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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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Brendan Rodgers new contract with Liverpool. That's all in Sportsday


in 15 minutes after The Papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


journalist and blogger Susie Boniface, aka the Fleet Street Fox,


and Kiran Stacey, political correspondent for the Financial


Times. Good evening to you both. Before we speak to them let's have a


preview of the front pages. The Financial Times says David Cameron


has embarked on a diplomatic offensive to persuade European


leaders to change course on the EU. There is Nigel Farage, pictured with


an empty pint glass on his head during celebrations, that's in The


Telegraph. It reports business leaders are calling for a new deal


with Europe. The Guardian pictures Nick Clegg and


questions whether he is leading the Liberal Democrats to a wipe`out.


The Times reports UKIP is step up its assault on Labour's heartlands.


The Scotsman says recriminations flew after UKIP won its first


European seat in Scotland. Finally The Express offers seven


golden rules to help people fight Alzheimer's.


There is some other news on the front pages tomorrow but they're


dominated by the fallout of the European elections. Good evening to


you both. Let's start with The Guardian. It focuses there on a very


pale`faced, red`eyed rather depressed looking Nick Clegg. That's


a snap taken during interviews he did today with political


correspondents, including our own Vicky Young. It was an honest,


upfront interview but refusing to go. More pressure seems to be on


according to a poll they've got their hands on. Yeah, the Lib Dems I


think have said this poll, they're denying it's not true, but the poll


says that Nick Clegg could lose his seat in the next general election


which is astonishing, it's been Liberal Democrat for a long time,


Tory before that. What's interesting more than anything else is the issue


about Nick Clegg refusing to go, how long is he going to refuse to go?


How long can he keep saying, no, I am not going to go, everything is


fine, stop asking me. It becomes a self`fulfilling prophecy and he


becomes more of a loser than he looks today. If he can turn it


around tomorrow he can survive it. If this continues for a few days...


Presumably he can keep saying that until a senior member of his party


says it's time to go? Nobody senior has come out. That's really


important actually. You have people like Tim Farron, the party


President, he is the man the grass roots look to for moral guidance a


lot of the time. He has defended Nick Clegg very quickly. He has


right on the front foot and said this is our man. Clegg is being


protected by a couple of things, there is only a year to go to the


election so most candidates would rather wait until after 2015 if


they're going to step in at all. The only one who might step in as an


interim is Vince Cable who obviously has a lot of popularity and a


personality and a public persona of his own, he is in China at the


moment, you can read into that what you want. He is not back here


plotting. I have been speaking to some of the people who are


disgruntled with Nick Clegg in the party itself. They say part of the


problem is there is a reshuffle coming up. There is a lot of people


sitting on their hands thinking I might get a Ministerial job for the


last few months of Government, let's ride this out. But if these polls


turn out to be true, The Guardian has this poll suggesting four


well`known Lib Dems, including Nick Clegg, might get beaten heavily in


the next general election, if more MPs start thinking I might lose my


seat here, we have no other option, we have to get rid of him, then the


pressure is going to mount for senior people to say, sorry, we did


back you, but now the rest of the party changed its mind. Even if you


don't just treat it as a way of MPs playing the numbers and deciding


what's best for themselves, it's almost indisputable in the country


most people you talk to saying Nick Clegg is toxic as far as most voters


are concerneden you have to dump him, be `` are concerned and you


have to dump him and be ruthless at some point. The Liberal Democrats


have come out talking in response to that article. A spokesman has told


the BBC, we have no idea where this polling comes from but it's been


commissioned and leaked for political purposes. It bears no


relation to the result we saw on Thursday where the Liberal Democrats


secured 38. 7% of the vote across Sheffield Hallam. That was obviously


ahead of Labour and the Conservatives. Let's move on. There


is a headline that one senior politician, namely our Prime


Minister, might be pleased to read tomorrow, because this is a message


that he has been trying to get through today, all day, that he has


heard the message on the EU. The headline in the Financial Times:


Cameron urges EU leaders to change tack after populist route. We are


getting some insight into how David Cameron is going to handle this. ? A


lot of ways the result wams really good for David Cameron. `` was


really good for David Cameron. It would have beaten Labour into second


had it not been for what happened in London. And what's happened in


Brussels is that you have a load of Eurosceptic parties come in and


there will be a lot of other national leaders now no longer going


to Brussels saying David Cameron why are you asking for all these powers


back, what are you talking about? Now they know because they've got it


in their own country, they're having to deal with a similar rise in


Euroscept sichl so they're more likely to be on board when he says


we need to change freedom of movement. He is going to be under


pressure to bring the referendum forward though. He said 2017. He can


hold that line. What he is going to be under prepressure on is how much


is he going to be able to renegotiate. It starts tomorrow. The


first bit of the renegotiation, not really part of the renegotiation but


him trying to change Brussels is he doesn't want a man called Jean


Claude, lined up to be head of the commission which is the most


powerful body in Brussels. He is pro`federalist, pro`EU this man. The


Brits don't like him very much. Now can Cameron go around the key people


and Angela Merkel being the key, of course, and convince her not to back


this man for the job? Actually, our reporters are suggesting that she's


already made her mind up and she will back him. Now if that happens


that suggests that maybe David Cameron isn't succeeding as much as


he might want to in winning his battles in Brussels which are going


to be absolutely key for him. Let's move on to the Daily Telegraph cos


we have found out a bit more about Nigel Farage thanks to his wife? The


political correspondent in the Telegraph. This is interesting,


putting flesh on the bones of the man we know as the kind of person


who has his photograph taken in the pub with a pint glass on his head.


He should tip it upside down, if he is doing it properly. Somebody has


managed to buttonhole his wife and get some in formation out of her.


She says he is computer literate. Smokes and drinks too much and does


not eat properly. Considering the number of young dads who have a big


thing of being photographed with their children and doing the school


runs, she says there is not much time for family life that we watch


him on the television when we want to see him. I am not sure he will be


upset about that will stop man of upset about that will stop man of


the people. His supporters are a lot older than that of other parties.


You don't want to see your children, you want to see them when


they have grown up a bit. There are other stories in tomorrow's papers.


Let's move on to the times. Picture of Nigel Farage again on the front


page. The story to the right hand side will stop two thirds of convict


sons face a life of crime. Research has suggested. This does not


surprise me because your parents are surprise me because your parents are


your ears. You learn how to get through life from your parents. They


say they have done this research, but the rest of the story is


complaining about Barnardos saying nobody elects this data. So how did


they do the research to find this out in the first place gesture


marked lower down it says if you have a parent in jail, home can be


chaotic because one parent is left chaotic because one parent is left


behind to cope and schools don't know. Of course, one is struggling


emotionally and financially. A emotionally and financially. A


degree of not telling other people degree of not telling other people


what is going on and it is not the best way to raise children. What it


also gives you insight into is the impact risen has on the rest of the


family, who also suffer for crimes they were not involved in. What


register of children whose parents register of children whose parents


are in jail. It smacks a bit of buttonholing children of children of


convicts so they are different. But they are different, maybe they do


maybe identifying them in the first maybe identifying them in the first


place is not a bad way to start. A lot of it is white collar fraud,


driving points, others are children of murderers. It is different. I


think it is more about problem families and the fact people cannot


necessarily get away from a difficult life. There are lots of


data points the authorities have two identify problem families and they


are starting to get on top of it. If an A department has somebody come


in with a stab wound, they alert social services. If you have that


information, obviously there are issues about how much you pass


between services, but I can see why they want to go in that direction.


You will be back at 11:30pm. But for now, thanks for joining us. Coming


up on BBC News, we have the sport, the latest headlines at 11pm,


including more on the fallout of UKIP 's macro success at the


European elections. But now we have European elections. But now we have


the sport. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. The


headlines: Backing Brendan Rodgers ` Liverpool give their manager a new,


long`term contract after finishing as runners up in the Premier League.


A shock for Stan `


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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