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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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in three days, forcing thousands from their homes.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are the broadcaster and campaigner David


Akinsanya, and Vincent Moss, political editor of the Sunday


Mirror. Good to have you both here tonight. Tomorrow's front pages: The


Sunday Times publishes its 'rich list', and says Britain's wealthiest


people are getting even wealthier. The Observer reports that MPs are to


investigate the outsourcing giant Serco over claims of sexual assault


by one of its staff at an immigration detention centre. It has


a picture of Arsenal winning the FA Cup.


The Mail on Sunday says children as young as nine will receive drugs on


the NHS to prepare them for sex`swap surgery.


The Independent on Sunday warns that microbeads from exfoliaters and


other domestic products are being washed into the sea, causing


environmental damage. The Sunday Telegraph has an


interview with the new culture secretary Sajid Javid. He tells them


that immigrants coming to Britain "must learn to be British". Let's


begin, and it is with that interview with the first Asian secretary of


state speaking to the Sunday Telegraph. Though to be British, he


says. Sajid Javid on how immigrants can find work, and respect life


here. What I find interesting is he can say this, and lots of


politicians should and could have said this in the past, but because


he is Asian, he can say yet. He says he is a first generation and that


his parents were immigrants. A lot of people I know who have come from


immigrant backgrounds feel the same. Often people who are


immigrants themselves feel really strongly about immigration, don't


they? I have friends who I'm surprised not joining some of these


right wing parties. It is all well to say some of this, but I think


about history. I do consider myself to be British. How we went around


the world and make people speak our language. I know lots of people who


live in Spain who don't speak Spanish. I know people who have


houses in the South of France who don't speak French. Me personally, I


couldn't live in a country if I didn't speak the language, because I


talk a lot. Thankfully, you are here tonight doing just that. Let's talk


about the politics behind this. Immigration is going to be a huge


issue with the European elections just next Thursday. As we've seen,


you keep making `` making great strides. Many people feel the other


party's are not addressing the concerns of immigration. White paper


as a poll showing you keep way ahead of the other parties, and they will


do well in the European elections. The Conservatives are suffering


because people are defecting to UKIP and Nigel Farage. Sajid Javid is


spelling out what is a tough message, but it is powerful coming


from him, the sort of Pakistani son of a bus driver who has done well


for himself. He has made millions and done very well, but he makes the


point that he has no people who've been in the country for 50 years and


cannot still speak English. He says you should notice speak English.


Coming from him, that is more palatable coming from him then Nigel


Farage David Cameron. Drivers to have a spy in cars. This is tracking


technology which will be standard according to this article within the


next ten years. If we're not prepared to have it in our car, we


will be forced off the road or forced to pay higher insurance


premiums. It will tell out insurance companies would at driving habits


really are. When you speed or do something wrong, it will be


recorded, and careful drivers will get lower premiums and risky drivers


will get high premiums. People will get petrified of the idea of their


movements being monitored in that way. You lack people object to


telephone comedies having the information, but the other


interesting thing is that a black box style technology will be fitted


as standard to all new cars under EU regulations from October next year.


The technology will be in the car already. I do know of some younger


drivers who have had these boxes put in their cars by the insurance


company in order to get a cheaper deal on the insurance. I want to


make a confession. It is a driver's awareness course recently because I


sped over a bridge. I did 27 on the 20. On the course, there were lots


of people they're angry about the speed cameras and those sorts of


things, but one thing I came away with is I drove a lot more carefully


and safer since I went on that course. People say they enjoy those


courses. Strange people. The Sunday Times, the top 1000 people are worth


a record ?519 billion. That is equivalent to a third of the


nation's annual gross domestic product. If you are in peak some of


these figures that have come out of the annual Rich list that the Sunday


Times publishes, it is be like 64 names in the top list have the


equivalent wealth of the 30% poorest of the population. When I was


younger, I used to be fascinated by this. I used to look and dream and


thick wooden it be nice to be rich? ? Think, wouldn't it be nice? It


makes me feel a bit angry about the gap between the rich and poor. That


is all it does for me. The other thing it does tell you is that a lot


of people busier people who've made their own money. It is not inherited


wealth. In the past, a lot of the list was filled up with these


people. Does that make you less angry? I'm not angry about rich


people, I am angry that people who suffer and there are other people


who could help to stop I know one woman does a lot of stuff with the


money. To somebody like me, you say, how much money do you need to


be happy? Bye`mac it is not about that any more. Reading figures like


this yet again, the fact that the amount of wealth they hold in such a


small number of people is growing so much. Will there be more pressure to


tackle this tax wise? It is a great political story. It is just the hard


facts in the story, but there is an amazing fact saying be healthiest!


Wealthiest boughs and have seen their wealth surge by 15.4% in the


last year. This is a time when most ordinary workers are likely to get a


2% pay rise. It is astonishingly political story which is reflected,


because Labour's message is, and this seems to be borne out by this,


it is the ritual are benefiting from this upturn in economy, and the rest


of the site. That is fascinating and playing into the narrative over the


next year. It was benefiting from the upturn in the up `` economic


circumstances? Carney sounds housing alarm. We know a lot of rich people


are investing in broad in properties in the south`east, particularly


London. This article says the housing market has deep problems and


is the biggest risk to Britain's economic recovery. That is coming


from the Governor of the Bank of England. It sounds like it could go


down. You like I have a friend who plays around with the property


market. He has a big portfolio. The only thing he has been talking about


is selling and getting rid of as much as he can. He is not the sort


of person who will do this without the gig subbing is going on. House


prices are crazy. `` thinking something is going on. My generation


are having trouble getting mortgages. Subbing has to give. We


all need somewhere to live, but I think it has gotten out of control.


What will this do with regards to interest rates? He is saying that


the Bank of England needs to take some kind of action to take the heat


out of this. Weigh the central part in this is that we need more houses.


We all know that. That is the only way to start controlling prices. He


is sounded alarm in saying it is critically about loan to value and


how much we are borrowing against these houses. We don't think, and Mr


Carney dozen big reds will go up, but after that, I could rise. The


mortgage rules have tightened up now and mortgage companies are being


more responsible and making it harder. It is not necessarily a


disadvantage, but it is harder to take risky loans out because


mortgage companies are being more responsible about what they land.


A grim story. The Observer's main story, underneath that picture of


Arsenal winning the FA Cup. MPs to probe Serco over sex assault claim.


The company that does the private outsourcing, Government work. To be


investigated by MPs after it was forced to disclose a report about a


claim of sexual reports against one of its staff against a woman at


Yarl's Wood detention centre. There has been a legal battle to get it


out in the open? Very much so. They have been fighting to get it


published. Private companies are taking over public sector services.


This is a company that are potentially taking over services in


other areas. I know something David feels strongly about. Passionate


about this. Michael Gove announced yesterday that child protection


services could be run and could be open to companies like Serco. You


know, from where I come from, I do a lot of work with young people in


care, it's wrong. When you hear stories like this where they are


trying to cover`up. That is not to say local authorities haven't


covered up abuse in the past. I don't want people profiting out of


that. We might return to that story again. A lot to talk about. That is


it from the papers this hour. There will be another selection of the


front pages at 11.30pm. On BBC News at 11.00pm a report on the latest


progress on Boko Haram. Coming up next, it's time for the film review.


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