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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are The Sun's Political Correspondent Craig Woodhouse and


Migration is the main story in The Telegraph,


which claims almost half the population believes a decade of mass


migration has harmed the economy and undermined British culture.


Fewer than one in five voters say they are benefiting


from the improved economy, according to a poll in tomorrow's Guardian.


The Metro says nurses are calling for intoxicated patients


The search for Madeleine McCann is the main story


in the Mirror, after a libel action by her parents against the police


officer who initially led the search was postponed again today.


The Express says the strengthening pound means Britons


going abroad for their summer holidays will get


And the Daily Mail says the government is planning to make


sure school milk is offered to all pupils in primary and secondary


We will start, gentlemen, with the Daily Telegraph. Politicians blamed


for hostility to migrants, what's that about. We have been reading


this and we don't really know how they are being blamed, if they are


at all! Let's move on to the Guardian. Being accused of having


ignored Bodo concerns on this, hence the rise of Ukip. Although we may


need to read inside how the conclusion is being reached from the


headline. The bit you mentioned at the top, half the population


believes a decade of mass migration has harmed the economy and harmed


British culture is at the heart of this. It is a dilemma for


politicians because on the one hand, they have to appeal to win votes,


but on the other hand, it is the new immigrant `based culture that are


going to be voting for them in the future as they become all part of


society. It comes to this as we see in the Guardian, immigration is a


seriously hot topic in the minds of the voters, not just the


commentators, as is often made out to be the case. Do you understand


the story? I have the same question as Craig, how are the politicians to


blame? Watching your news earlier today, the Archbishop of Canterbury


today calling, after his meeting with the Pope, calling for more


immigration into the UK, for humanitarian reasons, above all


else. I suppose what effectively this is saying is that politicians


have, of all parties, not explained to the British public is why there


have been the levels of immigration and now they seem to skirt around


the issue. Even today. There is a figure here, there are 2.5 million


more foreign`born British residents and their work two years ago, 1


million more from Poland and the seven countries that joined the EU


in 2004. And restrictions on immigration affecting something


close to my heart, higher education. And the unpopularity, the image of


our country has suffered in some of the far Eastern countries. In many


universities, foreign students are absolutely vital, wide, to pay the


bills because we no longer have free and higher education `` why. This


tour is about the liberal ruling class on the front of the Telegraph.


`` this talks about. Suggesting it is good for the economy. Arguments


that Nick Clegg put to Nigel Farage in those two famous debates and he


was roundly beaten. Would that make people more forgiving of migrants


coming here. It is difficult because if you try and do that, and a figure


says that eight out of ten people want to control immigration. If you


want to explain why immigration is a good thing, you can widen the divide


because people think it is the metropolitan elite telling them what


to think. I don't think it is good when Nick Clegg goes out there, a


white man who went to a private school who sounds like the other


politicians... And literally a liberal! And telling you why it is


good for society. Very few people turn around and say what our


generation has always fundamental do it. We go into


the European Union after a referendum in the 1970s when free


movement of people is fundamental and we end up where we are, with the


issues we have. You work for the Sun, do you think that the red


tops, the popular newspapers, many of their red Wing, `` right wing,


are partly to blame? I don't know, we have reflected this for ages. It


is the politicians who are to blame. You don't feed into that? I think we


are the opposite, we reflect what people feel, every leader we write


says that immigration is really good for the country but it is not


controlled to the wrong places, without appropriate houses and


things to assuage the fears, then it isn't. That is why we called on


David Cameron to make the free movement of Europe is one of his red


lines when he negotiates on the referendum. It is too easy to blame


the press. I think Craig is absolutely right, the sun, among


other papers, reflects what the public overwhelmingly think. This


poll supports that. We shouldn't go on too much, but finally, should you


be reflecting potentially, prejudices that the public have, or


should you be trying to put an analysis of that? If the facts are


that immigration, on the face of it, brings money into the country and


gives people jobs and is good for the economy, do you reflect that


enough? I think so, we are very positive about it but we are the


vehicle for the readers, to speak truth and this is part of the job,


truth has not been spoken to power. If it has, it has not been listened


to. We speak truth to power here in the papers! The Guardian, the


majority left behind in the recovery, fewer than one in five


voters feel they are benefiting from the improved economy. Again, the


broadsheets love an opinion poll. They do. Here we are in the


Guardian. Effectively the larger `` effectively the majority accept that


the recovery is real but just 18% feel that their families are


benefiting which is bad news for David Cameron. The paper says that


perhaps Ed Miliband, much maligned, has got it right with his emphasis


on the cost of living. The question is, if the survey will be taken in


April next year, will the figures be the same? Down below on the Guardian


front page, one of their correspondence, Larry Elliott,


speaking to people around the country to understand why the


economy looks illusory to so many Britons. One of the themes, modern


Britain can be easily divided, he says, into a comfortably off third


at the top, a middle third, one paycheque away from financial


trouble and one third at the bottom, struggling and failing to


make ends meet. Would that Britain was quite so easy to explain and


understand. This is the kind of analysis and Paul that David Axelrod


is going to be homing in on. `` the kind of opinion poll. He is the


Labour election guru, who they hope will turn around the situation. This


is what he has to look at. Absolutely, for many in the Labour


Party this will be a boost after a difficult couple of weeks. They will


feel that their analysis of what was wrong is correct. The issue is


whether they can put forward the answer to the issues. One thing they


lack, trust on the economy at the moment. Every opinion poll shows


that is the hurdle they have to get over. Another thing that I think


people are concerned about, our generation, my generation has a


conscience about this fact that we are children, our children are going


to be worse off than we have been, according to this opinion poll as


well. I think playing to that, and finding some answer to that from the


politicians is very important. When Ed Miliband spoke about breaking the


British promise, he has not found their way to fix it. Reporting


possibly on talks between Iran and the US on Iraq. Metro newspaper,


talking about a ban on drunk people in AMD. The Royal College of nursing


meeting at the moment and one of their member says that getting drunk


isn't an accident, it puts on a huge strain and these people should be


left to dry out. I think many people in Whitehall would be very


sympathetic but cannot say it out loud. Why not? Then you come into


this whole thing about whether the NHS is for everybody and it only


takes one tried to `` one drunk person to die and then it comes down


on you. As a money`saving exercise, you hear it all the time, accident


and emergency on the weekend is like a war zone. Having been to accident


and emergency... I thought you were going to say you had been to a war


zone! Anybody who has been to an accident and emergency department,


late at night, Saturday night will have sympathy with this story. I


suspect. Onto the Daily Express. A strong pound. Off on your horse... I


wish I was. I would be a happy man. Some of us over the years have seen


this going up and down. Generally it is a good time, particularly to go


to the United States, if you can... Remember the surveys we've been


talking about. If you can afford a foreign holiday at all. Going back


to the Telegraph, because you do not have to go on holiday, it is going


to be boiling hot. Drought for southern Britain. This is the story


we feared was going to come, I am sure the hosepipe ban will be one


step away. This is one of those things, a drought is officially


defined as a period of 15 days with 0.2 millimetres of rain, it seems


ridiculous we will have a drought after the rain we have had. It says


the south`west is looking very dry. after the rain we have had. It says


the south`west They will be crying hallelujah. If the ward has drained


from their fields yet. Credit where credit is due, the Daily Express


forecast this. It has got it right at last. They are often right.


Sometimes. Analysing the front page they are often right. They will take


the opposite position one day after the next, it is like a broken clock.


All right. You will be back in about 15 minutes or so, slightly changed


timings because of the World Cup `` 15 minutes. Stay with us, we will


have much more on the situation in Iraq.


Talking about the World Cup, it is time for Sportsday.


The headlines tonight. Not even Ronaldo could help Portugal, they


were thrashed 4`0 by Germany in their World Cup


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