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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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Hello and welcome to our lookahead at what the papers bring us


tomorrow. We have Craig Woodhouse with us today. Let's have a look at


the pages. The Times says the US is open to talks with Iran to try and


halt the crisis in Iraq. Migration is the story on The Daily Telegraph,


claiming half the population believe a decade of mass migration has


harmed the economy and undermined British culture. Fewer than one in


five voters say they are benefiting from the improved economy, according


to a poll in tomorrow's Guardian. The Metro says nurses are calling


for intoxicated patients to be banned from A The search for


Madeleine McCann is the main story in the Mirror, after a libel action


by her parents against the police officer who initially led the search


was postponed again today. The Sun has a picture of Louise Pollard ` a


surrogate mother who's been jailed for faking pregnancies. The Express


says the strengthening pound means Britons going abroad for their


summer holidays will get much more for their money. And, the Daily Mail


says the government is planning to make sure school milk is offered to


all pupils in primary and secondary schools from the New Year.


We start with the situation in Iraq. On the front of the


Independent, from the great Satan to the great rapprochement. The US and


Iran could work together to fight against ISIS. The great


rapprochement between the US and Iran is up there with the political


settlement of the Good Friday agreement in Northern Ireland, if it


happens. They talk in the first paragraph of the collapse of Iraq.


As though it were a fact. It has led the US towards a historic


rapprochement, which could end 35 years of hostility. It will be


fascinating to see if that is followed tomorrow in the House of


Commons. William Hague announcing the reopening of the Rikishi embassy


in Iran. `` British embassy. Things are moving at a fantastic pace. What


it seems to someone like me, I have a little more knowledge about


Kurdistan and the Kurds in the north of that country than frankly about


the rest of Barack, but it seems we are witnessing the fragmentation of


Iraq `` Iraq. The Kurds, who felt hard done by in a horrendous way by


Saddam are going to this as their excuse to become a fully independent


Kurdistan. David is rightly saying, it talks in the past tense about the


collapse of Iraq leading to... On the front of the Independent. That


is a little strong isn't it? There is a functioning government in the


capital and they are fighting back with airstrikes and the man who


coined the phrase shock and or in response to how America should


approach military engagements, I spoke to him this evening and he was


saying that there should not be any panic, we will give it one or two


weeks and see what the Iraq forces can actually do in trying to stem


the tide of these militants. Contrast that with the verified or


otherwise images of Iraqi soldiers who have chosen not to fight and


have been mercilessly executed by ISIS. For all their might be a


centre in Baghdad, there are vast swathes of the country that are


lawless. To that extent, it is a collapse. Stories about cueist Andy


Iran `` the west and Iran coming together. Imagine if this had


happened 13 months ago. This would not be an option. Who knows? If you


have a warmongering Iran, what this would look like. We are lucky there


is some hope for peace and if there is a redrawing of the political map,


so be it. I would rather that than the alternative. I saw the interview


you speak about with General Jack Keane, and he was saying that Nouri


Maliki, the PM, has been a disaster. He has not built the coalition


government that was desperately needed. He must be on very thin ice.


One would think. Continuing this story, on the front of the times


there is a disturbing photograph `` the Times. This is a photo of ISIS


fighters, according to the paper, purportedly showing militants


shooting members of the Iraq army at an undisclosed location near the


Syrian border. We won't go closer to this footage, because we have taken


the position at the BBC is not to show the full extent of this footage


and how horrible it is. As more of these stories come out, there is


going to be continuing pressure on the West to do something and Obama


is making his national security team this evening. Absolutely. This talks


about names the ISIS fighters made yesterday. What has been


fascinating, which we saw in Libya and a little in Syria, is the use of


social media by ISIS to get their messages out `` gains. They have the


hang of propaganda campaigning and how to... It is effective, that


these images are controlled by them from what we know, put out there for


Western consumption, and now they are here in Western newspapers.


Something needs to happen to counter it, though it doesn't seem to be


something that... (CROSSTALK) Not everyone is in favour of this.


Republican Senator Connie John McCain lost the first election to


Freddie `` President Obama and he says that it would be the height of


folly to manage the deteriorating security situation in Iraq. It will


be interesting to see what Obama comes up with. What if his


prescription? Is it shock and awe? What is the alternative? What is his


policy? We just hearing from the House that the president is telling


Congress that 275 US military personnel are being deployed to Iraq


to provide security for the US Embassy in Baghdad as there seem to


be fears that ISIS is going to cause trouble there. They might be saying


it to protect US interests in Baghdad but if they are going they


are coming presumably they will be available if the government asks.


William Hague said today that we have got counterterrorism people


from the UK there or on the way. I think they are already in the


country. And for all this talk of no British boots on the ground Connie


William Hague is always careful to never say never. All options are on


the table, no question about that. School meals for all pupils.


Famously, of course, it was a Tory Prime Minister who took this away.


She wasn't the Prime Minister. She was the education minister, I'm


sorry. When she was in her milk snack snatching mode coming she was


in the House of Commons. This is the U`turn to end all of you turns ``


U`turns. It was only four years ago that David Cameron had to stop his


higher education minister's plans to take away the meals for under


fives. The question is, is enforceable in all schools? I seem


to remember that the reason why it was abolished in the first place was


partly because of costs but also because an awful lot of children,


dare I say it, I was brought up in a dairy and the idea of having more


milk when I got to school was not to my liking and it disappeared. But


the coalition government, certainly the Lib Dems at any rate, have been


pushing for school meals for all pupils and certainly those who need


it. Is this going to work Pies will they be able to implement this


policy ``? They have had to change the parameters from hot food to some


kind of food. I think this is about integrating habits and also with the


political message, it is gone from Margaret Hatcher to David Cameron


and the milkman `` Margaret Thatcher. What is your position? I


think it is a bit like a surrogate mother let's move on. Classic


European pickup on the horizon. `` stitch`up. Unfortunately for David


Cameron, Angela Merkel has more pull in Europe and she had issued a


diplomatic readout of what she is thinking and wanted to happen as


soon as possible because David Cameron may possibly be getting a


little bit of support not least the ball from the nasty British tabloids


`` least of all. Apparently the debate is becoming more toxic and


she wants to act faster and shut us up. He does happen to lead the


biggest group in the parliament and those are the rules. It sort of


makes sense doesn't it? It makes sense. Am I being old`fashioned? Did


you know about this when you cast your vote for the European


elections? There was a World Cup angle to this story as well. Angela


Merkel is so concerned about this issue that, is evening `` this


evening, she was in the stadium supporting her country as they beat


Portugal 4`0. So she is in Brazil? She is. It's clearly not a very


pressing issue. Finally, district nurses face extinction in a decade.


We were asking ourselves... There was a sitcom on television about


district nurses from the 80s and who was the star of it? The woman who


made her name in the. `` Liner Birds. District nurses are well


loved in communities and are part of British life. We are told that they


face extinction in a decade. The service has seen half of the


district nurses quick in the past ten years and the gloom of district


care will disappear over the next ten years and you cannot believe


that this is a good thing. They are saying that it is being replaced by


new arrangements with the NHS but I suspect that the salaries of


district nurses are not the best. One of the strange things about it


is that, the key things about the new structure of the NHS is


delivering more care and people's homes so that they are not taking a


possible beds so if this is a serious issue, with more political


parties wanting to deliver care in homes, really they will need to get


their heads together. The NHS is facing such a crisis. It is as


simple as a population crisis. They really need to get it together and


sort it out. Older people increasingly are saying that they


want to be cared for at home. Indeed. It has been great having


you. Many thanks. Stay with us here on BBC News: At eleven we'll have


more on the situation in Iraq. But coming up next it's time for




No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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