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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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Young people who refuse training could lose benefits under


Leader Ed Miliband says they would only be eligible for


Jobseeker's Allowance if they have the right skills to get a job.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are pensions analyst Ros Altmann and Clive Petty, assistant


Wearing the metaphorical black armband, sorry it have to be


tonight. The crisis in Iraq is the main story in the Telegraph, which


has an interview with General Petraeus, the former head of the


CIA. The Guardian says new rules brought in after the Trojan horse


controversy says that it could prevent conservative Muslims running


schools. General Petraeus is warning of a terrorist army he believes is a


threat to the West, as President Obama says it is going to send in


300 special forces advisers. This will be music to the ears of the


Republicans, but not the Democrats? That's right. A lot of people are


concerned about what is happening. How do we know who are the good guys


and the bad guys? Do we want to get involved? What The Telegraph is


saying is that many of the major Arab countries all around are saying


to America, please don't get involved. The Saudi ambassador to


the UK has apparently written in the Telegraph, warning against direct


involvement, warning against air strikes and America really's or


America and the UK, actually sending troops in, or being involved


militarily. They fear it will inflame the situation. After the


experiences we have had in the last few years, it's very difficult to


know what we can actually do, militarily. That was President Obama


was saying, in a country written by sectarianism, the last thing he


wants to do is to target one particular group, Sunni Shia. At the


moment, they don't have the intelligence to know who they would


be aiming at? I'm always wary when Western governments take sides in


these sort of things, and then try to impose, once they have gone in in


the name of democracy, tell the people in that country who should be


in charge. They are talking about military attacks as a last resort.


But they are already using words like targeted, precise, they have


given this thought already. They say they are military advisers. Does


that mean they are troops? In The Guardian they call them troops.


Getting them inside the country under a different label? We really


don't know. They are talking about not having ground troops. You know,


they may not be talking about an invasion again, but these are air


strikes. It is an attack, by any other name, and they have to be


careful. They will alienate Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries.


General Petraeus makes this point, having said the US must strike


particular Iraqis, he is saying, I suspect most Iraqis, despite the


desperate situation, would not welcome outside assistance,


suggesting they would not be happy to see a return of American combat


forces in the country? That is what we have learned over the last few


years. Even if we try to help one side or the other, it is inevitable


that, in any situation, going in with air strikes, you will be


telling some people, inadvertently, who you didn't want to target at


all. That leaves the West in a very difficult situation. People,


understandably, will see the West as aggressors in some way. They will be


trying to defend people. Repeated criticism of Nouri al`Maliki for


residing over what many people regard as a very corrupt government.


There has not been and inclusive government, they are saying he needs


to sort this out for himself, and that does not include foreign


intervention? That is right. There is an example that this should be


kept as an internal conflict, if you like. That is what you would hope.


Let's move on. Staying with the Telegraph, another story on the


front page, passport solution, stay here! There is a crisis in the


passport office and a backlog of tens of thousands of people waiting


to have their passport applications processed. Here, but there minister,


Helen Grant, suggesting people should take their summer holiday in


Britain. `` tourism Minister. Tell us, who is Helen Grant? Well, it was


delivered while she is at the World Cup, in Brazil. So, she has her


passport! You can't go abroad, stay at home. We do hear these things


quite often, they seem to have that foot in mouth syndrome. If you have


booked a holiday, you don't have the option to stay here, you need your


passport to go on holiday. It's the summer, didn't anybody see this


coming? People might want to go abroad. Surely, there is an upsurge


in passport applications? It seems fairly obvious to me. She is risking


the Rath of people caught up in the fiasco. ``


I would say, what planet are you on? She came in for criticism recently


for saying that British girls might want to take up a feminine


activities like cheerleading and ballet. I feel sorry for her, they


didn't intend for there to be this backlog. They've got to introduce


emergency measures. But I don't know, you have to be careful. It's a


misunderstanding of the situation and of ordinary people that need a


passport. Let's move on to the Daily Mail. England against Uruguay. We


had to come to it in the end. It was looking quite positive in the 75th


minute, when Wayne Rooney scored the equaliser. Luis Suarez came back


minute, when Wayne Rooney scored the equaliser. Luis Suarez came with a


second goal. We will probably get in`depth analysis from Clive. It


seems too good to be true, and it was? I was so excited when we got


that equaliser. I thought, yes, we can do it. Technically, I think


there is a chance that we may still survive, but what the Daily Mail is


pointing out, worryingly, is that England fans have been attacked


ahead of the game. They were worried about them being attacked after the


game. Apparently there were some problems even before the game. Fans


hospitalised? There have been some arrests, but we don't think any


England fans have been arrested? I'm not sure if this was confirmed, but


it's quite bizarre, really, the timing of it. Only in our paper, The


Times, our correspondent had written a fantastic piece about how great


the atmosphere was between fans. The cocoa cabana Beach was standing out


as the home of football. Then out of the blue we see that they were


attacked by thugs, and England fans have needed treatment after


fireworks and Molotov cocktails were thrown into this bar. How might it


not be too late? It sounds odd to hope that a team can qualify with


just three points, but they will have to to beat Costa Rica. We are


going to have to be Italy fans, they can beat them and Uruguay. Anything


of that has to happen? A flash of lightning? There is a big statue


that looks down over the beach. The reaction on social media was elation


to depression, the plane coming back to bring the England team home? For


a while, when Wayne Rooney rise to, it looked like only one team was


going to win the game. Luis Suarez showed why he is one of the worlds


best strikers. And he was injured? He wasn't sure to start. He had


surgery just days before start of the tournament. He was a doubt to


start. Certainly wasn't expected to last the entire match. It would have


been handy if he went off before that. I'm going to get shot down.


You can't help thinking that if it was like the Olympics, we had Team


GB, rather than England, would we have... Would we be celebrating? I


am going to get shot down. I can only think of one other player that


might have got into Team GB, that wasn't English, and that is Gareth


Bale. Well, he's my hero. Well, I'm a Tottenham supporter, so I still


have good memories. One final thing, we will move on, how many more


world`class players have the Uruguay team got? If you take Luis Suarez


out? Well, you just have to go back to the first game, when he didn't


play. The big upset was the 3`1 defeat by Costa Rica, who were meant


to be the whipping boys of the group. We kind of hope they reverted


to type on Friday and hope that Italy breeze through their remaining


games. Let's go back to the Telegraph and have a look at the


cartoon. I have to confess, I'm so ashamed of this, I had to have this


explained to me. I thought it was something to do... There is a


fridge, I thought it was something to do with NPower and electricity


bills. Clive was on hand to explain. A man holding his beer mug? I assume


he has been watching the football, he might be going to drown his


sorrows. His very canny wife has used a spray can to get an exclusion


zone around the fridge and him. This is a reference to referees in


Brazil, armed with spray cans to mark out and make sure the defensive


walls are ten yards away from the ball. I think he has used the beer


can? I am kind of hoping so, the spray in Brazil disappears after a


few minutes, I hope she hasn't ruined her floor. Miliband shrugs


off criticism. Ed Miliband insists she can defy the odds and win next


make's general election. Unemployed people would not be in receipt of


certain benefits unless they have training, that could almost have


come from the coalition? That's right. In the other papers, a view


of the Labour bigwigs are saying, we cannot expect to win an election if


we are just trying to bash the poor. If we are trying to be tough


on welfare than anybody else, they are not sure it is the right


approach. What Mr Miliband was saying was, rather than giving


people unemployment benefits, let's give them training. Actually, I


think that makes sense. If you are just getting money and you haven't


got any skills, that is not going to get you a future. But if you are put


into some kind of training programme, and you are helped to go


back into the labour market, that is fine. One of the worries is that he


was talking about means testing. If your parents are well off, you will


not get help. If your parents aren't, you will. That creates


family tension. Some parents, if the kids are rebelling, they may not


want to support them. Is that the answer? If your kids are at home,


let your parents make you get a job. They are obviously not leaving the


house. They've got no skills, what are they going to do? Let's move on


to the business pages of the Telegraph. The story has been in


bulletins were very much. Ofgem gets tough on NPower over Alinghi errors.


They have been told they have to stop touting for new customers until


they sort these problems out. Apparently, one in every four NPower


customers are complaining. Bank accounts are being debited with


direct debits that other wrong amount. Why don't they leave? It's


easy to move? My experience of NPower, it isn't. I used to be one


of their customers, and I did what you suggested, it takes ages before


you actually start getting connected to another supplier. If you have


been wrongly billed, you want the money back? I changed again, not too


long ago, before Christmas. I have only just received, and this is not


with NPower, I have only just received my first bill. It is not


just them, it seems to be the big six. They are saying that customers


trying to phone them up are being kept on hold for over an hour, who


has time for that? The These watchdogs get a lot of criticism.


They are toothless and have no say. Does this sound quite promising to


you that Ofgem have grasped the nettle? You hope so. You hope they


might be an element of things are so bad even the regulators sit up and


takes notice. It is essential that customers know the regulators are


going to help sort out things like this. You cannot have big companies


debiting huge amounts from your account and not servicing you, not


answering the Fife`I have therefore we have time for this error. Fife ``


stay with us. Coming up next, it is time for, I believe, Sportsday from


Brazil. Hello and welcome to Sportsday.


Wayne Rooney gets his first England World


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