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that has now claimed 300 lives. Executives from the company are


among those being questioned. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


With me are James Ramsden. Welcome to both of you.


The Daily Telegraph leads with a report suggesting the Governor of


the Bank of England ` Mark Carney is prepared to cap mortgages as the


average home goes up ten`thousand pounds in a month.


The Daily Express leads on the same story adding that tough new rules


will be put on mortgages to control soaring prices.


The Metro also leads with Mark Carney's warning build more houses


or risk financial meltdown. It's a theme followed by The Times


newspaper, which says the help to buy scheme is a threat to the


economy's recovery. The Guardian leads with plans from


Labour leader Ed Miliband to tackle low pay suggesting a future Labour


government will link minimum pay to earnings.


The Independent also leads with Ed Miliband's plans to increase the


minimum wage and it also shows the rogue trader who's due to surrender


to the French authorities to start a three`year jail term.


The Daily Mail kicks off with the police hunt for two prisoners who


failed to return after being let out on day release.


And the Mirror reports on government cuts which they say have targeted


lollipop ladies putting children's lives at risk on busy roads. So


let's begin. The Levant target minimum wage for


maximum gain. Tell us more. So, this is Ed Miliband trying to give Labour


an edge at the time when there is fear that Labour is lagging behind


the Conservatives. All numbers are showing that the first time in two


years, they are behind the Tories. He is saying that they will peg the


minimum wage with earnings was up however, the Conservatives are


already saying that this is interventionist and could actually


be disastrous for the economy. They are not actually putting a figure,


so we do not know what the minimum wage would be. It is due to rise to


?6 50 in October. But we don't know what it would mean. It will depend


on the actual sector so it could actually very, for example between


retail and the public sector. I am not sure how people would respond to


that. I was quite struck by that when I glanced at this weekly. That


is potentially tricky territory. Is. People may well be jealous of other


professions thinking, I could go into catering and earn a bit more.


Or move over into another sector and be better off. The very negative


poll ratings recently for Labour, I think it has been a bad time for


Labour. They got a lot of criticism for what I thought was a terrible


political ad where they showed Nick Clegg as the incredible shooting


man. Extremely negative. The word Labour was only mentioned for a


second. David Axelrod, the election of Obama who has come over to boost


Ed Miliband's performance, particularly his television


performance which is perceived as weak, they are also facing the


prospect of being wiped out potentially by UKIP this week. In


the elections on Thursday. So, not a bad idea to bring this up now. This


will play very well with hard`line Labour supporters. It does smack of


desperation because of the negative polls. And the port about `` point


about heartland supporters is interesting. The problem is,


especially with the local elections on Thursday, they are not even sure


of a heartland supporters. They will have to go beyond that. This is an


issue that is something that Labour can do to get itself from other


parties. There has been a lot of criticism Labour that we do not know


what you stand for, other than being the opposition. If they actually


laid out a plan that is convincing, they could say, this is the


beginning of the economy. Does it play into the cost of living


campaign? It does a bit but I think the danger with that, it looks all


played out now but also, it is the economy issue. If you harp on about


the economy, it is now recovering and that plays into the Tory hands.


George Osborne is sitting pretty saying, look at the recovery that I


have orchestrated. I'll die billiards? And people will find it


hard to contradict because the figures seem to back him up. So,


Labour will tread with great caution in the area of economics because


that seems to be to the advantage of the Tories. Having said that,


Labour's whole campaign is that while the biggest is the economy is


better, people 's lives are better. We haven't really increased, rather


they have decreased by about 5% since 2010. If they can play on


those figures off, are you feeling a difference in your pocket? Most


people would say no. Let's move to the Telegraph. Let's start with the


main story. Banks be as house prices hit record high. This features on a


number of newspapers. This is an extraordinary figure. It is actually


the highest ever jump on record, an average of nearly ?10,000, on the


value of houses which is absolutely unbelievable. In Tower Hamlets, one


of the poorest part of London, they have gone up 43%, the value of


houses. Incredible. Mark Carney is right about this, he is urging


extreme caution because this bubble could total the economy. We have


seen bubbles have a devastating effect of the economy before. He


suggesting he may have to mortgages in order to dampen down the market


because it is extremely overheating at the moment. I think that idea of


just trying to come people down is very sensible. What Mark Carney is


saying to the government, you are going to have to come up with


something other than the issue of touching interest rates. That is one


thing the bank of it and can influence. If you read interest


rates, we're just talking about wages, people can't afford to pay


their mortgages. That will be a bigger economic crisis. He is


saying, what we need to is tackled other issues, including supply.


There is a shortage of houses. When we look at the figures here in the


Telegraph story, there is a 16% rise in house prices in London


year`on`year. And 4.9% on average in the UK. There is a shortage of


actual houses. The Help to Buy was supposed to help newbuilds. The


Dubai scheme at the moment actually helps you to buy a house up to the


value of ?600,000. Think about that. That is a lot of money when


the average house in the UK is meant to cost about 275,000. Mark Carney,


one of the suggested he had come up with is to actually change what


helped by actually entails. Some people are talking about the figure


being dropped to ?300,000. The Labour Party again is suggesting


that drop. It is a cry help saying, this cannot continue to. The


government is hinting that if Mark Carney does suggest that the


islanders live, they would have to listen and act. Absolutely. It may


well be a good solution. The problem with increasing supply is that this


is a country that invented the phrase NIMBY. Where do you build new


houses? They do not want a big new housing developments obscuring their


lovely field at the back of the house. The green belt is very


strongly protected in this country. It is a very nice idea to say, yes


we need new houses but where do you build them? Also in the Telegraph,


Nigel Farage appears. He has gone on the defensive to deflect claims of


racism after a poll suggested his attempts to cause a political


earthquake at the European elections may be blown off course. IGas it is


reading sentiment from his statement regarding the whole idea that you


are going to be comfortable having Romanians as your neighbours. Is


shocking to think that in this day and age a politician that get a lot


of print space and airtime could say something like that. This goes back


to an interview he did on Friday to. He said to the interviewer, I think


you know the difference between Romanians and Germans. And he said,


though I don't. And that is when his spin doctor tried to haul him off


air. He has made this mea culpa advert. Unfortunately we can't see


it. They have quoted it, sometimes I get things wrong, he also suggested


he was tired. I think that does risk opening hymn to other charges. What


other mistakes have made. If you are making errors or like this and you


are potentially opening yourself up to accusations of casual racism in


that way, and we really trust our boat with you? Is very crucial


timing. They always had the last 48 hours before the election matters


more than the previous 48 weeks. I think this 40 hours is going to be


absolutely crucial. Nigel Farage may be locked up in a cupboard somewhere


to stop him making more blunders. Is interesting he has taken out a


full`page ad. It is almost like they don't want him to say anything more


in an interview. Let someone else right! But it doesn't seem to be


affecting opinion polls? Labour and the Tories are extremely worried.


UKIP may well get the highest percentage. It would be the first


time a minority party has a map for decades. Let's look at the other


Telegraph story. The search for the four Britons in the Atlantic. It is


quite surprising it has only made it to the Telegraph this evening. This


really is about the four Britons that have been lost at sea and


unfortunately, it seems as though the search has been called off. Even


though it seemed that there are indications they could still be a


light because we have heard that there are still signals coming from


possible lifeboat. They have seen the remains of their boat. You would


have thought that given the search has been called off, it might have


got more coverage. Absolutely. There was an interview with a local MP


from Southampton saying, she was lobbying to try and talk to the US


coastguard to reopen the search. The flares seem to be let off in the


right order, indicating that they were alive at one stage. And that


they are very well trained in survival techniques, the apparently


got into the raft, the life raft. The families, and I would be exactly


the same is what was my relatives, as long as there is still hope, you


cannot search `` stop`and`search. The Express has a front`page


photograph that has some BAFTA winners on it. It was very good this


evening. We were talking about how billions Graham Norton is. He is


mischievous without being offensive. He handled it very well. He was up


for two awards himself but lost to the juggernaut that is Ant and Dec.


The Queen would lose against those guys. I doubt they would be in the


same category. That is true. Anyway, he was very funny introducing the


Best Actress award because Olivia Colman one two last year. She said


to the other three actors, I am sorry that you are in the same


category as Olivia Colman. She gave a lovely... Sometimes when the hood


actresses reach into tears... She is so genuine. I think she is very


personable. You feel that there is that connection. It is no wonder


that she continues to win BAFTAs. She was brilliant in 2012. She is


brilliant in everything. I would watch her reading the telephone


directory! And with the weather. The Guardian has a photograph, we see


somebody... Where are we? Somerset house in London. I enjoy the weather


yesterday but today I was picked up in my office. It is brilliant


because apparently, reporters are saying it won't end any time soon.


Often, you enjoyed weather in London and then they said tomorrow it will


back to showers. So far, we will enjoy it for a few more days. Lib I


am sorry to say that I enjoyed the weather watching the Arsenal victory


parade. He said he wasn't going mention that. I'm sorry, the weather


came up and it seemed natural. View in Northern Ireland would not have


enjoyed the weather as much. On that note. That is it for the papers.


Thank you to my guests. All the news at the top of the hour. But first,


the film review.


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