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victory. Coming up, it was attacked at Cannes


Film Festival, but this Nicole Kidman save any grace as the


Princess of Monaco? Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are Daily


Mirror's Deputy Political Editor James Lyons and theologian and


writer Vicky Beeching. Tomorrow's front pages.


The Guardian reports on proposals for snap inspections by school


inspectors and says all of Birmingham's schools could be taken


over after the so`called Trojan horse plot.


The Daily Telegraph leads with allegations of Islamic extremism in


some Birmingham schools. The Times says Michael Gove has been


told by David Cameron to launch dawn raids on schools.


The Daily Mail claims patients are finding it harder to get a GP


appointment as many surgeries shut appointment as many surgeries shut


for half a day during the week. The Daily Mirror says a new search


for the body of Keith Bennett could begin next week.


And the Metro lives with a row over the 2022 World Cup, saying that some


of the biggest sponsors have raised concerns over corruption


allegations. It is a story that has been rumbling


on for weeks and is still not over. This is the Trojan horse plot in


schools for hardline Muslims to take over the running of those schools.


Here is how the Guardian is covering this story. Number ten demands snap


OFSTED inspections. The first suggestion is that schools should no


longer get any warning that they are going to be inspected. This is not


just Birmingham schools, but all schools. It is a good point. You can


do a lot in a couple of days. You can rectify what you are teaching.


You can schedule things you would not have otherwise. That is what


they are saying. These schools were suddenly scheduling Christian


lessons and lessons about Christianity. It was to prove they


were having balance. To me it seems like a good safeguard. You do not


know what is going to be in these reports yet. There are 21 schools


and we have to go through all of that information. How damaging has


this been for interfaith relationships? There are some people


in the was a community who believe that they have been vilified in the


way this has been conducted. `` was them.


I am sure there are a lot of Muslims who feel ill used and some of the


language that has gone around it. They are the victims of what has


been going on just as much as the people. It is going to inflame


tensions at a time when we have politicians running around trying to


prevent tensions. That is very regrettable. These discussions sound


like a great idea. I do not understand why they were not going


on beforehand. Why aren't schools given notice? `` our schools. I am


surprised they were able to fall the inspectors quite so well. Small


children tend to blow things out. Spotchecks for Trojan horse plots.


It would not just be full specific schools, it could apply for all


schools. This suggestion is that perhaps all of the schools in


Birmingham would be taken over in some sort of sweet by central


government. Won't that allow schools to have even more autonomy from the


local authority? What many people have been saying is this whole sorry


situation highlights the problems with the government's current


reforms. Just trying to give them a lot of autonomy and keep them in


check in Whitehall. Teaching unions and `` they were saying you cannot


do that. One man in Whitehall cannot keep everything in check. You are


going to get problems like this. This is part of the problem that has


led to a spat between two different departments. Who is responsible for


schools and extremism in schools? It is crucial. Children are so easily


shaped at that age. There are other things that are seen to be possibly


lacking in the education system as well, including sex education that


round people out to go into the world as fully fledged citizens. It


is not enough to be clamping down on the core subjects, we have to be


giving people the training they need to go into the world and face


difference and diversity. I want to go ahead to the Times if that is OK.


We will come back to the Telegraph in just a moment. Michael Gove told


to launch dawn raids on schools. This is part of the same story. It


has been said that we need to forget the politics. This is a labour MP


who is the chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee. He says, forget


the politics, we need to concentrate on what is happening with the


schools and make sure that children are looked after. That is not going


to happen. I do not think he is completely done with the politics or


what is going on in Whitehall. The welfare of the pupils has been


paramount. The fact they have been failed by people in


Whitehall and have been failed for many years. There has


reckoning for that. Then in 2010. Nothing was done. That is serious.


`` they knew that in. Is it people who want to see a greater religious


contents to the way the school is run? It is difficult to know what is


extremism. I am a Christian but there are a lot of questions to make


me feel embarrassed. `` Christians. I think these headlines can almost


cause more problems in society by putting everybody into one camp.


Extremism is such a minority. There are so many Muslims who feel


targeted. Just the definition of extremism is part of the row between


the Michael Gove and the reason they are. `` careers are made. I could


Gove is very strong line and has pronounced views on what constitutes


Islamist thought. Some of his critics suggest he has a problem


that anybody who has got a bit, frankly. The Home Secretary focuses


on people who maybe I direct threat. The wine has to be really clear. ``


line. We need to make sure that not everybody is held under suspicion.


But Oscar back to the Daily Telegraph. Welcome to Rio. Steven


Gerrard going into his hotel. They have just arrived for the World


Cup, which starts next Saturday against Italy. I shall be watching


very closely. It just shows how expensive this tournament is. The


security outside. There has been so much unrest and I completely see


why. People are struggling to pay rent and are unhappy that millions


of dollars have been spent by the government when people do not have


access to hospitals or education. It is the most expensive World Cup


ever. It is going to result in unrest. People do not have basic


needs for living. You could say the same about the Olympics in Britain.


Very true. As we look at this nation, we have to make sure our


focus is on remembering the poverty and help people need. Some people


say that it will bring a lot of money into the country because of


everything that goes with the carnival, that comes with the World


Cup. It leaves me a bit cold, because I am probably not the person


to ask. There is a picture of a starving and Brazilian child with a


knife and fork and a plate and he is waiting for food and a football


comes. That was by a Brazilian street artist. Although it brings in


the reason, when your basic food needs are not met, it is difficult


to see your government's taxation go into stadiums. Let us look at


another story to go with the World Cup. This is a much better story.


Somebody deserves a pay rise. We are being told how to use the time


between the two halves of a football match. There are a whole host of my


time jobs you can do in the garden. `` makes time. It also makes sure


you do not get behind a `` on maintenance. It is a good time to do


it. Weeds and the seeds need daylight. There are all sorts of


things you can do in the garden. This is going to be in the early


hours of the morning. I might suggest that some people might have


had a drink. Are we really want people doing this? You can use beer


to kill the slugs in your garden. You can use a fume and its two


accomplished tasks. `` a few minutes to accomplish. If you break down


jobs like gardening into five`minute breaks you can get a lot done. Look


on Twitter and you will know what we are talking about. Let us move on to


the Daily Mail. One in four GP surgeries shut for half a day during


the week. There must be doing something productive. People say


during the week for part of the afternoon you cannot see your GP.


Probably what we need to be doing is looking at it differently and


celebrating our GPs more so that more people want the job. The system


is straining under a rapidly changing population. If they need


the extra hours to catch up on admin, it is not that they are


slacking off, they are doing a different type of work. Some GPs


refuse to cover antisocial hours. It is even longer than political


journalists take for lunch and we like to pride ourselves on a good


lunch. They have this treatment centres being set up where you can


walk in. They have been closing in recent years. Part of that is


because the reorganisation of the NHS, GPs get a say on what kind of


provision is in the area. As a result of this, funding has been


taken away from some of the walk in centres that could just treat you if


you turned up. It is competition for the GPs. You have the knock`on


problem that that causes. Let us go onto the Daily Express. Illegal


immigrants moving into Britain. 250 million are already here according


to experts. Only one in every 70 is suspected of being arrested. There


is a Home Office figures. But without seeing them in their


entirety, I am reluctant to comment. The immigration story is going to be


large in the election. Absolutely. You have got a newly elected UKIP


MEPs say that they do not have control. It frustrates me how they


grab hold of this immigration stats and just scaremonger. Immigration is


really healthy for any society. That is when UKIP take hold of it and


apply it to all immigration. Let us move on to the Metro. This is to do


with the bid to host the 2022 World Cup. More allegations of corruption.


The people who spend hundreds of millions of pounds to provide


sponsorship for the tournament, they say they want to know where the


money is going. Is where all the allegations get serious. The likes


of you and I complaining about it, FIFA are not going to listen. But


when the sponsors do it, they will sit up. There is an investigation


going on. A lawyer is heading it up and doing a thorough job. It is the


commercial aspect of this that will apply pressure. I have a real


passion for ethics to be taken seriously and justice to be restored


in society. I love the fact that these massive corporations are


saying that we need partners to have strong ethical standards. Using


words like integrity and fair play. I hope we can hold that. We would


like to carry on, but the music is playing. Nice to see you. Thank you.


Coming up next, time for the film review.


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