30/05/2014 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Open, and we will hear from Carl Froch and George Groves ahead of


their huge rematch tomorrow night. Welcome to our lookahead at what the


papers will be us tomorrow. Good evening to both of you. Let's have a


look at some of the front pages. The Independent reports on the fact that


a Google adviser is telling them that everything has changed again in


Europe, following the new right to privacy ruling. Polling carried out


for the Daily Telegraph suggest that the majority of those who recently


voted for Ukip intend voting again for Ukip in the general election.


The new leader of the Police Federation has told the Guardian


that the days of scandal in his organisation must come to an end.


House prices will continue soaring for at least another two years, that


is the headline in the Daily Express. According to the Financial


Times, the European Central bank next week is poised to cut interest


rates and boost lending to small businesses. The Times reports that


David Cameron has joined international calls for a woman


sentenced to death for marrying to be reversed.


On that last story, David Cameron adding his voice to a number of


global voices condemning this. It is a shocking insight, isn't it, into


what is going on in Sudan? I think it is part of a ground swell of


sudden realisation and understanding that changes in the world our impact


in particularly on women, who are somehow seen... It is about


ownership, and what they can and can't do. I know this particular


case is about apostasy and the fact that she is a Christian, and they


say that because her father is a Muslim, she is a Muslim. But


ultimately it is really about women becoming targets, right across not


just the Islamic world, but you have seen the events in India today


around the rape of those two girls. They are becoming targets in a very


unpleasant and very sexist way, it seems to me. I know this is


different to that, but the reason we are interested in it is because


there is a sudden ground swell of feeling that this is all going too


far, and that if you just sit back and say look it is over there, it is


only a matter of time before it comes here. We have the murder of a


woman in Pakistan as well this week. Think you are right about women.


There was a report a few years ago, and it did make that point. There is


another thing here about religious freedom, which is very much part of


this story. The use of the language, and the religious freedom


being a fundamental right, most of all it isn't. In China for example,


it isn't. We have seen in Pakistan what happens to Christians, we know


that in India they have just elected a Hindu nationalists. I think women


are bearing the brunt of a lot of this stuff, which is horrific. But


there is this fundamental tension between the West claiming that


religion is a fundamental right, and in practice that is not being the


case. There was an interesting article yesterday, saying that a


fundamentalist family was visiting them from Pakistan, and his father


would hide everything. He wanted to save them the distress of seeing


everything. It is crazy, isn't it? Ultimately, whether or not there is


a God, all of this is simply people interpreting stuff the way they want


to interpret. This is one of the very few pictures we have been able


to see. If you look carefully, you can actually see she is holding her


newly born daughter. She gave birth to her daughter while she was


shackled to the cell floor, according to reports. Times managed


to get this picture from a local paper. The Independent picks up on a


story today that moves it forward. This is the new privacy law, the


Google privacy law, a total rethink of basic freedoms. That is according


to an Oxford philosopher, who is charged with speaking and advising


the search engine giant. Changes the rules in Europe, Google have always


said that they are just a live rear, they just tell people how to get


there. I think there will be a lot of contentious issues `` library.


This is that questionnaire that Google have that you would have to


fill in? You fill it in and then they make a judgement, and if you


disagree with that then you have to go to authorities to find if they


can convince Google. At the moment, it costs people a hell of a lot.


Let's move on to the Telegraph. Ukip vote no flash in the pan. Those who


vote the Ukip have often been branded as protest voters, and this


survey shows that people do intend to vote at the next general


election. This is an insight into what is going to happen next year.


We have had a whole set of elections in the last week, but they were all


protest votes, with a? No particular party did very well, labour was up


2%. Ukip has come out of the back rooms `` Labour. I think Ukip are


the obvious party of protest, for people like me, who voted for one of


each, because we don't care. Politics is such a mess. My sort of


get why people vote Ukip, although I wouldn't vote for them myself. We


have other policies `` they have other policies, although we haven't


seen them. I'm sure these people will vote for them, but they will


require something more than a concentration on Europe. They will


come under increasing scrutiny, what they? Nigel Farage jettisoned his


policies, just beforehand, or said that they would have a rethink. Many


of them seem very unpopular. Charging for the NHS is probably a


no`no in most people's books. 37% of people were certain to vote, that is


just a million people, 10% of what the Conservatives got last time


around. 3% of the population. They are pushing it. This is a


co`ordinated campaign, the polls are emission by one of their biggest


financial backers, and we have the new by`election coming up on


Saturday. `` the Newark by`election. I would be very surprised. There is


a collapse in a lot of the fringe party votes, and Ukip got a lot of


that. The rise of Ukip, and it certainly is that, I think we all


agree with that, has put pressure on the other parties to look at some of


the issues that they feel are winning Ukip votes, which is


immigration. Inside the Times, on page two, a Tory call for a deep and


splitting cabinet. There were tensions within the coalition about


what the policies would be, but the Times seems to take us deeper into


that. I think... The trouble is, they want a popular policy, that


neutralises Ukip. Saying that they want to tighten controls of people


coming in from Europe, but that is a fundamental part of what the


European project is. They absolutely can't change it, so it is a


pointless promise. We have the choice of delaying it by seven


years, which some of our other, larger EU partners did, but we chose


to open the doors. I have to say, the one thing that I keep saying,


but I think is incredibly positive about all of this debate, and


actually positive about Ukip, is that they have moved the emphasis


from race and colour to numbers. It has become about the numbers of


people at the door. I find that in a strange way much more heartening,


when they are discussing numbers rather than where those numbers come


from. Unfortunately, what they will do, is they will cut down the people


who are coming in and paying for education, and bringing wealth into


the country, to stop people complaining about EU migration.


Another story, strained NHS misses target on cancer care for the first


time. This is a warning coming from cancer care charities, isn't it? It


is of concern, the Tories have to watch this stuff. They have tried to


keep the budget, given all other budgets are being cut, higher. As we


get closer to the election, the NHS is scrambling to find money, and if


this is anything it is a canary in the coalmine effect, where people do


worry that suddenly these all`important targets are being


breached. The NHS is something very much at the heart of voters, isn't


it? A want the problems to be addressed, they want these headlines


to stop. There is one quip that the NHS is the only religion British


people have. They don't like it when they get these waiting`list type


headlines. The Guardian, no bullying or blathering. According to the new


chief of the police Federation, after their drubbing from Theresa


May the other week. There is a big difference between bullying and


getting bladdered. The days of scandal, alleged bullying, and


people getting bladdered on expenses. Getting bladdered on


expenses is something journalists did until it was taken away from


them by new technology, and the demand that you were sat on your


desk all day. Who cares if they are getting bladdered on their expenses?


I do care if they are bullying, even internally or externally. I think


people would like to think that their taxes are being spent on a


pint of lager down the pub, in all fairness, but bullying is a more


serious scandal. I think it is interesting that the chief is not


really the friends of the Guardian, given our role in various


investigations, but here I think this is a concession. Theresa May


dropped this bombshell, and it is suddenly a mea culpa. They accepted


the fact, and tried to turn it over. Did they say how they would do


that? Not really. How many times did they do it with vice squad in the


seventies? Every single iteration of police in this great city has had an


apology to make and they promise to give. I can't quite see how all of


them could have kept those promises, if we still have promises with


bullying. If they don't do it, the government said they would force


them to do it. Promises made can easily be broken, but still, it is


the police we are talking about. The Daily Express. Why did you look at


me to this one? I know you are going to love this story. High fat yoghurt


keeps you slim. All they have done is they have turned around an old


story is that low`fat foods, especially yoghurts, are loaded with


calories. It is a bit like eating your special breakfast cereals which


claimed to be lower in fat, but when you look at the number of calories,


they are the same as the high fat cereals, simply because they are


loaded with sugar. To say high fat yoghurt keeps you slim, is simply to


say you are having less sugar and more of the natural ingredients. I


know these stories and nor you, but there is we are becoming acutely


aware and paranoid about clarity of labelling, what it is we are


actually eating `` annoy. Yesterday we had the fat girls, the fattest


girls in Europe, and you don't see fat old people, do you? Whatever


they are going to cost us, they have finished doing that because they are


dead when they are 60. Don't worry about obesity, they will be off...


We are sick of being Ms Glad in the sense of things like this. You think


you are eating healthy. What each of us is individual and we metabolise


different food differently. There can't be a coverall. You have to


find out for yourself. A bit like parenting. You have to take yourself


in hand. I'm just going to cover myself. During that statement.


Always a pleasure, many thanks for coming in and taking us through the


papers. Do stay with us here on it is in use. At midnight, a big rise


in the number of illegal migrants coming to Britain. Coming up,


Sportsday. Welcome to Sportsday. The headlines


this evening. It mission accomplished at Wembley as England


constantly win their World Cup warmup against Peru.


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