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weight of the grasscourt tennis season for the men's number two and


three at Queens. Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are Isabel Hardman of the


Spectator, Torcuil Crichton of the Daily Record, and from Glasgow, with


100 days of campaigning to go before the Scottish referendum, Richard


Walker of the Sunday Herald. Tomorrow's front pages, starting


with: The Metro dedicates its front page to the Young Ones comedian Rik


Mayall, who has died at the age of 56. The Scotsman leads with the Yes


and No camps marking one`hundred days until the Scottish independence


referendum. The maximum fine for speeding is to be quadrupled, rising


to 10,000 pounds, according to the Telegraph. The Ofsted report into 21


Birmingham schools is the Guardian's main story. The paper quotes


Education Secretary Michael Gove as saying schools must "promote British


values". The FT says moves from central banks have extinguished


volatility in global financial markets. Glasgow newspaper the Daily


Record marks the death of comedian Rik Mayall and reports that Alex


Salmond says he'll remain as First Minister if Scotland returns a no


vote in September. The Times reports that all children will be taught


British values of liberty and tolerance from September following


today's Ofsted report. And the Daily Mail goes with the same story


reporting on what it says is a "damning verdict" by Ofsted. So


let's begin. A damning verdict by Ofsted. Trojan horse schools. The


fact is that the report from Ofsted, it didn't really go as far as saying


that hardline Muslims were trying to take over the schools. No, it did


not find any evidence of a Trojan horse plot as alleged in the


original letter which sparked the investigations. But to a certain


extent, the fact that there wasn't a plot was almost as worrying. This


infiltration without there being something systematic and organised


and the extent to which strict Islamist practices and was in


practices were being introduced in these schools is worrying. Because


there wasn't something organised going on. It was almost easier to do


it without it. It is the kind of report that might reflect badly on


an education secretary. It is happening on his watch. How do you


think Michael Gove comes out of this, bearing in mind some of these


allegations were made four years ago? They haven't accounted for it


before he became secretary, it was a worry he had. He is looking for it


and has found it. The so`called Trojan horse plot. It is fairly


damning stuff. The Daily Mail has taken the angle of how bad things


were. Michael Gove said it wasn't his fault and the Home Office should


have stamp this out years ago. The Home Secretary was having none of


that nonsense. She released a letter showing that the Education


Department had been warned about this beforehand, years ago. And so


the ball went backwards and forwards in a very damaging Cabinet row over


the weekend. She had to answer an urgent question, and afterwards made


a statement outlining the Ofsted report and what Michael gof will do


about it. `` Michael Gove. It was very artificial in some places.


Theresa May gave her statement first. And Michael Gove was nodding


furiously, trying to show her approval `` his approval. And she


tried to leave very quickly, and it was immediately indicated that she


should set down. I am sure you are laughing at this in Glasgow,


Richard. The shenanigans which have been going on down here, have the


people of Scotland been following them much or as the debate on


independence taking over everything? It is not taking over everything, it


is a big important debate. I am laughing at this but mainly at the


Daily Mail front page, which begins with a campaign for hardline


Islamist, when it wasn't. It mentions the shocking extent to


which strict Muslim practices are being imposed. That would be the


banning of Raffles from school fates. I am shocked to my very core.


I am starting to get a bit worried about the reporting of this story.


`` fetes. Michael Gove rejects extreme Muslim perspectives? I would


agree with that, I would also reject an extreme Christian perspective.


The Ofsted report is damning. There is no question about that.


Governments do not reach their statutory responsibilities to


safeguard pupils. I don't know about these schools. And nor do you and


nor does anyone in the studio. I know that two years ago, one school


was described as a modern school, and is now is described as failing


in every single category. What has changed in two years? I suspect that


what has changed is what the inspectors are looking for. I wonder


if that changes motivated by politics or standards? Would you


consider that the original inspections are flawed? That it was


all about ticking boxes and not inspecting the actual ethos of these


schools. It must have been fairly flawed the first time if they didn't


realise what had been prohibited. OK. Let's go on to the times. All


schools must teach what is be British. Richard, I will stick with


you on this. Richard, what would you say it means to be British? And is


it possible to get that across in schools?


Where British values and Scottish values start to be defined, that it


is difficult. It is difficult. That will be the problem here. Do you


agree with what Richard was saying, that the application is that Muslim


values or Islamist values potentially are not British values?


You have to recognise this as the political chat it is. `` chaff.


Having to write letters of apology, distracting from the Newark


by`election, the D`Day commendations and everything else. He messed up


badly last week. So he has to do come out and address British values.


The schools involved are a lot more important than political


machinations in Westminster. Isabel, has this hurt Michael Gove? The


suggestion was that after he had to apologise on Sunday, when Theresa


May lost her lieutenant as it were, but she came off the worst. But


longer term, is it really that create? Longer term, it is still


damaging for Theresa May. There are some special advisers in Westminster


who do the job with the department. They make sure the department is


safe and they will stay committed to the department even if the minister


stays on and they would like to stay at the department. Fiona Cunningham,


Theresa May's special adviser, wasn't just ambitious for the Home


Office for Theresa May's you chat. And she was fiercely loyal. If you


criticise her even with one line in a column, you would get a fierce


response from Fiona Cunningham. `` future. In the future she doesn't


have that ally. A week is a long time in politics, and Theresa May


will be around for longer than a week. She is the one who is a tough


cookie and has chewed up and spat out the Police Federation in a


speech which should have been made 25 years ago. She is the one who


stood up and did it. She stood them down. A lot of policemen would


disagree with you on that. A lot of other people also. Yes, but she will


take on her enemies and sit them down. I wouldn't like to be Michael


Gove walking down a dark alley in Westminster. She does bear a grudge.


A lot of this row has to do with the previous row and Cabinet when


Michael Gove gave Theresa May a dressing down in front of her


colleagues. Some slapped him on the back ahead of that. So who knows


what her next revenge will be like? Let's go to the Scotsman. The yes


movement and as referendum nears, do you think Alex Salmond is pouring


whiskey thinking they have lost this? 100 days to go and they


haven't done enough? No, strangely enough I don't think that. I think


right now he is pouring whiskey and saying right, we have 100 days to


go, let's do this. They have gained ground, the yes campaign. They are


still eight points behind, something like that. It varies from Pole to


Pole. What do the SNP and the yes campaign need to do `` poll to poll.


They need to target the people who are undecided and spend all their


time and energy making sure they decide to vote yes. They need to


move the vote towards yes, some polls suggest it has stalled. If it


has, at this stage, there is plenty of time. But that work needs to be


done right now. 20 of time, is there enough time? As the days get


shorter, the odds get longer. With 100 days to go, it is game on. Some


would say that thank goodness there is only 100 days to go. I have


written a short tune to celebrate the fact that it is only 100 days to


go. It has been a long held up. The nationalist camp and the ASCAP is


looking for a game changer. Something to change these odds. ``


that yes camp. It was suggested it would be a good idea if David


Cameron engaged in a TV debate with Alex Salmond, the First Minister of


Scotland. That is exactly what Alex Salmond wants. He wants Scotland


versus the Tories. Salmond versus the E `` Etonians. He said they had


mismanaged things by making it written versus Scotland. Only Scots


being relevant here. He says it has to be a vote promoting two different


visions of what Scotland will be, independent or within the UK. But


the gift to Alex Salmond tonight was Brown's speech. Would people be


wondering why he would say that? His job is to unite the squabbling


factions in the Better Together Campaign. You can't envy that task.


His task is to stay calm and keep a reasonable voice in the know come ``


no camp. And a vote for the status quo, if there is a no vote, that


needs to be not seen as a copout but a good thing for Scotland. It is a


difficult case to make because you don't want to get to emotional, it


is you can never beat the Nationalists at emotion. By saying


that the status quo is excellent. It is about tone, and they have made


things almost boringly quiet. But that is also having a calming effect


on the other camp. Whoever sounds most reasonable will probably win.


With 100 days to go, as it hits 50, 40, 30... We will see a lot of


emotion. From both sides, because a lot is at stake for people. It is


great to see the nationalist side except that they have been a bit too


negative `` acts that. Changing their tactics from `` accept.


Changing their tactics from "no" to "no thanks". Nick Clegg came off


second best in recent debates, that in itself means that we are unlikely


to see a debate. If it doesn't happen for political reasons, and


they don't want portrayed this fight as being between Scotland and posh


boys in Westminster on and I can see the politics behind that. He has


also said that he is passionate about saving the union. And that he


will fight with every fibre of his being to do so. So I am not sure why


the political machinations triumph over his emotional attachment to the


union. So I don't see why he doesn't do the debate. There is more chance


of Scotland winning the World Cup than of David Cameron agreeing to a


debate unless the polls changed dramatically. Or as much chance of


England winning the World Cup. Rick Mayall has died suddenly at the


age of 56 and there is no explanation as of yet why he has so


young. It is such a shock. He was so talented and seemed so healthy and


it must be dreadful for his family to have had no warning at all. Was


there a character like him in your dorm when you were in college? What


he managed to do was tap into a side of society that we all knew about


but that was not being written about or publicized on television. It is


hard now to remember what the British comedy was like before the


comic strip but if you try to test your memory, it wasn't good and he


completely revolutionized it. There were groups of people you hated the


same things you hate it and sat arise the same things and I think


him and he has sacrificed that recently. As a comedian he made


comedy out of nothing. He did a lot with very little. A combination of


physicality and timing and stupidity all coming together in his weird


characters. All of these were really clever comedians did it very well.


In between those shows, you had mother`in`law jokes and racist jokes


and all of that seem to be wiped away by the alternative comedians in


the 90s and he was part of that revolution. We will now look at this


one coming I'm not sure what it is coming I guess they went to a favela


before their training session in Brazil? Two things struck me about


this. It delivers all the stereotypes of Brazil and as we see


it is not changing its image during this World Cup but it also appeals


to me as a Scotsman as there are two pages here about England and it


doesn't mention 1966. Why would it? England has long got over 1966 and


it might be time for us to get over it. We are both tripping over each


other to show how much we're going to support over the next few weeks.


The obvious question for a man who works for a paper and is supporting


the Yes campaign, who will you be supporting for the World Cup?


Football and me have no relationship. No relationship. All


right. I know you are excited about the whole football story and it


concerns you deeply. You stay awake at night again about the games. Are


you looking forward to the opening match on Thursday? You will be


supporting England quite clearly. I am joking by the way, she hates


football. You will be really bored over the next month. So will many


people in the country. I might become a glory supporter and start


cheering along if they do well but I will probably just do housework. It


will be a month of fun and we will see Brazil edges a country we don't


know much about `` which is. What I like is that there is no great


expectation of England this time. Do us proud just by turning up. We will


all be able to get behind them. None of this drumbeating. None of this


golden generation rubbish. At least England are there... Thank you to


all of you for joining me. Stay with us here on BBC News: At midnight


we'll have full details of that Ofsted report into a number of


Birmingham schools, and its implications. But coming up next


it's time for Sportsday.


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