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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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At least 20 people have been killed in Bosnia and Serbia after the worst


floods in more than a century. It is estimated three months of rain fell


in three days, forcing thousands from their homes. Hello and welcome


to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with: The Sunday Times publishes its


rich list, and says Britain's wealthiest people are getting even


wealthier. The Observer has a picture of Arsenal winning the FA


Cup, and reports that MPs will investigate the outsourcing giant


Serco over allegations of sexual assault by one of its staff at an


immigration detention centre. The Mail on Sunday says children as


young as nine will be given drugs on the NHS to prepare them for


sex`change surgery. The Independent on Sunday has a special report on


environmental damage caused by microbeads from domestic products


that are being washed into the sea. The Sunday Telegraph has an


interview with the new culture secretary Sajid Javid. He tells the


paper immigrants coming to Britain must learn to be British. And the


Sunday Express says cuts to coastguards at Britain's seaside


resorts are putting lives at risk. We will begin with the Sunday


Telegraph, and its interview with the first Asian Secretary of State,


the Tory MP Sajid Javid. He is talking about how migrants should


integrate, speak the language, find work, and respect our way of life.


At a time when according to the poll by the Telegraph, the Conservatives


are pulling ahead. Yes, there are some different polls about. The


Sunday Mirror gives UKIP an 11 point lead. They will do very well in


Thursday's elections. Getting back to that theme, one of the key


reasons they are so successful is that tough stance on immigration.


Conservatives have been one of the victims to that. They say that


immigrants should speak English, that if you want to come to England


you should speak the language, find work, and respect our way of life.


It is interesting that people are able to live here without speaking


the language. Do we as the host culture want to make it easier for


people to assimilate? I often see people at the post office, young


people assisting their parents. I couldn't live like that, because I


like to talk to people. Other people could. Some people say that those


who don't speak the languages tend to be the women, and tend to be kept


at home and so forth. That is a problem for the Asian community, not


the host community. I saw some Asian people yesterday, sitting on the


porch, eating sandwiches, there might have had some samosas as well.


And they look like a typical English family. Only, the majority of my


friends who come from different backgrounds or whose parents come


from different backgrounds, consider themselves English. I suppose this


MP, Sajid Javid, would absolutely say the same. But is it the fact


that he can say what is under speak of. As a man whose parents were


Pakistani immigrants, who came to this country. And he has done


extremely well for himself as a result of that. He has. And it is a


message which comes much that from the son of a Pakistani bus driver.


But he is a typical because he is a multimillionaire who went into the


city and made a huge fortune. He is now tremendously successful and very


much still, even though he is still a candidate, a rising star of the


party and the potential future leader of that party and potential


Prime Minister one day. So it is a great message to put across and will


certainly resonate with people, but people will say that it is all very


well to say it, but people expect these governments to take action


backing up these sorts of words. Her I have friends who teach English as


a second language, there was a lot of funding going into that front


while, which has been cut back. There was not an effort to get


people to speak English. The thing is, what is British culture? I think


nowadays it is about so much more than cucumber sandwiches. It is


about the fact that we've got curry being made here which aren't in


other parts of the world. I think it is easier for someone like him to


say it, and maybe more Tory politicians should be talking like


him. But whether or not... Would they be accused of racism if they


do? That's the problem. Whether it is difficult to put someone like him


up, because it is more palatable. Let's stay with the Telegraph for


another story, this is Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of


England, warning of the house price risk. He warned of deep structural


problems. He says that rising prices, represent a big threat to


the economy. He that what we need is a greater supply to take the heat


out of it. The Bank of England will not be building any houses any time


soon. And the houses I see being built are not really houses. They


are concrete shells with wooden panels. I didn't write a flat,


because I decided that prices were too crazy. I decided to do something


a bit alternative. I wouldn't buy one of these. They look like plastic


houses, they are not real houses. `` I wouldn't buy a flat. The people


building them are building the cheapest houses they possibly can


because they know they can get an average of 250,000 for a 2`bedroom


flat in London. The money they spend on building is not much. He is


tapping into something which lots of people have been concerned about.


The fact that we have learnt lessons, and there have been


stripped the lending rules. But people are still borrowing and


having to borrow huge sums of money to get a foot in the housing


market. House prices in London are about 25% over their peak. And Mark


Carney is warning of a huge debt overhang is people risked being


heavily indebted again, and we will return to the last financial crisis.


Like all clever city people, he is hedging. He has faced criticism for


saying that interest rates will not rise. And that the housing bubble


will get even bigger. He is starting to hit not necessarily that they


will rise, but that he is concerned and monitoring it. And deflecting


that criticism he has faced about not reacting quickly enough to what


is going on in the London policy market. Looking at the Times. Ed


Miliband is losing, according to reports. A candidate who did not


realise he was being recorded, has said Ed Miliband will never form a


credible government. It is not too bad. It is not near the top of the


list. But rather interestingly, he was taped surreptitiously by someone


referred to as posing as a PR professional. It doesn't make it


clear whether that was a journalist or someone who, shall we say,


doesn't have labour's best interest at heart. He is echoing the views of


many about labour's election strategy. It is not hugely damaging,


but it does reflect the criticisms of some within the party about the


question that none of us know the answer to. Which is, has Ed Miliband


got what it takes to win the election? The truth is, lots of


pundits around, all with a view, but no one knows exactly what will


happen. And part of the conversation is the need to court the


aspirational southern voters. That is where you win elections. With


UKIP expected to do very well, will that translate into gains with their


first MP in Westminster. It will be an interesting run`up the general


election. True, but he does name several areas, Norwich, Croydon


Central, areas where Labour needs to pick up. He does talk about that" as


well. That that was completely the wrong message. And that the right


message is not being given. But from my point of view, as a non` party


political person, I think Ed Miliband doesn't come across well.


What are labour policies? It will be a bout Ed Miliband. And people think


he is... It will be a choice between two people, and they need to decide


whether Ed Miliband or David Cameron reflect their interests more. David


Cameron does rather well in some parts of the country where they are


not doing well at all. They will feel closer to labour than the


Conservatives. Staying with the Times, the rich double their wealth


in five years. The top 1000 people in the country are now worth a


record ?519 billion. It says that most of them are men, and women are


still the poor relations. But poverty in this list is absolutely


relative. It is quite staggering that in the five years since the


crash, the richest have gotten richer. All I hear about is people


who are going through a hard time. Fashionable people, freelance


people, people in training. To hear that the rich are getting richer, it


does smell a bit, doesn't it? They are a group of people just above any


other consideration, aren't they? It is astonishing. Now, to get on list


you need to be worth 85 million. The chances of any of us adding there


are slim. The most striking thing is that the top 1000 surge to new


heights. Their wealth has risen by 15% in the last year. They are worth


a total of nearly 500 early in pounds `` ?500 billion. It had


previously flat lined in terms of wage rising across the board, and


yet these people are seeing a 15% rise. I like the fact the Sunday


Times have said they have pages dedicated to how to get rich. So if


you do want to get rich, they have a self`help section. How to become a


billionaire. Does it matter? Apart from making us wistful or envious,


does it matter that people are this rich? They're not happy, are they?


Money doesn't buy happiness, I know that. But it might be nice to see


how it feels. It makes life easier, but that our other problems. MPs


will be probing Serco. A report about the company that does a lot of


government contract work. To be investigated, a secret report has


evidence that they failed to properly investigate claims of


repeated sexual assaults against a woman at a detention centre. It was


difficult to get access to this report. The chair of the Home


Affairs Select Committee described it as shocking. What strikes you


about this? Could this have happened at a centre run by local authorities


Local authorities have got a reputation for this sort of thing


happening. My problem is that these are the same organizations that


Michael Gove has been talking about. That is innovation, isn't it?


Bringing in private organizations to shake up safeguarding? Not from my


point of view. This is very sensitive and it relates to families


where there may have been abused going on in and it is about the


protection of the child. I don't think that should be put in the


hands of private companies stop lieu this could be just the tip of the


iceberg. That we are not going to not watch them. So many private


companies work for the government. Certain companies perhaps shouldn't


be doing certain works. That's it for The Papers this hour. Thank you


to my guests. Stay with us here on BBC News: At midnight, we'll have a


report on the latest promise to combat Boko Haram ` the group that


kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria. Coming up next it is


Reporters. Welcome to this special edition. I am here in the capital of


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