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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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5000, or 10,000 metres. And we will have all the rest of the day's


sports news, including a whole host of managers on the move. That's in


15 minutes, after the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead to


what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are the barrister


Sophia Cannon, Torcuil Crichton, Westminster editor at The Daily


Record. Tomorrow's front pages: The Telegraph says senior figures in the


health service are claiming thousands in expense claims for fine


dining, taxi fares and hotels. And there is an image from the video


released by Boko Haram militants of the girls they kidnapped in Nigeria.


The Sun says thieves have broken into the home of Peaches Geldof


twice since her death last month. The Metro covers the story of a


blogger who found the police on his doorstep after he mocked UKIP on


Twitter. The Guardian says the Conservative Party has recorded its


first poll lead in two years as support for Labour apparently drains


away. The Mail says the NHS wants mothers who are having their second


child to give birth at home. And Rolf Harris is pictured outside


court at his trial. The Times reports celebrities are leaving tax


avoidance schemes for fear of being named and shamed. That's after the


recent revelations about members of Take That. The I covers Ed


Miliband's promise that everyone will get to see their GP within 48


hours. The Tories have dismissed the pledge as an unfunded pie`in`the`sky


policy. And the Financial Times looks ahead to tomorrow, when MPs


will question the chief executive of Pfizer about his company's plans for


AstraZeneca. So let's begin. We will start with a Gordian. `` with the


Guardian. David Axelrod is apparently coming over tomorrow, it


has been tweeted tonight. ET these headlines and he might as well just


turn around and go. He has a reputation for turning around poles


for Barack Obama and the like. This is an eating boost for David


Cameron, just over a week out from the European election polls it shows


that the Tories are up while Labour is down. For the first time, Labour


is behind the Tories. No other polls are available. Unfortunately, Ed


Miliband tells the same story. There was a poll recently showing Labour


on 32, a poll in The Sun Gives labour a 1`point lead. But we can't


call it a trend, because they are posting at the same time. The


picture is that labour is slipping. This was Ed Miliband's election to


lose, and it looks like he has lost it. Hang on, hang on. For one thing,


we are a year out, for another, the excess boats have gone to UKIP. We


are losing the momentum we used to have. The prerogative used to be the


Prime Minister of the date would call a snap election and be on top


of the campaign. Now we have this stale, flaccid, fairly laid back


approach. I agree we are losing an edge with his fixed term by the


parliaments. We miss out on the break as we got with Gordon Brown.


To be honest, it looks like we are moving into what we are quite used


to in Scotland. Three cornered fights in politics, with UKIP


sucking energy not just from the Tories but also from Labour. Which


they claimed to be doing, anyway. Deep down, these polls are the worst


result, showing that David Cameron has positive appeal raising for the


first time in a long time. George Osborne has come back from his own


shambles to now being trusted on the economy. He must be coated in


catalogue. For a lot of people, the economy is doing well. it is for a


lot of people. The concern is, this was Ed Miliband's to lose. During


the debate in Parliament over issues such as the Budget, it sat there ``


Ed Miliband sat there. There was no personality, policy, or performance.


On energy, he has something to say. Let's go to the I. An MP pledges GP


appointments within 48 hours. Will that resonate? It will. The NHS is


in difficulty, but the problem is it is not deliverable or believable. I


don't know about that. This was a previous policy. When I used to go


to my GP in the east end of London, I could get a 48 hour appointment.


The coalition government did away with that policy. Labour says they


will bring it back. But unfortunately they will bring it


back in the context of cutting bureaucrats, which never sounds


good. That is why the Tories are calling it an funded and pie in the


sky. But he has touched on the concern of society, that something


is wrong, and they want to get it right. Miliband has the ideas


right. Is it simply that? Is it simply the fact that labour's record


on the economy is not that good? They allowed their record to be told


as them rather than the banks causing the deficit. Labour sorted


out their leadership while the Tories communicated effectively.


That became the narrative. A lot of people believe that narrative. The


narrative is impotence and incompetence, that is what has


carried them through. And is not an amazing housing market, low interest


rates, an economy doing well, high growth compared with other G20


countries. That is what it is founded on, large growth next year,


and they can say they rescue the economy. It is not simple


incompetence. How do you fight against those basic figures? Not


everyone is there. We have the highest rental figures at the


moment. The rental policy never carried through. The weight Ed


Miliband will fight this is to ask people whether these are the guys


who are going to look after your? Or are they just going to look after


the people at the top of the society. It is the same problem Mitt


Romney had against Barack Obama in the last election. The economy was


turning up, difficult to argue that things are doing well, but they


would be better under us. That is why they got Barack Obama's man to


come and work for them. David Axelrod. It will be nice to see how


their approach changes. The start shamed into paying tax. As I said,


it only takes a minute for these celebrities to lose their shine.


Everything changes. No one will forget attacks dodger. You can't


just do what you like with your tax affairs, you have to be responsible.


I don't like this story, this gap in the papers where they expected Gary


Barlow to hand back his OBE. He didn't face up, and the Times have


this splash inside and how he had to pay the tax back, I understand why


they are pushing it, it is their story. But industry experts telling


us about tax dodging rate is falling dramatically, as it would after


headlines like that. Particularly as the public opprobrium along with


having to pay the money back. Image and name will be tarnished. It is


the greatest honour in any one's career to be awarded an OBE. I think


Gary Barlow is praying he can keep it. But the counterpoint is that no


one will suggest to give it back, he should just have it back to show


contrition. It is up to him, isn't it? The unfortunate thing is he will


probably have to place a more to pay his tax bill `` played some more to


pay his tax bill. A picture here of one of the kidnapped girls.


Apparently this video is of some of these girls, released by Boko Haram.


This is the first proof of life, it has been suggested by a negotiator.


Indeed, but it now shows that terrorism does not need a gun or a


bomb. It just needs an image and hashtag. That is the notion here. It


will frighten a whole generation of Nigerian schoolgirls out of school.


A shocker is that when I look behind this, they were taken from a physics


exam. These were the brightest and the best of this area's girls. They


were the strongest. These are the engineers, Doctors, the women who


were going to make that big jump forward. To help the Nigerian


economy. A legacy of this is not them being taken, it is the other


girls who will not get to school. These were the lucky girls. They


were getting an education. But because of their own religion, their


location, their school, they were snatched away. They attack moderate


Muslims as well. Indeed, 17 of the girls were Muslim. It is an unspoken


war on women. They are the targets, the easy targets. If you wish to


make a point, you go for the women make a point, you go for the women


of your country. A chilling image. Young girls being held and being


made to recite the Koran. And they are being told that they are


bargaining chips as the terrorists want prisoners freed and are willing


to use them as bargaining chips. What is the fear of girls with


books? This is the issue, Pakistan, Nigeria, which country will be next?


Moving to the Financial Times. The MPs see a cast iron pledge on


AstraZeneca. The Pfizer chief being grilled on his intentions to take


over the company. It is the science committee, committees are the new


rock and roll in Parliament. Use used to see action in the chamber,


but now the committee cross examination is where it is at. We


had Amal Ahmed talking about these promises in a letter that Pfizer


would keep 20% of their research in the UK. `` Kamal Ahmed. They will


apply this unless circumstances changed significantly. That is the


problem. That is the debt out of jail. We are at the Zenith of


capitalism, in 2008, our banks were too big to fail. The issue now is


that if our pharmaceutical companies are too big to fail, it will affect


the health of the planet. If these companies are turned into the


biggest companies we have, who will do the research and development? It


will affect the health of the economy. ?4 billion of money, we


know what Pfizer do. They buy up their competitors, they cut the


jobs, and they moved the development back to home base. They don't move


the research back to home base, because that is publicly funded.


They want the government to do that. They will privatise the profits and


publicise the cost. The issue is that here we have a national health


service. It is based on a socialist ideal. In America, it is the


capitalist ideal. So it is that crashed valve of our health


services. Pfizer would argue that they are going to take the company


over and make it even more profitable than it already is, which


would be popular. This is the biggest personality, not in the


Commons. Talking about the legacy of several Tory government in relation


to the issue of the EU. It is designed only for one year and one


year alone. The person sitting there thinking, I will vote UKIP. It is


Boris being Boris. He is saying that Margaret Thatcher was not honest.


She banged the table but she was the Prime Minister who took us a further


into the EU than any other Prime Minister. A bit of honesty, a bit of


confessing from Boris Johnson. I am sure the kind of comments that the


Conservative party likes to hear. Many thanks. Stay with us because at


midnight we will have much more on that new video showing hundreds of


schoolgirls who have been abducted in Nigeria. Now it is time for


Sportsday. Welcome to Sportsday. The United


days are over. Rio Ferdinand will leave Old Trafford this summer after


12 years at the club that he says made his dreams come true. It came


down to


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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