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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead the World Cup kicks off in Brazil,


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will bring us


tomorrow. With me are the Sunday Mirror's political editor. Let's


have a quick sneak preview. We will start with the Observer. As you can


imagine, it leads on the political row over tackling extremism in


schools. The paper also features a special feature on Rwanda and the


rate of women and the children they had as a result.


The mail on Sunday described the Cabinet as in meltdown. The


independent features a report on soldier brutality. The Telegraph has


reports on obesity being linked to one in ten deaths. And how criminals


have escaped deportation since 2010 on human rights grounds.


The Sunday Times has fresh allegations over documents leaked


from documents obtained about Qatar's World Cup bid. Let's start


with the Observer. A headline. There are no winners in this. Furious PM


slaps down global and may over Islamic extremism row. That suggest


a Prime Minister in control. A very angry Prime Minister. He was


supposed to have a good week last week. It was the G7, the D`Day


Landings. But it was overshadowed by a row which started on Tuesday


night. Between two reader may and Michael Gove over the extent of


Islamic extremism in Islamic `` in Birmingham schools. He is pretty


unhappy. He has forced Michael Gove to apologise to himself and also to


somebody he believes Michael Gove insulted at the Home Office, the


counterterrorism chief. And also Reine Elizabeth Deux three has had


to `` temp Theresa May `` Theresa May's adviser has two resigned. He


looked very angry when I saw him and he has sorted it out. The word


humble to be used with Michael Gove. I often feel he is like a loose


cannon. So I am pleased to see that he has come back and sorted it out.


And when Mike `` David Cameron stops being Conservative leader, Michael


Gove and two reader may the people who most fancy being leader.


Here is a headline, Cabinet in meltdown as gof is humbled. There is


a Cabinet reshuffle on the way. I think people think it possible that


Michael Gove could be moved. It is a possibility now. He has gone from


being a very close friend of the Prime Minister to a headache for


him. He seems to have a position when he has `` where he has had


controversial advisers, is rubbing up teachers the wrong way. He has


gone from being a safe pair of hands to someone who causes problems. The


inside pages of the mail on Sunday go much further by describing it as


the humiliation of the feuding ministers. As he was saying,


Vincent, the Prime Minister is very angry. Do using damage has been


done? To me, what is interesting is reading about how this is an


argument between people in the Conservative Party. More than the


issue? I never thought... I never thought Michael Gove was in the


running. He was a wing man. He just annoys me. Whereas Theresa May has


done some things recently, like bring the Police Federation under


control which needed to be done. I would like to do more stuff with the


IPCC. They are positioning themselves. Is that how you think


the public think? I think so. I think the liberal commentary like


Michael Gove because he is witty. On the is a Mr Bean character. How well


do you know him? Not that well. What about Theresa May? I know Fiona


Cunningham well. I think the issue with them is that different people


have different views. Theresa May is thought of a


have different views. Theresa May is thought of strong and some people


think she has not `` does not have a huge base in the Conservative Party.


Theresa May has topped a poll recently but it will be between


Boris Johnson and someone else. What is interesting is that I was


interviewing a Labour shadow education Minister and despite the


pushing him on it, you did not criticise the Prime Minister's


handling, he criticised Michael Gove's handling since 2010. Is


Michael Gove" Mac I think so. He started this by having lunch with


the journalist from the times. Michael Gove started it. And yet it


has ended up with the forced resignation of the Home Secretary


today which seems a little unfair. The Prime Minister seems to have


looked after his mate and it has ended up with the person having to


leave being the Home Secretary's loyal adviser.


Let's move on to the Sunday Times. It claims to have more evidence


regarding Qatar's successful bid for the 2020 World Cup. The headline is


gas deal turns heat on World Cup. A lot of talk about the sponsors in


this, Vincent, and more pressure on FIFA. The story won't go away. Sony


are now suggesting they want to look at this. Ed Miliband has said that


if this is true, there is use pressure. Sponsors do not like the


sort of thing. I think we will see more and more breaking cover. And


they need the sponsors, don't they? Yes. And as someone who has no great


interest in football, this is a bit like... I member people saying that


was where they going to go in football, this is a bit like... I


member people saying that was where the good going 2022 and it seems


only now it is all coming out. The Sunday Times would not put it on


their front pages there was nothing behind it. The initial reaction to


the first reports on this was sour grapes, this is a British newspaper


and the UK did not get the bed. It has become more serious than that


now. It is more difficult for FIFA and cat are `` Qatar to keep blaming


it on British sour grapes. Yes, the amount of evidence that is their and


it looks as if people in the far more closely linked to this than


they would like to suggest. I think the more it goes on, the more people


will turn on FIFA. Will there be a rerun of the ballot? If life was


fair... ? They don't have time to build everything in another place.


But we have the infrastructure. Let's turn our attention to the


Sunday Telegraph. There is such a mix of stories. They have the


Cabinet row and a story on obesity. But at the bottom of the page, human


rights allows 630 foreign criminals to stay. This is the human rights


Bill. What is interesting about this, foreign criminals. Will not


even challenging them now. When we challenge them and say they will use


human rights, we give up. There was a demonstration today about `` at a


detention centre about other people who are trying to get accommodation


in this country who are being deported back to countries where


their sexuality is going to cause a problem. Lesbians and gay people


being sent back to places in Africa where they know they will be killed.


Yet we are quite happy to keep older criminals. Identical are quite


happy! Well, 630, as Theresa May used to be a safe


pair of hands and the government is looking at failing to hit its target


to cut migration says she has gone from a successful Home Secretary


from one who could be about to hit a whole wall of problems. This is not


a news story, it comes up every six months in the British press. We talk


about people who have done rates or murders being allowed to walk free.


It is not a today issue. It goes on. And this cost money. Most often ``


most defendants appealing are entitled to legal aid because they


are unemployed after serving a prison term. An MP said that voters


would want to be reassured that dangerous foreign offenders are


being deported wherever possible. This now spills over into a much


wider issue, the European Union and the legislation we often tied into.


Yes, a big campaign from the Telegraph over the reform of human


rights laws. As David says, there is nothing new about these people


trying to appeal to stay here, but a lot of them have genuine reasons to


stay but the public think that many of them should be deported. It is a


hot potato and has landed in the Home Secretary's lap. Thank you for


taking us through the papers. We'll be back at 11:30 p.m.. Stay with us


on BBC News. On 11 p.m., more on the Education Secretary apologising to


Theresa May. Coming up next, this week's edition of reporters.


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