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straight`sets win at Queen's. We will have all of that covered in


Sportsday in 15 minutes after The Papers.


Hello. Welcome to our look ahead to The Papers. With me is Michael


Booker, the Deputy Editor of The Daily Express, and the freelance


journalist, Samira Shackle. We will start with the Telegraph. Iraq is


facing a return to the days of civil war.


The Metro is leading on the online abuse the Harry Potter creator JK


Rowling has received after she made a ?1 million donation to the


campaign against Scottish independence.


The Mirror shows the pitch England will be playing on for their first


World Cup match against Italy. The Guardian claims that Passport


Office staff have been told to relax the rules to help clear the backlog


of applications. A protest by black cab drivers


against a new taxi`hailing app makes the front`page.


The Express says walking 6,000 steps a day could reduce the pain of


arthritis and increase the chances of not getting the condition.


We will start with the Daily Telegraph and the story that is


dominating a lot of the headlines. Iraq, Michael. It looks as if 11


years of occupation, well not occupation, some might argue


occupation, but certainly after the invasion by Western forces, billions


pumped into the Iraqi military and the police force. Doesn't seem to


have had any effect? None whatsoever. Judging by this, they


say they are heading towards civil war. It appears it is the darkest


days of civil war all over again. We are talking about four cities in the


hands of militants. The US`trained army that is supposed to be there


country, laying down their arms and country, laying down their arms and


running off effectively. They have 30,000 of them running off when


there were 800 militants against them. You wonder what backbone that


entire army has. It seems to be spreading further. They are in


charge of towns, cities, oil refineries. Here, the political


debate is about ` David Cameron, you supported it at the time in 2003,


there seems to be the argument about that in Parliament. That is all well


and good for the future. Let's get back to that in future as to why we


were there. There looks like movement to get involved again. This


is it. If, Samira Shackle, and the suggestion is they have got within a


few hundred miles of Baghdad now, they march on Baghdad and they take


over huge swathes of the country, including the capital. I mean, is


there going to be a push towards Western forces having to get


involved again? I think that is something that is going to be


discussed and there is a difference, a distinction to be drawn in terms


of the political debate between something like getting involved in


Syria, which many people said this will be another Iraq, getting mired


in a messy sectarian conflict where there aren't necessarily right sides


and wrong sides. It becomes something quite different when you


are talking about terrorist networks seizing control of the whole


country. The potential threat of that to Western nations will


probably shift that debate. It is probably in that event more


comparable to the situation in Mali where French troops went in and


prevented this takeover of the country. It will be interesting to


see how it plays out. It was interesting a few weeks ago with


Obama talking about Afghanistan and leaving some troops there to help


out. It is almost as if they have seen the mood music in Iraq and they


don't want a repeat of that in Afghanistan. They have already seen


Iraq is a basket case. It is collapsing into anarchy already.


There is absolutely no appetite anywhere for Western forces to get


back into Iraq is there? Not really. There isn't. There will be no public


support for it. William Hague has said there won't be anyone going in


in that way, there will be a humanitarian response. Once you


start humanitarian response, it is easy to get a "mission creep." There


will be a huge amount of public opinion against that. To a lot of


people, we lost a lot of our troops out there. We don't want to see


anymore out there. Let's stay with the Daily Telegraph. Diplomats warns


of passport delay chaos. You have a passport? I do. You will be OK


getting off on holiday? CYAN I have already been on holiday. A lot of


people, it would seem, could be well and truly ` they have a lot of


problems, frankly? It does affect a lot of people at this time of year.


There seems to be so many facets to this. It is quite difficult to get


excited about a scandal which amounts to lots of piles of


documents. When you think about the effect that those documents not


being processed has on so many people, it is easy to see why there


is outrage. Michael, the suggestion on the front of the Guardian, if we


move on to that, passport chiefs relax rules to clear backlog, fewer


checks on overseas applicants revealed in a briefing note? Yes,


this was sent out on Monday, the Home Office have already said they


weren't aware of it and they will be withdrawing it. This was to drop


checks on counter signatories, this is from people who were applying


from overseas. There is the security aspect of this, which is quite


worrying, which is what the Guardian have picked up on. It's clear that


there is a huge problem there. It's passport`gate! Staff have said to


the Guardian, the change could aid fraudsters who have applied for a


document. Yes. Something has to be done. This isn't the right way about


going about it. The Home Office say Ministers are unaware of this


document, that the Guardian says has been leaked. And have instructed Her


Majesty's Passport Office to withdraw it immediately. So they are


withdrawing something that they are unaware of? That is the way the


Government works! They are making it clear they don't think this is true?


It is nothing to do with them. Right. Ed Miliband has jumped on it


saying all the cuts are the problem, Theresa May and tens of thousands of


people are cancelling their holidays. I have not seen that


evidence. People are being affected. I have chosen this week to renew my


daughter's passport, I went to the post`office to get the forms and


there are no forms there. Yes. Usual `` usually, you get it check and


send, and it comes back within a couple of weeks. Whatever the Home


Office are saying they are aware of or not aware of, this is not caused


by a surge in applications. Whatever the different claims, there are


different things in the Telegraph and the Guardian. Whatever it is, it


is not what the Home Office said, it is something else, to do with the


change of policy and something that happened internally. The Metro, JK's


trolled over her Potter gold. JK Rowling, creator of Harry Potter,


has decided to give ?1 million to the "no" campaign for Scottish


independence. She lives in Edinburgh and has done for many years? She has


Scottish grandparents as well. She is someone who has great values and


she's got the courage of her convictions. She always says things.


During the Leveson Inquiry she was very forth night. `` forthright. She


put this out on her blog today. This is why I'm doing it. Fair play.


Unfortunately, there's a lot of idiots out there who are bombarding


her with some nasty things over the internet and they are saying it is


the cyber nats. A lot of these people are keyboard heroes, they are


typing away anonymously, should you pay any attention to them? Not sure


you should. She has had trolls in the past? She has. It is also `


there is also a sign that as we get closer to the vote, this whole


thing, this debate is getting a little bit nastier as well. There's


been trolling on the other side as well? Absolutely. I sort of wonder


whether it is news anymore if someone does something and gets


attacked on the internet. That is certainly true that there's quite a


lot of sniping around the referendum and we can probably expect to keep


seeing that. I know there were some controversy about David Bowie when


he said, "Scotland, stay with us." And I think we can expect people to


have opinions about it and people should be allowed to express


opinions about it. I hope that that kind of robust political debate that


we need about that ` and a lot of that is reached through people like


JK Rowling ` I hope that that nasty criticism doesn't halt that debate


from happening. The "yes" campaign themselves say we respect her right


to have this opinion. Alex Salmond has... There are idiots on both


sides and there always is. The Financial Times now. The only person


who understands this story is you, Samira.


which allows you to book a taxi via your phone. It picks up on your GPS


exactly where you are and links you up with the nearest driver. The same


GPS system figures out where you have travelled and lets you know the


fair afterwards and takes it from your bank account. The issue that


black cab drivers are taking from this is it is essentially a meter


system which technically is only black cabbies are allowed to use. It


calculates it for you. It calculates it according to the mileage. The


issue they are taking with it is that they are being allowed to use


this metre system when it has already been contested in the High


Court that the decision will come through in a few months. But they


are saying black cabbies have to go through four in seven years of


training to get a licence. But this is like being a minicab driver and


why should they get the benefits without the drawbacks? As a result


of that, you have got a picture on the front of the Financial Times


there, of black cabbies not moving, reading the paper, because they


parked or their cars in a row blocking up central London. I did


not realise this is across Europe. It happened in Milan and other


cities as well. They have picked up a lot of business of the back of


this protest. A lot of people did not know about it because of this


protest. It is a bit of an own goal, especially considering the


High Court decision. So much has been affected by the Internet and


new media. The knowledge and black cabbies are getting a taste of it


now. If you got rid of black cabs, you will lose a big part of the rich


British culture. A lot of people come to London to get into a black


cab and once you start watering that down, do we want to get rid of them?


You can see why they are fighting for their jobs. Obviously, no one


likes the competition. I think something needs to be looked at


Buchanan preserve it. Are they Luddites? I would not go that far.


You will not get picked up on the way home tonight! It is the


destruction of new technology. Maybe we should riot against Buzz hammock


received. Whatever that is! The Daily Mirror and look at the


state of the pitch. It has brown lines on it. That means you will get


your foot caught in it. That is Stoke isn't it? This is supposedly


Manaus. However, we are the ones with the big lumpy centre forward,


we will be all right. The Italians with the silky skills. Can you play


a beautiful game on that, sir Mirror? Identikit! I just wanted be


over. `` I don't care. I just wanted it to be over. You will be back in


our's time. Many thanks. Stay with us here on BBC news because at the


top of the hour we will have much more on the situation in Iraq as


have seized a second major city in the north of the country. Now it is


time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday `


I'm John Watson. countdown is on to the start of the


World Cup ` we'll be live in Rio


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