belief. We need to be in it, but not


on current terms. Exactly. And I feel that there is a huge part of


the Conservative Party that will be very worried about leaving Europe


and the impact it would have on business in Britain. But he has


toward the threat from UKIP. Yes, and it would be very interesting to


see what impact the European elections have on the presence of UK


in the general election. They have no MPs. It might be leveraged `` it


might be difficult to leveraged that international success.


Let's stay with the Telegraph for our final story. Millions waiting a


week to see AGP. We have heard that many people have to wait several


days and are recovering by the time they get an appointment! But this is


is an excellent read figure, 50 million occasions that people had to


wait more than a week. `` this is an extraordinary figure. The GPA that


Jeremy Hunt is going to do something about that. Yes, but if you have a


serious injury you are going to get seen. I have spent years living in


countries where you will not get AGP and if there is one, he will not be


free. I completely disagree with you. We are very bad at diagnosing


ourselves so people put things off and they think they have a pain down


my left arm, or down my abdomen, and suddenly they rushed to hospitals


for emergency heart operations which cost the NHS tens of thousands of


pounds. It is much better to be treated and that is why in some


ways, to have AGP service in the UK, they are supposed to pick up these


things. A friend went down to the GPS users treated perfidy well.


Incredulity. `` fitted perfectly well. Kate and Matthew, stay with us


and we will be back hopefully just after half past 11 for more of the


front pages. It depends on the Eurovision Song


Contest. Stay with us. We will have more on the growing global campaign


of `` against the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls. Now


it is time for Reporters. Welcome to Reporters. From here in the world's


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