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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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tank in County Antrim. Coming up on The Film Review, it was panned in


Cannes, but does Nicole Kidman save any grace with grace `` Race of


Monaco? Good evening and welcome to our


lookahead at what the papers will bring us tomorrow. As you can see,


we have two regulars. We have the political editor of the Sunday


Mirror, and a journalist and broadcaster. A sneak preview, this


is the Observer, which leads on the political row over tackling


extremism in schools. The paper also features a special report from


Rwanda, and the fate of women who were raped during the genocide 20


years ago, and the children they had as a result. The mail talks about


Theresa May's aid resigning and Michael Gove apologising. The


Independent reports of brutality in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The Sunday Telegraph reports on obesity being linked to one in ten


deaths. And, how foreign criminals have escaped deportation on human


rights grounds from the UK. The Sunday Times has fresh allegations


over details contained in documents leaked to the paper conserving


Qatar's World Cup bid. The Sunday express has a warning that some


pictures of children added to social media sites are being uploaded to


websites used by paedophiles. As expected, gentlemen, Michael Gove is


the focus of the front pages. The Observer headline is, furious PM


slaps down Michael Gove and Theresa May over Islamic extremism row. No


winners in this, but the PM has probably come out as a PM who has


dealt with it, is not losing control of his cabinet. Think he realised


the Sunday papers would be full of this row that has been developing


through the week. They pushed out a statement, Michael Gove said he had


decided to act, he would have to apologise. He made Theresa May fire


her most trusted adviser. And, adding to the nature of all of this,


it is very messy. It all goes to some behind`the`scenes fighting at


the top of the cabinet, but the PM is desperate to draw a line


underneath, and I suspect he probably hasn't. The infighting goes


beyond the allegations of extremism in schools. We are seeing an insight


into two people who want the top job one day. They do talk about that on


the inside pages. The hind the bluster is the fight to be the next


Tory leader. Let's have a look at the front pages, Tory bloodbath over


Muslim school fiasco. Cabinet meltdown as Michael Gove is humbled


and Theresa May a is fired. Do you think the PM is it in control of


this? He did look really angry when he was picked about it, and it got


the feeling he would come back and kick people into place. It seems to


me like he has. To think that Michael Gove has apologise, because


I think there are loads of things he should have apologise for in the


last few years, ministers, that is the headline on


page ten and 11. Is it possible to be Education Secretary and be


popular with teachers and schools? I think it is hard to be more


unpopular than Michael Gove has managed to make himself recently.


His view is that the teaching establishment has lots of flaws, and


his ways the right way, and he doesn't seem look for consensus. One


of the reasons the PM is so irritated, is because the whole


reason we are here and this has emerged in this way, is because


Michael Gove was criticising the way things were being done in the Home


Office. The only person to blame in starting this whole thing is Michael


Gove. There is a reshuffle coming up, but it is his fault that the


government is in this pickle. He is a smooth operator, and lots of


people think he is an interesting guy and a great guy to be around,


and he never seems to get into trouble, but now it looks like he


might be in trouble. The political correspondent for The Times said to


me earlier that all Michael Gove has been asked to do is to apologise to


his mate. It seems that Theresa May perhaps has come out worse, because


she has had to fire a friend. Very much, Fiona Cunningham was seen as


one of the most loyal advisers to any of these cabinet members, and


Michael Gove started this with loose tongued comments to journalists, and


you can't blame the newspapers, it is what they are meant to be doing.


He is not the one who has had to fall on his sword, although Fiona


Cunningham resigned she was clearly forced to resign. The PM said, she


has broken the rules and she has to go. The PM runs a boys club, and


here seeing his mate is looked after, and Theresa May's loyal


adviser is going. You know that though Tony Blair had to get rid of


Tony Mendelson, they were good friends. You have seen it before,


when friendship doesn't come into it any more, it is about the good of


the party and surviving. Do you think Michael Gove could survive


further pressure over this? The thing with politicians, you can do


whatever you want, Tony Blair's friend still came back and still


became a lord. He is still someone who is powerful within the Labour


Party. It is all about smoke and mirrors for me. Michael Gove will be


around for a while, he is not going anywhere soon. The Sunday Times has


managed to get more documents, they claim, relating to Qatar's bid for


the World Cup. More allegations of corruption. The paper very much


focuses on the fact that sponsors are now getting angry about this and


calling for an investigation. FIFA are getting together for the first


time in Brazil, they have that to worry about, and now they are


worrying about 2022. I think it is interesting that Sony, one of the


main sponsors, are saying they want an investigation.


has been discovered to be investigated. Ed Miliband has also


think there is so much money think there is so much money


business these days, they have got to get it under control. It can't be


about who can pay the most money. happening in Qatar, a lot of people


were confused about the heat, the infrastructure, and all of this is


coming too late. Is it about football? We have


today that it is about football, there are people within FIFA who


really care about football, or would be in Qatar, and some of them


went looking very well at the end of it. It is a strange choice in the


first place, and it is really putting the spotlight on the


governance of football. Let's move on. I'm sure that is not the final


chapter in an affair. There is another story on the front page of


The Times. Texts worse than drink`driving. There is a lot in


here about how our reactions have slowed down, and the reaction time


he slowed down by 46% when a driver is making a call on a hand`held


phone, and even 27% during hands`free. I have hands`free in my


car, and I were sitting it traffic lights, and I just went to touch my


phone to put the music on while we were sitting at the lights, and a


policeman was there, and she made me feel very silly. There was a man


driving badly in front of me the other day, and I said, I bet when I


go past he is on his phone. And there he was, on his phone. You


think it is worse than drink`driving? In this report they


say they are worse. According to these figures, yes, it is more


dangerous than having some alcohol in your system, or even smoking


cannabis. It will seem focused the minds if they give people a year's


ban if they are caught. It might not be a problem in a few years, because


we will all be driving around in cars that drive themselves. Let's


move on to the Telegraph, a whole array of stories, including the


cabinet row, and Mr Gove being forced to apologise. But the city


Link to one in ten deaths as well. `` obesity being linked. Now,


foreign criminals being allowed to say. `` stay. This is that these


figures have come from the Home Office, haven't they? This is a


campaign, about human rights law. It is a huge number of people, it


annoys a lot of people, but some people have valid reasons for


staying, and others don't. They are highlighting that. They have a


comment from a Labour MP, and he says, voters would want to be


reassured that dangerous foreign offenders are being deported


wherever possible. I think that is definitely what people, what I hear


on the streets. What upsets me is that we are still sending people


back to places where they will be persecuted. Places like Nigeria and


Gambia, where I know what people there who have been harassed echoes


of their sexuality. There was actually a demonstration today about


this, about deporting those people. Those numbers are far smaller than


the 600 they are talking about. What happens if some of the 630


criminals, if they are deported back to their homeland, may be tortured,


may be sentenced to death, may be in danger? Do they have rights? If they


are rapists and murderers, I'm sorry. For me personally, if they


are not from here and they have committed those crimes that there,


if they are deported and something happens, that is not something I'm


worried about. You are perfectly entitled to those views... I don't


want people to be sent back and tortured for their sexuality, and


things like that. Discovers the wider issue of EU legislation and


how it covers up. Also immigration. This is a home office matter, and


Ukip is coming up in the elections and it has to be seen as tough on


immigration, and the whole issue of foreign criminals, that is part of


it. I thought Theresa May had enough problems dealing with this fallout


with Michael Gove, but it looks like she has this as well. David, always


great to hear what you think, you don't hold back! Thank you for


watching the Papers. Stay with us at midnight, more on the Education


Secretary, Michael Gove, apologising for his row with the Home Secretary


over Muslim extremism in schools. Welcome to the Film Review. With me


today is Mark


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