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head into the weekend. More on the prospects for the weekend where you


live on the website. Hello and welcome to our look at


what the papers will bring us tomorrow. Michael Booker is the


deputy editor at the Daily Express and so Mira Shackle, freelance


editor. Let's have a look. The Times reports militants had for the Iraq


capital of Baghdad. The Metro leads on the online abuse that the Harry


Potter author, J K Rowling, received after making a ?1 million donation


to the campaign against Scottish independence. The Mirror shows the


pitch on which England will play for the first World Cup match against


Italy on Saturday. The Guardian claims passport office staff have


been told to relax the rules to help clear the backlog of applications.


Passports are the lead of the Daily Mail. The PM claims there is no


crisis at the office. Black cab drivers protest eight taxi hailing


app, on the front of the Financial Times. The i reports on a record


boost to the job market, as figures show the number of people in work


has grown by 350,000. The express says walking 6000 steps per day


could reduce the pain of arthritis `` the Daily Express. It would


increase the chances of not getting the condition. We will begin with


the times and the situation in Iraq. Islamic insurgents push


Baghdad to the brink. It looks as if the security forces, after billions


was pumped into the training of the Iraq army and the police, and


allowing the suggestion that it made sense in some people's mind for


Western forces to pull out, it seems to have been a waste of money. The


fact that the security forces abandoned their post, didn't fight


against the militants, a report suggests that 30,000 troops ran away


in the face of 800 militants. It undermines the US claim to have


created a unified, well`trained, strong Iraq army. It is a dire


situation. It demonstrates how long he remained responsible for when you


invade a country or take part in an occupation. So many things are set


in motion that cannot be predicted. Americans were trying to sort out a


military agreement with the Iraqis in 2011 that would have allowed a


small contingent of US forces to remain in the country. We couldn't


work out the details. Barack Obama had the public saying, get out of


there. Nouri Maliki said, we don't want you here anyway and now this


could be the result of that impasse. Nouri Maliki himself, David Cameron


said that he hasn't acted quick enough. We can see that he is


focusing on him being the problem and Iraqis being the problem. There


has been 11 years of fighting in the country. You can understand the


bloodthirsty mob. People don't want to fight any more. There is talk in


one story about how there was a phone call to an oil refinery. They


said, lay down your arms or fight to the death. I know what I would do in


that situation. I would run a mile as well. You have got to put


yourself in their position. This Isis group, it is the speed of this


that is apparent, these cities, towns, oil refineries are going


down. They have come from Syria. Should we have then got involved in


Syria? If we had, would it have stopped this problem or would there


be another Al Qaeda affiliate popping up, another head from the


hydra that would have done this anyway. It begs those questions,


should we have got involved? We didn't want to get involved. That


was due to public opinion. We don't want to get involved here either.


Let's hope there is more resistance from American troops who are there.


Towards the end of this story in Kirkuk, it seems as though security


forces are putting up a fight. Maybe it has caught them by surprise. Now


that they have... They have organised themselves, there could be


more resistance. Let's move on to the Daily Mail. Kamran, what


passport crisis? Angry families face ruin Summers, the PM is response ``


VPN's response. The government has taken action apparently, 250 staff


on the frontline, the passport frontline, they have been deployed.


Geoffrey Robinson is quoted, saying, we are told all is well but staff


are working 17 hour days and paid ?70 per hour overtime for the job of


sticking labels on with names and addresses. If this is not a crisis


of management, I don't know what is. Party politically, they are stirring


it up. It seems as though people are not getting their passports. They


are waiting for weeks, driving hundreds of miles to get to passport


offices and getting them in person. It is a big problem. There is a


story in the Daily Telegraph, where there was a meeting of high


commissioners and ambassadors, a great meeting to be out, and they


say that it isn't because there are hundreds out thousands more


applications but because they have class overseas passport centres. ``


they have shut. Was that just spend? David Cameron saying that because


the economy has improved, people have more money so there are more


applications for passports. It is a roundabout excuse.


It was acknowledged that changes to the rules about overseas passport


applications was going to create a huge backlog. It is a situation for


the government, you are dammed if you do and then if you do not. There


are huge amounts of anger about passports being delayed and not


being able to get them in time. On the other hand, if the Home Office


start relaxing checks to speed up the process, that is also a scandal


in its self. People do not want to feel that it is less secure or


reliable. As you were suggesting, the Labour Party and opposition


benches are having a field day. There is a statement, this is a


seriously chaotic and the government is in denial about the extent of the


crisis. David Cameron is suggesting there is no crisis. It is a good


front`page story. But the Home Office has already put out a


statement saying it is nonsense. Are they saying it is nonsense or that


they were not aware? They are not aware, but they have stamped on it.


That is what they would like as to believe. It is a simple effort to


reduce the backlog. Cos signatories as well as requirements for


evidence. The sources say it could leave it to talk criminals and


fraudsters. We were very worried about our leaking borders and if


passports at being made easier for people who are fraudsters. It is


clearly very worrying. Just to reiterate, they have told the


passport office to withdraw it immediately. The Herald. JK Rowling


attacks call to end online bile. She is receiving stick online for her


donation. `` attracts. This story features not just the attacks on JK


Rowling, but calls for figures in Scotland to stop these sorts of


attacks on people who dared to voice an opinion on the referendum. That


is actually something that is heated. That is a good thing to call


for. People are entitled to have an opinion, JK Rowling has made no


secret of being a donated. I think it is very corrosive if you have a


situation where people are afraid to say one way or another what they


think. That tenders the public debate. `` tenders.


It is getting nasty now. It is, but it goes wider than this issue. Any


issue that seems to get people excited also ends up with people


going online, sending these messages to people, unnecessary messages. It


could just be a general message to everyone. People getting on their


computers and firing out the nasty as the thing that comes into their


minds. There is no justification for this. Give it a rest. Yet on the


doorsteps and offshore computers. That is a good idea. `` get on your


doorsteps and off your. Let us go to the i. A good, positive headline for


the i. The number of people in work leaps. But there is a sting in the


tail. Wages are below inflation. People are going into short`term


work, part`time work. People are leaving jobseekers allowance and are


trying to get as much work as they possibly can. But it is very


low`paid. The cost of living, it is the sort of thing the Labour Party


keep banging away at. In fact, in the figures released today, the


suggestion is that wage rises are not going up as fast as they were. I


did not think wages were going up at all. That is the thing. We could go


into the next election where there is a situation where there is a


booming jobs market, but it is a funny kind of recovery where the


numbers are good but people do not feel the difference. Something I was


struck by was the office of budget responsibility saying that it will


be 2018 before wages return to where they were at. That is still a long


way off. That is the one bit of light for the Labour Party. They can


hammer away at the cost of living prices. People might get bored of


it, but because the coalition seemed to have done well with the economy,


this is one part they have not managed to crack. The headline is


the record boost to the UK jobs market.


Onto the Express. Daily walk to stop the writers. That is your front


page. `` arthritis. It affects millions of people across the world.


It costs the NHS various things. Any replacement is ?5.2 billion every


single year. `` a knee. We are supposed to get 10,000 steps per


day. 1000 steps is a brisk walk. It is something that can be done by


anyone. The study has found that problems have been slashed by 20%


with just an extra 1000 steps. You can understand how people would


think, maybe I should not move around as much. You would get that


impression. It apparently if you keep walking around, the mobility


does improve. Hopefully it will change lives. On to the Daily


Mirror. I know you are excited about this. This is the picture on the


front, the pitch that England are going to play on against England.


This is what happens when you put too much manual on the grass. ``


fertiliser. It is three days to go. It will be fine, it will be sorted.


It will start and everyone will forget about it. All of the great


stories come out. We have been through the favelas, now we are


looking at the pictures. It. The great. `` it is still going to be.


It is not just a problem for us. Thank you very much. And enjoy the


World Cup. Stay with us. At the top of the Ella, the latest on the


situation in Iraq as Islamist militants seize a second city in the


north of the country. Coming up, it is time for World Cup Sportsday.


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