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coming up on Sportsday, the latest news from the World Cup as Argentina


take on Bosnia`Herzegovina. Welcome to our look ahead at what


the papers will be bringing you tomorrow. Normally they are at odds


with each other. Tony Blair has united at! As he often does. We will


come to him in a moment. First, The Indepedent, it leaves with a


reported execution of dozens of Iraqi soldiers right insurgent


forces. It said Iraqis heading to the Victorian war. The Financial


Times highlight the crisis and says Obama is deciding whether to launch


air strikes. The Telegraph features and other image from the suspected


execution. More coverage of Iraq in the Guardian. The Express claims


people could boost their pension pot by working for two years longer.


While on Iraq in The i with coverage of Tony Blair's remarks. The Daily


Mail says Tony Blair 's intervention has sparked fury. The Times claims


that is a row within government over education reforms. We must again


tonight with the situation in Iraq. The Iraqi government claiming they


seem to have regained the initiative after taking back some territory


that had been claimed by ISAs, the Sunni extremists making their way


towards Baghdad. We will start with the Telegraph. One of the pictures


that have appeared on lines. We are not able to verify that these


pictures are authentic. The consensus seems to be that they are


probably the real article. Rachel, the reason that people aren't


surprised either pictures and think they may be genuine is that ISIS do


have a reputation for committing atrocity? This is an ordination,


ISIS is so brutal that even Al Qaeda this associated itself from ISIS


earlier in the year. Yes, it does have a reputation for being brutal.


We cannot verify the pictures although it does seem likely. We do


not know how many. ISIS is saying that 1700 Iraqi soldiers have been


executed. That does seem quite a lot. Certainly, there have not been


any eyewitnesses at any executions or bodies or graves. All that is as


yet unverifiable. This is an organisation that is now engaged in


a propaganda war as much as anything else. These claims are clearly


intended to intimidate Iraqi soldiers who already, we saw how


quickly they surrendered when ISIS took over Mosul last week. That


people to the Daily Mail. We have not seen this front page yet


tonight. Fury at Tony Blair, the warmonger. He is now at peace and


weight to the Middle East. He was saying that you can't blame the 2003


invasion for this crisis. The situation in the Middle East would


have led to this anyway. You get rid have led to this anyway. You get rid


of a dictator and all sorts of sectarian interests come to the


fore. Of course, he had to get rid of that dictator that allow the


uprising to take place. It is interesting to note the loyalty that


is Prime Minister commands. John Prescott accused Mr Blair of trying


to take the west back to the Crusades. She was outspoken at the


time. I think a crusade and allergy has been used by Lord Prescott


before. He has not got a lot of friends around? And for very good


reason. Not just that people feel, you are personally responsible for


this situation and travesty of not properly apologising. Every


announcement he makes, even in the future, feels like the justification


of the past. People are asking themselves, what it is good ability


and what is his right to comment? What have you been elected to that


gives him a position to make such remarks. When Gordon Brown commented


upon Scotland about a week ago, Gordon Brown has every right to do


that. He is a Scottish MP. I want to know what it is that gives Tony


Blair the electoral legitimacy to make comments about what the west


should be doing. He is a Middle East peace to envoy. Emphasis on the


peace. His job is limited to helping improve conditions on the West Bank.


Bill Clinton doesn't go around doing this. George W Bush doesn't do this.


Tony Blair is the only man in the only man in a way to seems to feel


that he is entitled and has some kind of representative role,


representing the spirit, a spree of the west. George W Bush has made it


clear that he is not going to be... No, he stays at home and paints


watercolours! He would be much, and happier. We invited him on to do


interviews. I don't know who the Wii is here, it is the collectively. I


mean the media. Let's have a look at how the Financial Times is covering


this. US sending carriers to golf a few days ago. The government saying


they needed international help. Now stepping back a little bit.


Suggesting that they feel they might be on the front foot with this.


But, Barack Obama taking some time to think about how he will respond


and getting different messages from Democrats and Republicans as we


would expect. Yes, and pushing this aircraft carrier to the golf as


well. He is a tricky position because Republicans will always


outflanking on this issue and push for and more action. That may well


create a division between the Republican leadership and in basal


stop Republicans have suffered a blow recently with the defeat of


Eric Cantor. The equivalent of Ed Miliband being built in `` beaten.


This was a big blow to their morality `` morale. People push


exactly this kind of agenda. While this row is going on within


Congress, I suspect the average American broker, particularly the


average Republican voter properly done want to get stuck in the Middle


East again. Rachel, what might happen in Iraq is also very much in


the balance, even if the government to feel that they are making headway


against ISAs. The conditions that led to these militants making so


many games BT, all the ingredients are still in place stop exactly stop


that is the trouble. The situation in Iraq, partly because of the 2003


invasion and the aftermath and then Syria and Malachy also being very


sectarian and corrupt leader. That means that even if ISIS arc weld


now, that isn't a long`term solution. You still have those


factors on the ground. What is to happen is our much more raw data


unity government that addresses these causes that have created the


conditions for ISIS to thrive and to take advantage of the turmoil. Let's


move on to the times. Gof allied savages and number ten on schools.


This is a close ally of Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings who have


accused David Cameron of being bumbling and holding back radical


school reforms. What will this do to go's relationship with the PM is


blue it will reflect his relationship with Cummings a bit


more than that. The is quite amusing. He says he has a picture of


Macmillan on his wall and that is all you need to know. Michael Gove


does not come out of this well. It will damage his reputation again. I


cannot believe he has put Cummings are to this. Michael Gove does not


need this. He has once apologised to David Cameron because of the row


with Theresa May. He has apparently no ambitions. Leadership ambitions.


I think they are all limited to policy. Given this could get in the


way of implemented policy, you have got to ask yourself, what is Dominic


Cummings are to? Is just creating trouble here. Michael Gove would


have every right to be angry with his old friend. Isn't he just trying


to get a focus on what Michael Gove is really trying to do. The


suggestion is that David Cameron has not got the home into enable him to


do this with schools? Yes, this is the man who we remember as the voice


of reason who suggested that genetics had more to do with success


at schools than anything else. It is curious that he has picked this


Macmillan being that Damron `` David Cameron has a picture of Macmillan


on his wall. Villa that is supposed to be insulting to Cameron. It


speaks of that sense that Cameron represents the old Tories and


Michael Gove is more radical, a radical muscular liberal. Especially


on education policy. I get that is what Cummings I feel. But that does


not allow Michael Gove to come out and say that. Let's finish which ``


with a picture of a very special little boy. He is a great dribbler,


please for Palace. Get him to Brazil! Is only ten months old. That


is the genetics argument. I do like is the genetics argument. I do like


those overalls. He is very precocious. He is going to have to


wait a long time, I hope he does realise that. He has broadly made


more football in his eyes than I have. Even at ten months old! He can


dribble better than you? Not with my feet, no. That is all we will get


out of these two when it comes to the World Cup. Good to have you


here. Thank you very much. They will not agree this much they are


together. Stay with us, at midnight John Simpson offers his perspective


on Iraq as people die in bombings in Baghdad. Coming up next, Sportsday.


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