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This is BBC News. In a few moments, we will be looking at the papers.


Here we have Liam Hannegan and our other guest. The Telegraph leads


with Mark Carney's speech earlier this evening where he indicated that


interest rates could rise earlier than expected. Jennifer Lopez also


makes the front page as he kicks off celebrations in Brazil. President


Obama promised to assist in stopping insurgents in Iraq. Jennifer Lopez


also makes the front page of The Metro. The Daily Mail takes issue


with how much time William Hague is spending with celebrities, namely


Angelina Jolie, although she is a UN envoy who is leading a summit on


stopping the use of rape as a crime of war. Let's make a start with what


has happened in Iraq. Baghdad prepares for the worst, extremist


rebels vowed to capture the Iraqi capital. This could provoke


intervention. It just shows how fracture word politics are in Iraq.


They could not even get enough MPs to show up to sign a bill for


emergency measures. The first sentence says it all, Iraq is


breaking up and soon he `` Sunni fundamentalists are capturing the


south. You're saying it is all breaking down into its parts


really, and the Sunni provinces are being fled. The whole thing is being


turned into a mass which we should have been prepared for, it is what


we always said, that it would fall so quickly when we left because we


had not really sorted out what was going to happen after we left. Can


we blame this all on the war from 2003? The British and American


intervention with Mac there has always been a sectarian issue at


play here ``? No, the blame goes back much further than that. Iraq is


an Anglophone construct, about 100 years ago we drew lines on a map in


ancient regions and now we're saying it is surprising that it is breaking


up. Mosul is now controlled by fundamentalists, and the same thing


is happening into `` in Tikrit. It really does show that there was no


plan after the removal of Saddam Hussein and that is why the UN is


saying that this is a humanitarian disaster as half a million people


are now dispossessed. They have had to move out into other cities and


the UN says that the humanitarian situation is already dire and


deteriorating with each day. There are only 60 miles from Baghdad now


`` they are. How much response ability should Nouri al`Maliki take?


He is Shia and these are Sunni insurgents. $:ENDFEED.


They have been dealt an immediate difficult hand. Also what I would


say is, what with the World Cup and everything else going on, very


little attention has been paid to this. Until tomorrow morning, as it


were. This is the morning where the story has burst onto the front page.


It is so close to the capital. Without wishing to be mercantile


about this, one implication about what is happening is that you will


see this inflate oil prices. This could affect that. We will see this


pushing through as a major news story. Let us go to how the Times is


treating this. Sending said we are considering all options,


they were quick to say that does not mean boots on the ground. It means


something other than that. The thing is, everything is up in the air. The


point is that we are now focused on this. We have let this happen. It


has been getting worse. And now it has all blown up. It is now getting


scary. At least something is going to be done, but it will not help all


those people. There is real exhaustion among the British


electorate, the American electorate, for foreign intervention. If America


has to go back in with attitude and force. So soon after withdrawing. It


would be a major embarrassment. Using drones and talking about


humanitarian aid, as our Foreign Secretary has been talking about, is


a halfway house. If the situation does get serious, then drones are


not going to be enough. Our leaders are going to face a stiff decisions


about what to do. The World Cup is under way. It is


all kicking off in Brazil. Police have used stun grenades to disperse


crowds. This is what is happening outside. There is such a theory of


how much it is costing. `` anger. What about money spent on people at


home. The police waded in with batons and tear gas and rubber


bullets. It reminds you that this is life in Brazil. If you get on the


wrong side of the law. The fact that the world's media is watching is


neither here nor there. The Guardian has picked up on that issue as well.


They topped it with a picture of J`Lo. These are the twin faces of


the World Cup. We have got the first game this evening, a lot of glamour.


In many ways, you have got what was previously a very poor country going


from crisis to crisis. It is now strutting its stuff on the world


stage. And yet, reminders that there is still a great deal of police


brutality. It seems like a disproportionate response. The


country is very rich in resources. Let us quickly show you J`Lo. There


she is. She is wearing a lot more than some of the men on the beach.


Wearing some kind of banana slang. That is enough of that. Back to the


Guardian. Go and have a look for it. It is quite startling. Banks gets


new powers to protect mortgages. Interest rates might be going up


sooner than we expected. There is some concern about the heat in the


housing market. These measures have been announced in the Mansion House


speech, trying to call things down. The heat in the housing market


specifically in the south. This bubble is not happening anywhere


else. It is specifically down in the south. These are measures which the


bank gives powers to curb how much you borrow. Does that mean sales


will grind to a halt? You would think. The flats you can now buy in


the prime areas in London specifically, a 1`bedroom flat,


?800,000. It might be a big bedroom, it might have a nice view, but it is


ridiculous. We had the Chancellor's Mansion House speech and Mark


Carney's speech tonight. Mark Carney talked about those new powers. He


also said that interest`rate rises could happen sooner than markets


expect. Markets expect them to raise in the first or second quarter of


2015. He is only saying that because earlier on he said Q1 Q2. She rap


reminded me. I was slapped on live television. It is when the future's


market expects rates to rise. That means this year that will be heaven


for a lot of savers who have had to endure low interest rates. But some


households will worry about rate rises. Moving on to the Daily Mail.


PM goes on there tonight at slip hotspots. But the `` celebrity


hotspots. They do not think David Cameron should go out. Is it fair to


say that William Hague is hobnobbing with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?


She is here to host a conference on a serious matter. Can you get on


with running the country, please? It is a good cause and... It is a


campaign against war rape. The government should give it more


gravitas, but when it politician is snapped so often with celebrities,


the gravitas is gone. In my humble opinion. As for David Cameron and


his wife going out to this hotspots, you and I will be going there after


the show. I will probably be wearing one of those slings. Daily


Telegraph. Millions of Britons are facing boredom, loneliness and


poverty when they retire. The property site might be true. As for


boredom, I do not know. If you do not have enough money to do anything


you want to do, then you could get bored. What would you choose to do?


I am going to learn how to tap dance, I am going to travel more.


Have you got any plans? We have got time. This is a serious message from


an earnest Minister backed up by an estimate. He says 12 million Brits


currently working on not saving enough for their pensions. That is


getting on for half the workforce. But a lot of people realise they


have to work until their 70s? People are going to be working less in


their 50s than they expect. That is the problem. It is also a problem


that if you are losing a job at the moment, you find it much harder to


get back in. Looks like we will all be back here in 25 years. I will be


here if they let me. That is the papers for the night. Thank you very


much. Enjoy your evening. That is it from us. Sportsday, a special early


edition because of the World Cup.


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