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British players on the tennis courts, on the day that an heirloom


arose no because her role as Andy Murray's coach `` Amelie Mauresmo.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


bringing us tomorrow. With me are broadcaster Henry Bonsu and former


trade minister Lord Digby Jones. Pretty much all of the papers are in


now, let's have a look at some of them. Starting with The Metro,


dedicating its front page to the increasing pressure international


football chiefs are putting on FIFA president Sepp Blatter to resign.


The Telegraph warns that millions of over 50's could risk harming their


health if they follow new NHS guidance telling them to take


statins. The Independent asks if the West will have to intervene in Iraq


again, after Islamic militants seized control of the northern city


of Mosul. The Guardian claims men in Asia are being kept as slaves to


work on fishing boats in Thailand. The seafood they harvest is being


sold to supermarkets including Walmart and Tesco. The Daily Mail


leads on the fallout from a major backlog of passport applications.


The Financial Times leads with OFGEM's calls for energy suppliers


to cut costs for householders, following a drop in the price of


wholesale gas and electricity. Energy prices also make the front


page of the Scotsman. And The Times claims London Mayor Boris Johnson is


heading for a clash with the Home Secretary Theresa May, over buying


Britain's first water cannon. So let's begin.


We will start with the Scotsman, is it me, or is it getting hot in


here? It is! I can feel it coming through the cameras here, the blood


boiling. Indeed. But many viewers at this particular story. Energy firms


will be quizzed over price cut failures. Wholesale energy prices


have fallen 38% in the last few years. Our bills haven't, what is


going on? You would expect the energy firms to show they are in


step with the public. Of course, they increased our bills and energy


by 10.4% last year. If prices have fallen to their lowest since June


2010, Ofgem has written a letter. That is all that has happened. The


papers have jumped on this, to show that they are in step with British


people 's concerns. There is a price squeeze that we are all feeling.


So, these companies, they are all now under pressure to explain why


they haven't yet passed those price reductions on to consumers. It is


essentially a pressure on them, and I think one or two of them could go


for broke and so, OK, we will be the first to cut prices. OK. You are a


former trade minister, this is supposed to be a competitive market


but the fact is, that all of the Big six, certainly, they are bound by


the same cost pressures. Whether it is the cost of getting energy to our


houses, the cost of having to deal with government initiatives, green


initiatives, that kind of thing. It is not a competitive market though,


is it? If you look at food, that is the biggest part of a household


budget, but... I think it is energy. No it isn't. We know who won


the battle against anorexia! We dealt with this, mate! Exactly! If


you look at Fede, if the commodity costs of something, like wheat, or


milk drops... You do not suddenly see one of the big for dropping


their prices before everyone else `` food. It is not only an issue about


energy, like you raised, but about domination of the market. The bit


that I don't get, they have been under the cosh, they are every


single piece of market research, saying that they are not trusted or


liked. They have two win the trust back of the British people. Wouldn't


you think that 24 hours before the story came, one of them would


say... Wholesale prices have gone down. At midnight we will drop our


prices. ``to. If there were 100 adverts in papers... I don't get


it, like bankers, when they are losing money, they pay themselves


bonuses. They don't get it. Is that because of group thinking? It is


because they can. The other thing I don't understand, this story is not


only in the Scotsman, also in the Daily Mirror, the Daily Express...


It is a big story. British Gas says that they buy their gas in advance,


so wholesale prices do not sleep through immediately. That is


rubbish! If you think about it, you basically hedge, don't you? ``


sleep. Then, you know exactly what you're fixed cost is. ``seep. Other


costs are rising, they say. Like transport. What I don't understand


is that there is nothing new in this. This is an suddenly, director!


These prices are going down... I will tell you who should be worried


``eureka. Ed Miliband goes down and gets populist... Let's have a price


freeze. But it must work both ways. If you get the energy market that is


cyclical and you have frozen the price by statute, they are not going


to drop it, are they? They will say they will not raise it or drop it.


That is a big lesson to him. That's a good point, if Ed Miliband had


been in power and he had frozen prices six, seven, eight months


ago... We would all be in trouble now, wouldn't we? It depends on


where you fix this price. It depends on energy rates. I wouldn't trust a


politician to run a bath, let alone a business. They did the job for


business, but not in politics. It is poli`tricks! You cannot have


politician saying they will fix the prices of eggs. Then you would have


a lot of people saying "how dare they!" But the energy companies


should be able to say... They missed a trick. One of them could have


publicly started. I expect they are watching it now. They all watched


this, of course! And if not, we know where they live! ``watch. That is an


interesting comment, we do not encourage that kind of behaviour!


Let's move on! On to the Financial Times, an important story this. What


we are seeing is the potential continuing fracture of Iraq. People


forget about this, but a few years ago, Mosul was never off the


television. And the Lodz. We are talking about a radical Sunni


group. Operating in Syria, Isis. `` ``Fallujah. Mosul has essentially


been taken over. People are pointing the finger at President Obama, who


promised that he would end the war in Iraq. He has wound down the


presence to nothing, but now they are saying you should have left a


presence there because now look at what has happened. He was dammed if


he did and darned if he didn't. Everyone, including the Republicans


and John McCain, are saying that. `` dammed. I go through Parliament


Square to get to the Lords, and there is always a demonstration. You


leave Iraq, and this is what you get. It is interesting, here is a


country that is trying so hard to rebuild. And because it is not in


the news, these things happen. Today, I bet you that there are


people having such a hard time in Crimea in the minority, in Libya,


Syria... They are not in the news, for some reason, we do not believe


that it's happening. This has been happening here for a long time.


Because it doesn't make the news, we don't think it is happening. You


wouldn't expect this to be on the front page of the Financial Times


really. That is interesting, as to why. It is strategic. Because of


Iraqi oil. I think they care about human beings as well! I know you


find that difficult on the BBC... But the concern is, in Western


capitals, that Isis, this brutal group, they are the ones leading the


beheadings in Syria. They have taken to strategic cities. Let's move on


to the Guardian, `` two. Fishmeal sold in shops in the UK. We spoke


about this at 10:30pm. I am glad it has been brought up again. Excellent


journalism by the Guardian, this is exactly where the power of Western


commerce can make a difference to people 's lives. If you are going to


stop this, or stop the abuse of textile workers in Bangladesh,


whatever it may be, at the end of the day, there are two agents who


can do this, the massive buying power of the big supermarkets of the


Western world, and secondly, you and I, whether we are going to start


quizzing our supermarket destinations, down the road, where


do you get your fish from? What do you do? Those two things together


will make a difference to people 's lives in Thailand. Put it on the


front page of a newspaper. Get it spoken about on the BBC, and


everything else, that is the only way to get these massive... The


power of a supermarket is huge. That is the way to drive it forward


economically. Tesco, Morrisons, Walmart, the Co`op... Huge financial


concerns, like Costco. And the biggest supermarket in Europe, they


are French. They are all on board here, saying they will look into


this. They say that slavery is unacceptable. The question is, what


will they do? In three months time, the Guardian could run this again.


How was it for you? The journalists who wrote this very good let's hope


they do well. It was entered for the one world media awards, you hear the


stories about these guys, from Burma and Thailand, tricked into this. It


is a long`term debt bondage, 20 years of no pay. You will not get


governments in the developing world to change this. They do not want


civil disturbance, they want a quiet life, this government. The only way


you can do this is the buying power of a Western multinational, if you


get them on board, venue and I appreciate that we could have to pay


more Bush. `` and then you and I. `` can pay more for our fish. Then you


ask, are you in the can process? We do not ask that. David Cameron, no


action on EU migrants. The PM defies calls to regain border controls. Did


he really have a lot of leeway to do anything? Not really. By treaty, we


have agreed the free movement of goods, services and people for many


different countries. I think it is 27 or 28. It is 28 now. And that


migration has not fallen into the tens of thousands but has gone up


again. Two more than 20,000. That is a pledge that will be met by the


next general election. ``to. The Prime Minister is under pressure to


bring back border control for those within the European Union, he


cannot, he has admitted that, but is going to do more to stop people from


outside of the EU coming in. What really worries me is that a lot of


the businesses in which I advice, we have a problem with skilled labour,


India is a good example, the home of a lot of good quality unskilled


labour, they want to come here and work hard, bring skill and create


wealth for themselves and for Britain. They want to live in peace.


What is happening, on the back of "sorry, I cannot do anything about


EU migration...". It is the brown people. Not necessarily. And


Canadians, there are not a lot of brown people in Canada. Get a chip


off your shoulder. Seriously, we should be having quality Indian


migration. Of course. And, some from the EU should not be coming. What is


happening, "oh, we cannot do anything about inside the EU" . You


sound like you from UKIP! Most people are hovering on the border


between the Tory party and you could, they will look at this and


say, maybe I should not return to the Conservatives `` UKIP. My


argument was nothing to do with UKIP or Tory, but business needs. You


have two create tax and build schools and hospitals.


been given clearance by the Home Secretary. He does not listen to her


and she has been distracted with the row between her and Michael Gove. It


is all about who will succeed Mr Kamran. I have missed lead you, it


is three `` misled `` Mr Cameron. They won't have been built in


Britain, that's what annoys me. Henry, thank you so much for the


exhausting... It wasn't bad as the previous hour, was it? Thank you for


looking at the stories behind the headlines. Stay with us on BBC News.


At the top of the hour, ALT industry correspondent looks at what the


suggestion is the energy companies aren't passing on to us. Various


falls in the cost of wholesale crisis for energy `` our. Before


that, it is time for Sportsday. Good evening and welcome to


Sportsday. UEFA make their voice heard of a number of European


football chiefs urged Sepp Blatter to step down as FIFA president in


the wake of recent corruption


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