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With me is the political journalist and


blogger, Susie Boniface, also known as the Fleet Street Fox, and Kiran


Stacey, Political Correspondent for the Financial Times.


Let's start with some of the front pages.


As it emerges that the Bank of England is


considering upping interest rates by the end of the year,


The Telegraph has a clear warning from the Business Secretary Vince


The Express says that a cure of Altzheimers could be


Murdered for being Muslim is the Metro's headline as Police


investigate the murder of a student stabbed to death in a park.


The Guardian has more on the crisis in Iraq as the government in Baghdad


have asked for air strikes from the US. Oil firms are evacuating staff


from oilfields and refineries across the country, in the Financial Times.


A political leader front of the times with the news that two surveys


think Ed Miliband would not make a good Prime Minister. There was a


report of the daily Mirror suggesting levels of poverty in


Britain are on the rise, while the Daily Mail has news that Charles


Taylor is suing the government, saying his detention breaches his


human rights. We will start with the Guardian. Incentives given to young


people, Ed Miliband making a special speech about this tomorrow, they


feel that benefits would be a good story. They will love the headline.


Lady getting tough on benefits. There is a lot of politics and


welfare is a hugely criticised part of public policy. Labour have been


trading on it. The most successful thing the government has done,


according to the surveys, is putting a ?25,000 cap on household welfare.


That's the maximum you can claim. If that is the case, Labour feel they


have to get into this area, what Ed Miliband is doing in his typical


style is something quite techy but significant. He says two things,


first, young people who go on to jobseeker's allowance but don't have


very good skills, not equipped for being in the workforce, will lose


jobseeker's allowance entirely. That saves a bit of money, ?65 million.


Second thing, anybody who has been in work for five years and paid in


taxes for that long, will be able to claim a higher rate, up to ?71 per


week. We are bringing back this idea of this contributory principle. But


you could say this is unfair. What if you are a young person who


happens to be in work for a couple of years, a downturn comes along, as


a young person you are the first one out of the door, you won't be able


to claim like somebody who has been in work for a long time and possibly


has a lot of savings in the bank. And what about somebody who has had


a tough upbringing, poor education, they don't have the skills, they


can't get a job, the instantly fail, and they are almost completely cut


off. There are some reasonably tough things to do, it won't save huge


amounts of money, but it's a reasonable amount. The problem Ed


Miliband will find is nothing looks as tough as thought the Tories have


said. Nothing is exciting, that's what he needs to do, he needs to


excite people. Whether there is good or bad about it, well, you know, it


has taken him a long time to explain it. We didn't fall asleep. If you


are going to be successful, your policy has got to be snappy. What is


particularly interesting, to me, this is part of 30 radical measures


which he has come up with to restore faith in politics. That includes an


historically low period of voting turnout, never mind the police


commissioners vote, in 2010 only 65% of people in Britain who could vote


did vote. David Cameron and the Lib Dems are in power having only got


half of a very small share of the vote. So if you can get more people


voting, then you have more public approval. I want to know what the


other 28 ideas are, because this one is really boring. Then you will be


falling asleep. He said in hard times politicians just pumped hot


power or it will be as hot air. He power or it will be as hot air. He


needs to come out with things that will get him into Downing Street. We


out all of his 28 other ideas. Calls out all of his 28 other ideas. Calls


for air strikes to push back ISIS militants. President Obama has been


leaders. There is no appetite for leaders. There is no appetite for


another war, is there? Historically, getting back to colonial times, if


you have made a mess somewhere, the invading power has a duty, a moral


right to sort it out. A lot of this was talked about with the British


Empire, if you come in, you ought to stay and administer control. This


has not happened in Iraq. People have stayed there for ten years,


thought they did a good job, and quickly it has turned to chaos.


What's interesting about the ISIS business is that this isn't a


surprise. It seems to have blown up. But these guys are producing annual


reports on the Internet for their reports on the Internet for their


investors for the past two years. MI6, the government, the people


taking note of this kind of thing, have known about them for a good


couple of years. They've been extorting $8 million in fines all of


that time. The fact they have just taken over is not a shock. They have


massive responsibility. They have let this happen and that this crisis


developed. We have to stop this, because apparently something is


going on in South America. Steven Gerrard is... Who? Here he is, he is


talking at a press conference. Do the Raheem Sterling is going to be a


star for many years? I don't want to put too much pressure on Raheem


Sterling, but he had a wonderful career at `` a wonderful season at


Liverpool. His game is growing, he had a fantastic performance the


other night against Italy. `` do you think Raheem Sterling is going to be


a star for many years for England? He is capable of creating and


many caps and he will be a good many caps and he will be


player for England. How is Alex's player for England. How is Alex's


progress? Is he in contention for tomorrow? Are there any other


injuries. He's not in contention for tomorrow, but he will take part in


the next training session. Today was his last individual training


session, if you like. At the limits, we could have taken a chance with


him tomorrow, but it would be much better if he uses the four days


after this game and before the Costa Rica game to train with the team.


His actual injury has responded very well to treatment. I don't think we


before he has had some training before he has had


injuries. You asked the media not to injuries. You asked the media not to


focus on Wayne Rooney. I have never asked the media anything. CHUCKLES


The media seems to have ramped up their focus. I would compare it to


the pressure put on him after Bloemfontein. Power out of


proportion has the media pressure been on him? How do you manage that?


`` how out of proportion. I try not `` how out of proportion. I try not


to concentrate on pressure. I concentrate on things within my


control. I don't control what people are writing, saying, all reporting.


I can only work with the group. As far as I was concerned, I was more


than happy with his performance against Italy. It was interesting to


get the statistics back and find out he ran more than any other England


player, had more sprints than any other England player, which perhaps


wasn't always evident to people watching the game. Wayne Rooney and


Steven Gerrard, they are alongside Frank Lampard, who hasn't featured


Cup and European experience. They Cup and European experience. They


are the players with 100 caps, or in Wayne Rooney's case, 80 odd caps.


The focus is on them. Everybody understands that you cannot expect


the younger players to shoulder the heavy part of the burden. The good


thing is, Wayne Rooney is more than happy to do that. If he plays


tomorrow night, then I am sure you will see that in his performance.


It is not final. I believe some of the Uruguay players and their


manager are going to treat it as a World Cup final. Equally, we will


treat it with the same kind of importance, but it is not a cup


final. That is a fact. Of course, it's a very important game, there is


a lot at stake. Both teams in a very similar situation. For me, I think


the key in this game is all defend the best, because you have got to


map a very good teams, full of attacking players. We are very


confident going into the game we can get the right result. `` two very


good teams. How confident are you that your team has got the defeat


against Italy out of their system? How confident are you they can play


with the same fearlessness, the same attacking intent that was shown in


that game, but did not get the result. That's a good question.


Simple answer, I am confident. It is three important games, each game


stands alone. We have had our first one, we have taken the good and the


bad, analysed that, but I think we have definitely got it out of our


system, to use your expression. Now we are 100% focused on tomorrow


night. It's going to be a very exciting night, I think it will be a


good game between two good teams. We always knew in this group one team


at least was going to find it difficult to qualify, because there


were more than two contenders for the qualification places. But we


will do everything in our power to make certain it is asked who goes


through, and not Uruguay. Although it isn't a final, it is still an


important game that can decide if you are going to stay or leave the


World Cup. `` certain it is us. What can you tell us about the way the


team are feeling? The mood hasn't changed. It's still very positive.


We were not too happy about the result against Italy. But as a team


and a squad, we were upbeat about our performance, we took a lot of


positives from the game. We are all well aware of how important this


game is. We need to go into this game, forget about the result,


because we cannot change that now. The only thing we can control is


what happens tomorrow night over the 90 minutes. And it is important we


perform to the level of the Italy game, if not better.


As I said earlier, we are not complaining about that, but I don't


think Uruguay are either. These conditions, if you're playing


football at the intensity we play at, playing in these temperatures


can only be advantageous. I can't deny that. But I must also say that


playing in Manaus, it did not seem to stop us playing with the


intensity we wanted to play at. Even though, of course, it was a harder


task for the players. As far as I have been concerned when it comes to


Brazil on so many occasions, you play in the conditions you find. We


knew those conditions could vary, it could be very hot, it could be very


humid, but also it could be quite cool, and there might be rain. I


understand that he was suggesting that it is cooler and wetter it is


better the European teams, and European `based players. What


essentially is the challenge Uruguay pose? Stephen suggested if the team


`` Stephen suggested it is the team he defends better that will win. We


have two absolutely top performers in Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan.


They have strong midfield players. Rodriguez, for example. They are a


very experienced team. If you add those ingredients together you are


painting a picture of a strong team. They must be disappointed with the


opening day, `` they must have been disappointed with their opening


game, it did not go the way they wanted. We expect to see Uruguay


with all of their big guns blazing. We have to make certain that our


defending, as a team, and as a unit, is sufficient to keep them at bay


while of course asking questions of them ourselves. We can take three


more questions. The way England played so positively


in the first game, and other teams like Chile, have you been impressed


with the positive attacking you have seen in this World Cup? I've been


very impressed. It has been fantastic so far. I was delighted


with our attacking performance against Italy. Although, I thought


we maybe could have been a bit more calm in the final third with our


final pass, and may be scored a few more goals. I have no doubt going


into this game we will create Uruguay big problems going forward.


We have a lot of pace and a lot of ability. I think you will see an


attacking performance. I think that's the reason why believe the


key to this game, if we can get our defensive side right, I believe we


will win. We talked to a lot of your players this week, apart from Steven


Gerrard who spake about Luis Suarez, most of the others avoided the


question about Luis Suarez. Is this something that has come from Steve


Peters? I wasn't aware of that. You have surprised me with that


question. I had no idea the players had been ignoring questions about


Luis Suarez. As far as I'm concerned, can answer as many


questions about him as they like. Steve Peters does not have any input


into that kind of thing. When we prepare for our press conferences,


it is prepared for by other people than Steve Peters. Just curious at


this stage in your career, the night before a big game like tomorrow, do


you like to think about it a lot, do you go through it in your mind,


visualise what is going to happen, do you prefer to forget about it and


watch a movie? It's difficult to forget about it completely. Games at


this level are important. I'm the captain, I need to think about my


performance, the team performance the game plan. I will be on my


computer, studying the opposition. I don't worry about anything. I'm in a


confident mood. I have belief in my team`mates. There was a bit more


preparation to do before we go into the game `` and there is a bit more


preparation to do before we go into the game and I'll do that later.


Hopefully it will be a good game to watch and I'm looking forward to it.


In the first two matches in this group, we have seen a sort of slow


Uruguayan defence, and England attacked with more pace than they


possibly have done for a long time. Is that something that affects your


strategy, your thoughts, your assessment going into this match?


Specifically what has happened in the two games we have had in this


group. We have been analysing Uruguay and their players for a long


time. I would be very wary and cautious of making judgements on the


Uruguayan team based on the last performance. Football matches throw


up strange results sometimes. Sometimes with the best will in the


world and the best preparation in the world, you go onto the field and


things don't quite go your way, you don't manage to find your form, you


don't play at your top level. In the opening game, as far as I was


concerned, they did not play to the level in which they are capable ``


of which they are capable. I think they will make things difficult for


us tomorrow. The final part, does not matter what offends you have, it


doesn't even if you have defenders you would analyse or classify as


quite fast, once you get playing against players of Luis Suarez's


ability, or Daniel Sturridge's ability, that technique married to


their speed, their agility, their fast footwork, it doesn't matter


what offended you are, you have a job on your hands to deal with it.


Thank you very much everybody. That was Roy Hodgson, the England


manager, and his captain, Steven Gerrard, at that press conference in


Sao Paulo. Still with me in the studio, you were riveted by that, I


know you were. Three big things which came out of it, Alex


Oxlade`Chamberlain will not be risked for the game against Uruguay


tomorrow because he is still recovering from an injury. Steven


Gerrard says he is confident we will get the result, the right result,


and he studies the competition on his iPad. I like the image of him


late at night on his iPad, the night before a big game, studying the


opposition, definitely studying the opposition. You reckon he isn't


doing that? I don't know. What a football players do on the Internet?




Easy. Now, the weather. A nice day coming up for everybody


`` a nice few days coming up for everybody. Dried foremost, there


will be odd shower for


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