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the extreme north`west of Scotland. Good spells of sunshine and always


foremost in the south. That will continue into next week as well.


Good night. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me is the


political journalist and blogger, Susie Boniface, also known as the


Fleet Street Fox, and Kiran Stacey, Political Correspondent for the


Financial Times. Tomorrow's front pages. The Telegraph has a clear


warning from the Business Secretary Vince Cable: don't raise interest


rates. The Express says that a cure of Alzheimer's could be a reality in


just over a decade. Murdered for being Muslim is the Metro's headline


as police investigate the murder of a student stabbed to death in a


park. The Guardian focuses on Iraq as the government there asks the US


for air`strikes on ISIS insurgents in Tal Afar. More on Iraq in the FT


with the news that oil companies are evacuating staff from refineries


across the country. A political lead on the front of the Times, with two


polls that reportedly suggest voters do not think Ed Miliband would make


a good PM. A report in the Mirror suggests that levels of poverty in


Britain are increasing. And the Mail has news that Charles Taylor, the


warlord convicted of crimes in Sierra Leone and jailed by the Hague


for 50 years, is suing the government, saying his detention


here breaches his human rights. So let's begin.


We are going with the i. Miliband to abolish jobseeker's allowance for


the young and he is standing there with his fist clenched. Is this in


getting tough on benefits? a bacon sandwich in his mouth. He is


doing the funny fest that politicians do. They are doing it


for emphasis. They are trained to do it. They say we don't like people


pointing because it feels offensive. Instead, you do this,


which looks like positive, though it is punchy. It is


a media training thing. It is like when they do this at the dispatch


box. Stick with this allowance. When we spoke on


this I got told off for taking too long. Three key policies. If you are


under 22 and you don't have low skills `` if you have low skills,


you won't get the allowance. You only get a high rate of the


allowance, 71 pounds per week if you have done five years of paying


insurance. Young people can't claim housing benefit. Well done. There


you go. Not as punchy as the Tories who is a ?35,000 cap as a whole for


your benefits. That is the problem. Will it get around the voters who


feel Labour have been soft on the benefit issue? If you think Labour


are soft on benefits, then probably isn't going to restore your


faith. You think it is hot air. If you think Labour should support the


welfare state, it might make you think about whether you want to


the Times shows, he has terrible personal ratings and is less popular


than Nick Clegg. We have just moved on to the Times if you want to bring


it up. Not up to the top job, say voters. Pressure part of a leader.


Interestingly, a poll shows that 49% of voters think he should be


replaced. 43% of Labour voters think he should be replaced. 43%? That is


his own side. They feel that this is what... You are taking the mickey


out of politicians. I am going to notice this. Alan Johnston, the main


rival to be the Labour leader at some point in future has said that


aired isn't able to connect with people very well. In the same way


that his brother could have done, who of course was... It isn't his


strong point. People aren't enthusiastic about it. It isn't his


policies, his technical ideas about the economy or restoring faith in


benefits, the problem is he cannot get across to people that they


should like him. Being PM is basically flirting your way into


Downing Street, pleasing people all the time, making people think you


like them. I would rather flirt with a lamppost. I would be more


successful. You would rather vote for a lamppost than Ed Miliband?


Could it get any worse? They won't ditch him now. It is too late. What


can they do? They have David Axelrod in. He got a black man, Hussain, to


lead the most him Porton country on the face of the earth. Surely, he


could get a lamppost voted in. I am not sure that Miliband and Barack


Obama are not quite the same. Not quite the same message of hope.


David Axelrod two days per month, who cannot spell Ed Miliband's name


correctly . It is clear that there is an open goal that if the Labor


leader, 18,000 without adequate housing, many living in damp


housing, and if this is true, with the gap between rich and poor


widening, it is easy for anyone in opposition under these circumstances


to come up with policies like this, connecting with enough people,


millions, and Ed Miliband is not doing this. Everyone is saying it is


easy. These people aren't stupid. What is going on? If they can't kick


the ball into the open goal. The same as with the England team, it is


a matter of inspiration and the person at the top getting everyone


together, firing them up and getting them think they can win. The people


who vote are doing OK. These are the people who have houses and they see


the prices rise. These are people having a good time because of low


interest rates, people with jobs. Admittedly, wages have not gone up


quickly. Though they have jobs still. These people see the glass


half full, rather than half empty. Is that the problem ? Labour are


ahead in the polls. They should be further ahead. I am not sure...


There are two versions, interpretations of what is gone


wrong. He is to left`wing. When there is a right`wing chant Allah,


Ed Miliband is on the wrong side of the debate. `` Chancellor. All that


does is help his own side, people who will vote for him anyway. The


other problem, they aren't mutually exclusive, whatever he says, people


don't listen. He doesn't have the sex appeal. No matter how good or


useful or useless the policies may be, they are technical, thoughtful,


academic. There isn't any passion or feeling. The energy price freeze was


eye`catching. Easy to understand. It worked. He hasn't got anything like


that on the other side, being tough on benefits, what will Labour do?


They think they can be in power because the coalition is unpopular


and if they play the numbers right, if they get a 35% share, they can be


in power. That is not the way to convince people. It is not the way


to have a democratic mandate. If it was the other Ed Miliband running


labour, given the economy is improving, given that anyone in


Labour is fighting the perception that they were responsible, 100% for


the economic crash of five years ago, would they do any better? I


don't think so. The polls we looked at suggest David Millar band would


do better. The problem with David is that he was too connected to the


past. He ran a campaign about being a continuity candidate `` David


Milliband. He is weird and geeky. He was supportive of the Iraq war. That


would be disastrous in the run`up to the election. I don't think he would


be a good idea. We need a woman, Yvette Cooper should step up to the


plate. I am sure she is watching tonight and not the other bloke on


Newsnight. What's his name? I have forgotten. There you go, step up to


the plate lady. The Telegraph. Vince Cable, don't raise interest rates, a


plea on bended knee to Mr Carney. It depends on the timeframe. We see


elsewhere, it looks like the Monetary Policy Committee, the Bank


of England's decision`making committee, is gearing up towards an


interest rate) and of the year. That is earlier than expected. ``


interest`rate rise. They want to ensure inflation doesn't build.


Vince Cable is worried about the number of people who are


overleveraged, they have borrowed a lot to buy their house. I have seen


in the Times, a study that showed people are borrowing 4`5 `6 even


seven times their salary to get a home in the south`east. The banks


are clamping down on that. And lot of people have borrowed at rock


bottom rates. If you are on a mortgage, you are paying a minimal


amount, you can do it, though, what does happen when interest rates rise


as Mac will you begin defaulting? I have just borrowed a lot, you just


fix. I am fixed, I am all right. Hopefully, I will be OK. The worry


is when people start to default. Mark Carney in Canada raised it a


little and left it there for a while to see what the market does. You can


always change things. Nothing major will happen overnight, it won't jump


to 14%. It will be gradual. A lot of this is shouting about something now


so that when it comes around, no one is surprised. You don't want to


shock the market. There have been minutes from a Bank of England


meeting saying they were surprised people were not more aware there


could be a possibility of a rise. It means, get used to the idea. It will


be a tiny 0.25% rise and it won't be the end of the world. The reason


this is happening and they are talking about interest rates is


because of rising house prices, which is because of George Osborne


's help to buy scheme. I think they would be rising anyway. Is something


they have not removed from the market. The first thing they should


do is cope Help to Buy. `` curb. They have a better chance of a


majority in 2015, they want them up as high as they came for the next


year. Speaking about feeling good, we know England will win by what,


5`6 mil? The stats. The point to an England win `` nil. Analysis


suggests England will win. This is how we tackle full ball on the


Financial Times. None of York press conferences at our Steven Gerard.


Simon Cooper, who is a brilliant writer on football and has written a


book about economics in soccer and why certain things happen, he has


come up with three statistics tell us why England will win `` your. The


last time Uruguay at beat a Western European site was in 1966. That is a


long time ago `` side. They have lost against Spain, Germany, France.


Argentina have the same problem. Simon Cooper says the problem is


that South American teams don't move the ball around quickly enough.


England are good at that, moving the ball around quickly. Very quickly.


England completed 91% of passes last week. The only reason they lost is


because 92% of passes were completed. He also missed the fact


that Uruguay have never beaten them in the World Cup. We did not talk


about Luis Suarez. It has been brilliant having you in, discussing


the important issues. Stay with us here, much more at the top of the


hour. It is time for World Cup Sportsday.


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