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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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years. Coming up on the film review, does Michael Fassbender in a mask


turn Frank into art hit? We will find out. Hello and welcome to our


look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


the Political Journalist Sean Dilley and the broadcaster Penny Smith.


Nice to have you here, most of the time. The Metro leads with a record


number of serial criminals being allowed to walk free with suspended


sentences, in an effort to keep down the prison population. The


Telegraph's front page features celebrating Manchester City players


as they lift the Premier League cup. Their main headline claims


pensioners shouldn't rely on government plans designed to limit


the cost of care. The Guardian reports a sharp increase in the


number of soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq seeking help


for mental health issues. The Times has more on the Take That tax row,


frontman Gary Barlow now facing criticism from the Prime Minister


for paying into a tax avoidance scheme. The Daily Mail has more on


the government's policy of in`depth questioning for anyone seeking a


mortgage. And claims from Stephen Sutton, the teen with cancer who has


been fundraising for charity, that doctors initially missed his


disease. The Daily Mirror has dramatic claims of loan sharks


harassing unnamed mothers outside a school. The FT pictures a woman in


the Ukraine casting her vote in one of the self`rule referendums in the


east of the country. The headline says they polls will herald a


break`up of the country. And finally the Independent claims soap and


other household chemicals could be directly linked to a rise in male


infertility. Completely new set of front`page stories this hour.


Times. The Archbishop calls for talks with Boko Haram. Justin Welby


says negotiations are necessary with the extremist who have kidnapped


students from a school in Nigeria. What he warned it will be very


difficult to do that. Yes, he also warns they are essentially


irrational. Anyone who saw that chilling video would agree with that


assessment. They would undoubtedly agree with the fact that


negotiations there would be extremely collocated. What we forget


is that the Archbishop of Canterbury entered the church in his 30s and


was an oil executive. So he has dealt with the forerunners of Boko


Haram in the Niger Delta, when he was an oil executive. He is


well`placed to know what he is talking about. Negotiations seem to


suggest compromise and concessions. How do you negotiate with people who


think that girls should not go to school? I'm not sure that you can. I


am not sure that Justin Welby think so either, I think that what he is


doing is being constructive about the situation, when girls are being


sold for ?8 effectively. He is saying that we need to start talking


to Boko Haram, and get some dialogue going. I suppose if you can get some


dialogue doing, you might be able to gain some form of concession. Make


such a future less likely. Certainly the talks about sending in the SAS,


which people want to do at the drop of hat without understanding the


situation. And the massive area. It is an area of vast jungle. All the


SAS regiments operate with tremendous prowess, but people


expect them to be superheroes. They are highly trained and incredibly


brave, but in some situations, they are not the solution. The other


thing with groups like this, if you give them a name, the Taliban, or


Boko Haram, and we expect them to be a cohesive group, so actually


getting a hold of them can be problematic. It is like talks with


any organisation which is a loose affiliation, if you like. Let's move


on to the Guardian. Ministers call for free schools Budget curb. This


is an argument about how funding for schools in England is being


divided. The suggestion is that Michael Gove is so ideological eat


obsessed that he is diverging money to Free Schools. And locally run


schools are missing out. This language, they should be given


detention! The quote unquote lunacy and pathetic, you work in the mother


of all parliaments. I appreciate that standards have been very low in


terms of debating, not with the select committees but in the


chamber, but Lord Almighty! What you are seeing here is politicking at


its very worst. Let's run over the main issues. They are important


issues, and ?800 million black hole, criticism of ?400 million for


the free school meal programme, and if we look back to the 2010


election, with all parties promising, particularly the Lib


Liberal Democrats. What you are seeing here. Watch this. This is


important. These are the acyl lines upon which the Liberal Democrats


will be fighting the Conservatives at the next election. Their argument


is that they are not taking money away from school places at creating


school places in a different way. Are, but hold on a second. In this


article, Michael Gove is accused by the Liberal Democrats of raiding the


Budget by ?400 million to help prop up the Free Schools programme.


Meanwhile, Conservatives of cost`saving nick Clegg can't ring in


free school meals for five or seven `year`olds because it is too


expensive `` Nick Clegg. I think money is found when he wants to find


it. There is a lot of talk about protecting the schools Budget. And


we are talking about the back office, as we know, the back office


and the front office can be separate. Staying with the Guardian,


we have one. Iran claims victory in the war. They say that all they have


done is encourage radical groups. This is Iran and its close ally


Assad claiming they have won the war in Syria. Senior Iranians officials


have told the Guardian. They have one in Syria, the regime will stay,


the rebels have lost. This is of course the slightly more complicated


than just that. Shia Muslim Iran is their main backup. They have propped


up the regime since the first revolt in 2011. They have continually


bolstered Assad in the teeth of attempts to destroy him. It does


seem that Syria and Assad have held on to power, at what cost? They say


they want easily, tell that to the victims. However, most people would


surely have known that when we saw the Arab Spring in other places, we


knew that Syria would be a very different prospect. Absolutely, and


historically, militarily in the region. What is fascinating about


this, America is doing jolly well in this war. You talk about the Arab


Spring, you look at Egypt, and is Mubarak did terrible things, but


actually intelligence sources say the one thing he did do is deliver


some form of stability to the Middle East, which at the moment is in such


a state of flux. To a degree, you wonder what extent we want to be


involving ourselves with it. Let's look at the Mail. What a mortgage?


Don't eat steak. These are bizarre questions you will be asked if you


want a mortgage. They are cracking down. You will be asked about


whether you play golf, how much you eat, whether you are planning to


have another child. Absolutely. I wasn't actually offering, I was


transposing myself. moving on, I wonder whether he is looking at a


post` prime ministerial thing. If we were to lose Scotland, not that he


says he will be going. Maybe he is trying to get a mortgage. But


actually, the serious point here is finance is being stretched. We will


see interest rates on the rise towards next year. You could, but


that is what will happen. There is stress testing going on to see what


the effect is going to be economically. The question is


whether you can often a mortgage even if the interest rate goes up.


And it is difficult, because the trouble is there is this tension


particularly in the south with a huge bubble. You don't have much


choice to take out a great big loan if you want to buy a house. it is


worth talking about this whole thing in terms of houses anyway. People


money, they have not been spending money, they have not been spending


on the mortgage. You see a lot of houses going cheap, potentially


crashes. It is bad news, I'm afraid. It is a huge worry. Is it a huge


worry? When normal people, how are normal people even going to afford a


house. What is a normal person? Well, just normal people doing


normal jobs. I saw a flat the other day which was essentially what I


would call a cupboard. It did not even have a loo. Can you sell such a


property? Here is the window, it is that. Let's go back to The Wife of


Bath's Tale. This is an extra ordinary man who has raised over ?3


million for charity. He says his cancer was initially missed by


doctors. He will always be angry that the doctors missed his cancer.


There is something else which struck me here. He says I don't measure


life in time, at what you can do. That is a moving thing to read. All


of this, I don't think I can read it out because it kept making the well


up, because so much of his blog just makes you want to go and grab life.


In many ways, it is awful and terrible, but in the same way, that


you were saying I don't measure life in time but by what you can do, and


you could live to be 100 and is never achieve what he has. Exactly.


And on his bucket list, he says ?10,000 is what he wanted to raise,


and he has raised ?3.2 million. An amazing chap. Everybody has


legitimate concerns in this world. We all have our worries, but it is


life`affirming. The fact that he says, why would you waste your life


saying it is not good? Worrying about these menial things, this is


somebody who is going to die, potentially, and let us hope there


is some miracle, around the age of 19. He says to grab life and live


it. Amazing. The Independent. Chemicals in soap can cause mail


infertility. That's it, I am not washing ever again. You won't be


welcome here. I think when I am on the Chew, I know men who probably


don't have any problem with this `` on the tube. This has concerned


people for a long time. You think about it, in your home, you are


stuck with the vapours and fumes of all these chemicals without really


thinking about what you are breathing in. We know there is


oestrogen in the water supplies in the United Kingdom, that is why many


people drink spring water, but some of these chemicals are found in


substances like toothpaste and soap. Toothpaste, soap, children's


plastic toys. And this is a man whose name we like. I am just trying


to find it. An excellent name, from the Copenhagen University Hospital


in Denmark. He has noticed a 50% drop in low sperm count in the last


50 years. What are you supposed to do? I know there are more natural


alternatives. A lot of them say this, but as you say, the trouble


is, it is those things like when flame retardant material et cetera.


In short men live longer. They may have jokes at their expense of but


they will have the last laugh after all. If you are under five foot two,


and I don't know many who are. Tom Cruise is five foot five. And many


famous men are short. So there we are. But the argument is that


shorter men are more likely to have longevity genes leading to a smaller


body size and a longer lifespan. I don't know about that, being at


around six foot. Thank you both for being here. That is all for


tonight. Stay with us here on BBC News: At midnight we'll have the


latest from Ukraine ` where at least one person has died after government


forces opened fire near crowds in the east of the country. But coming


up next it's time for The Film Review with Gavin Esler and Mark


Kermode. Hello. Welcome to the Film Review. To take us through the


cinema releases, Mark Kermode. It's a very good week, Frank, a film


inspired by but not based on the character of Frank


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