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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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within days. ``Qatar's. And after the papers, Tom Cruise is saving the


world from aliens. But how did critics find the film? Welcome to


our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With


me are Nigel Nelson, Political Editor of the The Sunday People, and


the stand`up comedian Romesh Ranganathan. Tomorrow's paper,


beginning with The Observer says the Labour leader Ed Miliband is facing


a backbench revolt over his immigration policy `` his critics


warn that unless he gets tougher he risks losing working class voters at


next year's General Election.The Independent on Sunday features the


campaign for justice for two Indian girls who were raped and murdered.


The paper also reports that a study here shows that death rates in NHS


hospitals significantly increase at the weekends.The Sunday Times


alleges it has evidence which shows that the World Cup should not have


been awarded to Qatar in 2022. While, the Sun on Sunday reports


that police are investigating allegations of match`fixing ahead of


the World Cup in Brazil.The Sunday Telegraph's lead is that there will


be a radical reform of workplace pensions announced in this week's


Queen's Speech. The christian women in Sudan, that


is where we are going to begin, with Miriam Ebrahim. It is the main


picture story in the Observer, saying that Sudan has lifted the


death sentence. The death sentence by hanging after a flogging of 100


lashes `` Taylor. That has been lifted as well? We don't know, you


imagine that if 100 lashes were given, that is effectively a death


sentence. I cannot find anything to say whether she is being released


without any punishment at all. It is not clear. It is good news that she


is not going to have a death sentence. Sudan says it was an issue


of letting justice see the course through. It has to go through


various appeal processes. Nothing to do with international outcry that


there has been? The international outcry has changed their mind


certainly! It is curious that this was announced by the Ministry of


foreign affairs in Sudan. They say that Sudan warranties freedom of


religion. Maybe the government does, but the courts obviously didn't. ``


allows. The question for the government is what are they doing


about the legal system? To make sure this does not happen again. Politics


and justice seem to be at odds in that country? It is a weird thing


that they say they guarantee the freedom of religion. What is going


on contradicts that. What is interesting about the story is that


it says that she was sentenced to death by hanging for refusing to


renounce her christian beliefs. There is this situation where she


was sentenced to death if she does not renounce her beliefs. To have


that force of belief, that you are willing to not pronounce these


beliefs and risked death, that is incredible and difficult to relate


to I think. The case was that she should have been a Muslim because


her father was. But she married a Christian man? There is this idea


that there is a freedom of religion, but it does not seem to be right.


The government has stepped in and released her because of


international pressure. It shows it works. However you look at it, it is


good news. But, one case. There could be many more? That is the


beer, but this is what it comes down to. The international community not


only turning their backs. `` that is the fear. But what happens


elsewhere? To have that dialogue will help us understand where they


are coming from. And prevent other women suffering the same fate. The


point you make about helping us to understand what they are coming from


is important `` where they are coming from. We have a similar


situation in this country where there is some fear around Islam


Islamic beliefs. With a story like this coming out, there is that worry


that you have, that people associate the story with being about Islam,


and it is actually about an interpretation of Islam. `` Islam


and Islamic beliefs. People are suspicious in this country, the


general public consensus is that if you look at this report about halal


chicken in restaurants, the nature of those reports indicate that there


is a feeling of the public being unsure of Islam. With a story like


this, the danger is that people think it is representative of Islam.


It is important to us to get an understanding so we get a context of


these things and so going forward we have a better understanding of where


these people are coming from. Let's stay with the Observer, the main


story is regarding immigration. A subject on everyone's minds,


particularly following the elections of late. Miliband must get tough on


EU migrants, that is the demand from MPs. That has also been demanded of


David Cameron. There's only so much you can do with the current state of


play. The EU is all about freedom of movement? It is, but you can open a


debate about it. The trouble we have seen from the European elections and


UKIP success. Farage was prepared to talk about immigration and other


party leaders were not. `` UKIP's success. People put that as the


number one concern. Let's get the facts out there and debate, our UKIP


trading on myths and hearsay? Is there something out there that we


need to address? ``are. UKIP, the driving force behind the increasing


popularity is the failure of the leaders of the main parties to


tackle immigration as an issue. People are worried about sounding


racist. That is the situation we are in. UKIP are willing to talk about


it and people feel a concern that they have is being dealt with. I am


really happy about that. It galvanises their support. You can


understand that the main party is reluctant to talk about it because


it is such a difficult situation but it has to be opened up. People feel


it is not being discussed so when one person is willing to discuss it,


everyone gets excited. It is felt that it is a burning issue. My


concerns are not being dealt with. If you are in a situation where you


have lost your job and you are told it is because of immigration and it


is not dealt with, you can understand why people are


frustrated. Let's move on to the Sunday Telegraph, radical pension


reforms. Pensioners will be able to invest in lest risky mega form ``


less risky mega funds. How will this work? As we do more research on it,


broadly, the idea is that people will group together, you form a mega


fund, and as a result, everyone is together and the administration


costs go down. This is a system that operates in Holland. According to


the calculations, if you put the same amount of money into a pension


pot in Britain, and the same amount in Holland, the Dutch pensioner will


get 30% more. It is a good kind of system. What David Cameron is


looking for is something eye`catching for the Queen's


speech. It has nothing terribly exciting in it, because he is


bringing in some bills that have already been out there. This is the


chance for him to start. It will distract people from the immigration


issue? I don't think so. They have had a go at it by using the words


"mega fund". That is obviously exciting. My mum would be excited.


She is part of a lottery syndicate at work, pulling everything


together, and she would be well on board with this. If you are worried


about immigration, and then they will reform pensions, you will not


say that you are happy now because it has been dealt with `` pooling.


That is not what people are asking. Everybody wants to know if there


will be enough money to keep you going? I agree, that is not... The


doorstep issue is immigration. I am keen on pensioners to! I am sure you


are, he is biased about his own concerns! `` too! Let's have a look


at the Sunday Times, Nick Clegg finds himself on the front, but not


for particularly positive reasons. He is the least popular leader in


modern British political history. It is horrible, he is having a


difficult time at work, and he thinks, it could be worse, but he


reads this paper, and things, no, it couldn't! What is astonishing is


that he is more unpopular than Gordon Brown. According to YouGov,


his unpopularity rating is `65 whereas Gordon Brown's was 62. ``


`62. He is only slightly less unpopular than Miklik. Is he going


to survive it? There are rumblings that he has to step down `` Nick


Clegg. He has to get it sorted out before the general election. He is


not out of the woods yet. I don't think Vince Cable was plotting


against him. He has to face this party conference in the autumn.


Under Liberal Democrat rules, it is the local parties who can decide to


unseat him. There will be moved to do that. My guess is he will decide


it, but he could move into a tricky summer. The Sunday Telegraph, what


should you do about how do you do? The form of greeting that is social


and trough Pol `` social anthropologist says we should be


bringing back into use. We have said that it was first used in 1600, and


was an enquiry about people 's health. We have been able to


discover the etiquette. I would turn to you, and so, how do you do Lady


Windermere? How do you do Lord Darlington? That is how Oscar Wilde


did it. I am glad that someone has said that, on social media, they


said, do do do the funky Gibbon! I will not, if you don't mind! How do


you do implies that you care about how the other person is doing. When


you are really not that bothered. If you are terribly British, and


someone asks how you are, you would say that you are fine. The truth is


rarely ask it, you don't really care! If someone says, actually,


they are having a complete nightmare... The point that the


anthropologist was talking about is that greetings have become more


complicated. When you go out to someone to kiss them on one cheek,


or do you do it on both cheeks? Do you shake hands or not? We may have


over complicated it. Perhaps, is simple hello is the answer. If you


are Dutch, it is three kisses and never ends! Kiss inflation is a


problem! I would go for four sometimes! If I am feeling Lucky! A


clash of glasses can also be an issue. Lady Windermere, Lord


Darlington, it has been good having you both here. Thank you for joining


us. Stay with us, at midnight, we will have more on that accident on


the Scottish Borders where three people died after two crashes during


the Jim Clark Rally.


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