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freed after five years. Coming up, a report on Niger's child


brides. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are Nigel Nelson,


Political Editor of the The Sunday People, and the stand`up


comedian Romesh Ranganathan. Let's have a look


at tomorrow's front pages. The Observer says


the Labour leader Ed Miliband is facing a backbench revolt over his


immigration policy `` his critics warn that unless he gets tougher he


risks losing working class voters The Independent


on Sunday features the campaign for justice for two Indian girls


who were raped and murdere. The paper also reports that


a study here shows that death rates in NHS hospitals significantly


increase at the weekends. The Sunday Times alleges it has


evidence which shows that the World Cup should not have been


awarded to Qatar in 2022. While the Sun on Sunday reports that


police are investigating allegations of match`fixing ahead of the


World Cup in Brazil. The Sunday Telegraph's lead is that


there will be a radical reform of workplace pensions announced


in this week's Queen's Speech. Observer. It's about a woman who was


brought up a Christian and refuse to take up Islam. This is great news.


It looks fairly clear that this was international pressure that maybe


Sudanese change their mind. David Cameron, world leaders, they leapt


on these things when they happen, but nothing really happens in


between. We should be thinking more about Western leaders understanding


Islam better to stop these things happening in the first place. It is


still pretty disgraceful that she was giving a death sentence, but


without us knowing about it and the international condemnation, she


would not have in freed. The death sentence is part of the whole


sentence which included a hundred lashes, which no one will survive.


It is a strange setup. They seem to be one and the same. What is


incredible is that she was sentenced to death for refusing to renounce


her Christian beliefs. If you are in a situation where you have children,


you would say anything to get out of, you would renounce anything to


get out of eight death sentence. It's an incredible thing that she


think so much about her beliefs. It is difficult to know whether this


would have gone away straightaway. It is quite often a situation where


women in Sudan to renounce their faith. It brings to question, how


often does this go on? Exactly. We should not be intervening when there


is a crisis. One of the things Tony Blair constantly says is we try and


solve things with politics and religion is often at the heart of


it. The Sudanese government are saying this is not a change in


attitude, it is part of the judicial process that will lead to her being


released. They can say that, but this has become a worldwide issue


and everyone is up in arms. They can say that because they don't want to


be seen to be taking a step back from their position. It is difficult


because it is interesting seeing the response in this country where we


are in a current climate of people feeling distrustful of Islam because


of various arguments and issues and to see a story like this take


prominence, it is quite worrying when you see the reaction. If you


look on social network, people are saying they are worried about Islam


because of things like this happening. It comes from a lack of


understanding. This is about an interpretation of the religion. That


the point I was trying to make about understanding. There needs to be


more dialogue. Absolutely, otherwise you just get a story like this.


Without an understanding, you can see why people jump to that


conclusion. There has been no understanding or context. I hope


that this is a springboard for people to set up a dialogue and


increase their understanding because it is dangerous. People could


develop ideas that are not true. Let us stay with the Observer. Miliband


was get tough on EU migrants, demand MPs. This is of the back of the


recent elections, which were not particularly edifying for any of the


main parties. These are seven MPs who have written an open letter to


the Observer. They are talking about restricting migration from the EU.


By doing that, we need to renegotiate our terms of entry,


which David Cameron is trying to do for the 2017 referendum. Two of the


MPs, who have written to the Observer, they are on the


Eurosceptic wing of the Labour Party. Immigration is the subject


that MPs say people care most about. Elliptical leaders cannot walk away


from it. `` political leaders cannot walk away from it and one of the


reasons for UKIP's successes because they were prepared to talk about it.


It is something the main political leaders have not tackled and that


has been the driving force behind UKIP gaining popularity because they


are talking about something the general public think should have


been talked about. It is difficult to talk about immigration without


sounding like a racist and that is why people are nervous about talking


about it. You can imagine saying one phrase that is slightly out of turn


and then every paper will be on it and everyone will be on it. This is


a reaction to the fact that UKIP have tackled an issue and are happy


to talk about something that the other leaders are scared to talk


about, or have been scared to talk about. They are trying to take some


of the impetus and say, we are dealing with it as well. Pressure on


the Labour Party to promise a referendum. There is pressure on


them, and maybe they will get it. What Ed Miliband has two work out is


if he promises a referendum, will that neutralise Europe as an issue


at the general election. Once he has decided that, we will know where we


are. We will know by the party conference whether that is so. If


you are going to deal with European migration specifically, the only way


to do that is to deal with Europe. Radical pension reforms in the


Sunday Telegraph. Workers will be able to invest in a mega fun that


could boost savings. This is a shake`up of workplace pensions that


haven't been in place that long and they are already being shook up. We


are moving towards a Dutch like megaphones. I am on board with that


because I like the sound of it. `` mega fund. The idea is you put the


money in a massive part in it reduces the cost because you are


dealing with it on such a large scale. It sounds good, and also,


they have used mega fund repeatedly in the article. They have also said


it gives pensioners and increased freedom to spend their savings in


the way they want. Giving pensioners a chance to go on a massive splurge


has to be celebrated. The suggestion in this article is that it will take


the pressure off some of the parties, or did you leave the


coalition who have had it rough. Pensions are a major problem. We did


not address the difficulties of an ageing population early enough and


now they are paying the price. The idea is that if you have got one of


these megaphones that we are so fond of now, you can cut the


administration cost down. If you are looking at the same amount of money


we put into a pension here and the amount someone in Holland is putting


in, they will get a 30% better return than we do and that is purely


by cutting down the administration costs. The pension industry is not


enthusiastic about this, but hopefully they will. The one thing I


do understand is that this is supposed to be the reforms whereby


they are trying to claw back some popularity. But immigration is the


issue everyone is talking about. I can't imagine someone sitting back


and saying, they are working on pension reforms. Great. It's not a


solution. People are talking about immigration and this does not feel


as if it is something people want. Lets have a look at the Sunday


Times. Craig is at a record low. He is the least popular leader in


recent history. I think part of the problem is his body language. He


does not carry himself as if he is organised. He needs to throw his


shoulders back and really go for it. He looks like a sky who got a dodgy


sandwich at lunch time and he is upset about it. `` looks like a sky.


But there are rumblings in the party. People have said he needs to


go. Bay are upset. There was a goblin, obviously, but the first


past the post will save him. The wipe`out came under the proportional


representation system. Back to the Sunday Telegraph. What a to`do about


how do we do. The English are unsure of what to do when greeting each


other because of the decline of the phrase, how do you do? If you say to


someone, how do you do? You don't really want to know. If you said


that to me, and you didn't... I'm sorry about that. Cape Fox says we


should into juice it again. `` Kate Fox. She has a point. You don't know


when you are greeting someone whether to go for a handshake or a


Hogg or one case or two. It is a horrible situation. I have had


relationships ruined before they have even started.


do, you are not supposed to respond. In the next hour come up with a


decent response. That is the papers macro `` that was The Papers. Coming


up next, more on the race in which three people were killed in the


Scottish Borders. Welcome to Reporters. From here, in


the world's newsroom, we send out reporters across the


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