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and I suspect it will feel quite warm. `` high pressure.


Welcome to our look ahead to the morning papers. This is your


starter. You get the main course later. Thank you very much to you


both for being here tonight. The front pages, then. The crisis in


Iraq is the main story in The Independent. The Telegraph reports


that the SAS may be deployed in the Iraq conflict. The times says the


Ministry of Justice is scrambling to recruit enough prison officers to


deal with the prisoners in Britain's jails. The Daily Mail


claims a big rise in applicants for passports from migrants is


contributing to the problem at the Home Office. Stephen Sutton has been


included in the birthday honours list in the Daily Mirror. And The


Guardian shows the honour awarded to the actress Angelina Jolie. So we


begin with Iraq and we will take a look at the headline from The


Independent. Iran now makes its move. Old enough to remember that


Iran and Iraq spent a long time at war with each other. So peculiar to


read a headline like this. Absolutely. Also some countries were


sucked in and it went on for a long time but it is beginning to look a


bit more `` more and more like that as an analogy. You have Syria


involved, Turkey, now even troops from Iran and advising


al`Maliki government on how to stop this Sunni terror group from


advancing towards Baghdad. It is getting more and more complex and


being more and more difficult for Western powers to judge how they


intervene or whether they should intervene at all. `` becoming more


and more difficult. That is the odd thing, for America to be watching


and thinking, we don't want to send ground


surveillance. But Iran might be the one local power which could help


Iraq out. Exactly. I also remember those pictures of the Iran`Iraq war


from my childhood. I watched John Kerry, the Secretary of State in


America, earlier talking about this. I watched the live news conference.


And he painted a picture which I don't recognise. And he was saying


that they all need to do more to put sectarian differences aside. And he


was talking about the country coming together to fight this Islamic State


of Iraq and this terrorist group. I just get the sense that that is not


what the various members of this country want to do. They want to


advance their own religion or their own version of their religion and


their own power bases, and when I look at the mess being created, one


wonders how much this has to be blamed on foreign policy mistakes of


the past from the West. From a very long time ago. From the very


creation of Iraq, which was always ridden, since its current boundaries


were drawn up, I sectarian tensions? Yes. These were drawn up... It is


the straight lines. Yes. And those have been disregarded as these


countries were created and it looks like Iraq could be at risk of


breaking apart. And there is a terrible irony for the US in the


present scenario because they have been at odds with the Iranian regime


quite forcefully over the past arcade also, and very against


Al`Qaeda. `` past decade or so. So do they intervene or do they let


them get on with it? Very fraught, complex and difficult decisions in


the days ahead. For America, I think. Yes. The Daily Telegraph the


SAS could be sent in to help the Iraqi army. Obama macro considering


air strikes. `` Barack Obama. It seems this group which has carried


out some truly horrifying atrocities, if an atrocity can be


anything but that, they have taken people by surprise with their recent


progress towards Baghdad. I think it is the speed. They are not that far


from Baghdad but also from Turkey, they are 68 miles from the Turkish


border. Turkey is supposed to be one of the friends in the West `` of the


West in the region. It now has the mess of Syria and Iraq on its


borders. In terms of the story of the SAS possibly being sent in, can


I just suggested is overwritten `` suggest it is? You may! Well,


firstly, if they were going to get involved, with The Daily Telegraph


no? The point is, no one knows! And then tucked in there, the Foreign


Secretary "gave no details". That is the clue. And then in 2011, the SAS


advise rebels. So that is despite Cameron saying no boots on the


ground. I am sorry, Richard Spencer, Middle East correspondent, and Peter


Foster in Washington, I think that could be overwritten. But they


grabbed our attention in our review! Let's move on to the Daily Mirror.


And the Queen's birthday honours list being released tonight. And


hero MBE. Here we have on the front of the Daily Mirror a picture of


Stephen Sutton, the teenage fundraiser, who, despite suffering


cancer, raised nearly ?4 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust, and he has


been included in the birthday honours. And this will be welcomed


by so many people. Yes. He captured the imagination of everyone with his


fortitude and activism and his courage in the face of this illness.


And this sort of thing really gives the honours system a good name.


There are a lot of celebrities and people where you think, well, do


they need an honour? They are doing their jobs! And getting paid a lot


to do it! But let's give the an honour anyway `` and honour anyway!


But he also did that before he died as well. I am impressed he raised


money for the Teenage Cancer Trust because if you look at the health


system, it is set up to deal with children and with adults. But where


it often fails is the particular emotional demands of teenagers which


are neither one nor the other. I know the Marston, the cancer


hospital in South London, set up a specific teenage unit because it


recognised the need to take care of teenagers differently than adults.


`` the Marston. Especially those with a life`threatening illness. So


how do we feel, then, about an honorary dame for the actress


Angelina Jolie? For her work on rate as a weapon of war. We have seen her


in London this week repeatedly with William Hague tried to bring our


attention to this. Is this a good thing? She doesn't have to do it,


does she? She uses her celebrity to do something positive and that is


clearly something she feels an emotional attachment to, that also


politicians like to hang out with celebrities. I think William Hague


has enjoyed it. That's the papers for this are. We will be back again


at 11:25pm with them and the ways for another look at the front pages.


Coming up next, it is time for sports day. Welcome to sports day.


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