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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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up a stage of the British baton relay. The Commonwealth really is on


a tour of Scotland ahead of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Hello


and welcome to a look ahead. We are looking at the papers. I am joined


by two reporters. Let's take a look at the front pages. The Independent


leads with the reported execution of dozens of Iraqi soldiers by


insurgents. The Financial Times also highlights the crisis and says


President Obama is deciding whether to launch the strikes. The Daily


Telegraph has the same we'd but focuses on obese patients having to


have any chess beds widened. The express revealed that delaying


retirement by two years good boost pensions by 25%. And Tony Blair


distancing himself from any responsibility for the problems in


Iraq. The Daily Mail looks ahead to the football game against Uruguay.


Now that you would expect on a number of front pages. Islamist


execute dozens of soldiers as Iraq slides towards sectarian war, says


the Independent. The pictures have not been independently verified yet


but the feeling is that given the tactics used these beheadings and


executions might be true. You'll macro it is the latest brutality


across the region. As the Independent puts it, the country is


sliding to all`out sectarian war. The advance of Isis is slowing as


they reach Shia dominated areas. It depends on whether it should be


allowed to turn into an all`out sectarian war. It is the tragic and


brutal situation. Any analysis of who is gaining territory? It is a


volatile situation in Iraq, the government seems to think it is very


gaining the upper hand in places. That needs to be treated with


caution. These pictures have not been verified and while it is


reasonable to assume Isis are brutal and have a trademark of death squads


and headings, to assume they carried out these attacks, there have not


been any independent eyewitnesses of bodies or believes. The figures are


they being wildly in figures of the arrested Iraqi army, it is going


from hundreds to thousands. We really just do not know. This is


what Isis wants us to think and once the Iraqi army to think. This is


propaganda. It is debatable as to how much support they have in the


wider Suni population. Some of the soldiers who appeared to be killed


in the massacre were Suni, it was not just Shia soldiers who died.


That is true. It will not be supported by a great number in the


region. They have not been allowed to take power in the region because


of mistakes that have been made by Baghdad and the West. Either way,


this type of intimidation is very typical of Isis. They are letting


people know what is in store for them letting people flee. They have


been able to sweep through the region with these kind of tactics


and that may stop given that it is getting closer to Baghdad. It speaks


to the discontent with the current Prime Minister. He is the one we


have been throwing money at. He has been the strong man entrusted to


hold it all together and has only entrusted brutal authorities Ian


tactics of his own. It speaks of discontent with that government that


Isis have been able to do this. They have been providing the very social


services that the Iraqi government has failed to do so the fact people


are acquiescing if not actively supporting their military successes


is no great surprise in that context. Onto the Financial Times,


how they are treating this story. The headline is, Iraq militants


advance slows. A few days ago the Iraqis were saying we need some


international support for this, now it appears they feel they might have


regain the initiative. A couple of days ago Barack Obama was saying he


needed time to think about this. He is under pressure from some back


home. Now we enter American politics when it comes to war. The case of


this particular story reports a South Carolina Republican who says


we must cooperate with Baghdad. Anyone who understands this will


know this is an extraordinary U`turn. She he is one of the most


outspoken conservatives. For him to make this enormous U`turn speaks


partly to the turnaround in the situation in Iraq itself but also it


says something about American politics. The Republican party. That


they would make such an extraordinary about`face. Not just


about Barack Obama but in order to do this constant sense of having to


be involved and moving with the tide to be seen as driving the situation


in the Middle East. For a party who until recently was being macro Iran


is the greatest threat to world peace, to say we have to stand by


these guys as we take on the Suni militants. Since McCain on words


they have been calling for military strikes which, for anyone who has


been following this since 2003 knows, it is pretty much the worst


thing you can do at the moment. It is one thing to see a war you do not


like but within a matter of days to change your mind about who the war


should be against. I have been reading this article about what


Lindsay Graham has been saying to CBS in America. Why did we not do


away with Stalin? He was not as bad as Hitler. It is better to deal with


Iran than what is going on in Iraq. It is the antithesis of the sensible


vision of the world to say make a deal with Stalin because he is


better than Hitler. It is a childlike analogy to make. This


whole debate is full of childlike analysis. One thing which keeps


coming up is was it better under Saddam Hussein? I do not know how


many more Iraqis have to die before we can answer that question with a


yes. It clearly was. The Daily Telegraph says you Millie did and


executed by jihadist firing squads. `` humiliated and executed. The


picture shows men taking aim at what appears to be Iraqi soldiers in


plain clothes. Tony Blair has been on the TV today heavily criticised


for putting the blame on the current generation of British politicians


and also saying the atmosphere and conditions of the moment are to


blame for what is happening now, not the 2003 invasion which he was keen


to lead us to. A lot of this blueprint for peace in the Middle


East is quite sensible. The problem is that you can never detach it from


the man himself and his record. One year ago he was advocating a war in


Syria. More importantly, you cannot detach it from the fact in 2003 he


with. One might say in order to make an omelette you have to break a few


ex`at this advice comes from the man who threw eggs on the floor, stamped


on them and said this makes a complete meal. I want to note the


moment at which some of his politicians who are now getting this


advice, who were around then, at what point will be turned to ours


and the macro sorry for creating this victory should and now


arrogantly telling us how to clear up. Was it the initial determination


to see regime change that was wrong? They did not have a plan in


place for when the country fell. There was no need for the invasion,


it was illegal and contravened all the conventions. There was a brutal


dictator in place. That is remove dictators, why tech Saddam


Hussein? The lack of consideration for Iraqis and not having any kind


of follow`through or that the state was completely gutted, all of the


institutions dismantled, the military and


security, then these sectarian tensions were actively


the Coalition Government in the aftermath will stop. Full. I want to


move onto one other story on the Telegraph. I'd macro NHS having to


reinforce beds to cope with beasts patients. It is just one of many


measures to cope with morbidly beasts patients. Politicians have


been banging on about not messing with lives of the individual. I


agree with them, we do not want to be told what to do. Things like in


schools, sports should be important and you should eat healthy food. We


need to be honest about the weight problem in this country. To talk


about it in popular culture and reintroduce a sense of self


responsibility, people taking responsibility for their own


condition. One in ten deaths in England and Wales is related to


obesity so this is a health crisis. There are concerns over the cost of


alcohol, we learned when we can smoke, the marketing of tobacco, why


not food? That is a very good question. There should be this


debate and some restrictions. This might be where we disagree. The


sugar campaign should run similarly to the one we had recently on salt


so that the companies that make all this high sugar content food and


drink are required to label and find alternatives. That is one side of


the debate. There is a correlation we cannot ignore between austerity


driven poverty and obesity. That has already been shown in certain


sectors. That is it from the papers for this hour. He will be back just


after 11. Steve files on BBC News. Our world affairs editor offers his


opinion on the crisis in Iraq. It is time to re`enter


the gaming grid. Welcome to downtown Los Angeles,


Hollywood is seven miles


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