20/06/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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will also have the cricket news. That is all in the sport in 15


minutes after the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


at what the papers are bringing us tomorrow. With me to do that are


James Miller. We also have the editor of the FT Magazine.


Tomorrow's front pages in detail in a moment. First, a quick, sneak


preview. This is the front page of the i. In the Daily Mail, more


details about the young Briton from Cardiff. The Telegraph reports that


councils are to be used from `` banned from using CCTV cameras.


Reports that the Queen has bought a luxury helicopter for Prince William


and Kate. There are plans to allow networks to share coverage in rural


areas. No surprises that the jihadists video on social media has


entered into a lot of the front pages of tomorrow's papers. The


Daily Mail has really been investigating quite hard who some of


the men are that appear in the video. One of them, they seem to


have done quite well with. He is 20 years old. That is one of the most


striking things. This chap is not a no`hoper essentially. He could have


gone to medical school. He has 12 GCSEs at a or a plus. We tend to


think that people who go to Syria or Iraq have no hope at home. He is not


one of these people which makes it all the more worrying. White matter


it is a worrying profile. There is no reason for him to feel badly done


too. `` it is a worrying profile. This man had a whole life ahead of


him. We have to be consider our preconceptions of what makes a young


man from Britain, a young Muslim man, become the jihadi. I think what


is so interesting is also the way that social media is now being used.


You have investigated that before. The FT weekend magazine ran a report


in March around this subject specifically. We looked at the


extent to which many different platforms of social media, but in


particular Twitter, was being used as a recruitment tool. In fact,


ISIS, the organisation, operates dozens of Twitter accounts. They


tweet in Arabic and in English. One of the cases that we have reported


on, a young man similar to this one, he was educated and from Portsmouth


went out in December and got himself killed in Syria. He had 3000


followers on Twitter and he used his twitter account to sort of


promulgate his views, opinions and passion about Islam and Jihad will


stop also in a very normal way he would tweet about what he had for


breakfast and his cat and so on. Very normalising. It is a completely


different way of recruitment. It is not all about hate preachers in


individual masks any more. If the Daily Mail can find at this much


information as quickly as they have, one wonders what are my five


doing? What are they finding out? They are using social media sites


like Twitter. I think they have found out a lot in the last few


days. The Government only prescribed ISIS in the last few days. They were


taken by surprise. They heard in government there has been a slight


panic at MI5 but they had suddenly realised this is the big threat and


they need to fire a lot of resources on to it very quickly. One father


says `` his father says he thought he had gone to Turkey. They had not


heard from him. The next thing they know, this video turns up. Also, we


gather, that his 17 year rolled brother may be with him as well. ``


17`year`old. The families are not aware. I'd agree that also shows


another problem that communities and families are not aware of this kind


of recruitment. That also shows another problem. They need to work


out who they are hanging out with. It is difficult to police your


family at all times. Yes. Let's move on to the Daily Telegraph. A very


different story. Very different in fact. End of the road for car


parking zealots is the headline. This is about councils being banned


from using CCTV cameras to catch is out with parking offences. This is


an initiative from Eric Pickles. Not many people haven't been caught out


by CCTV cameras. A potential vote winner. David Cameron has been


talking about potholes today. People sit in the lobby and go, isn't it


funny, potholes? It matters to people and so does car parking. The


story in The Times about mobile phone blackspots. These matter. Is


the problem with CCTV cameras being used being, that is not their main


purpose. We're not talking up parking on a double yellow line out


staying your loading bay duration. It is slightly odd. They want to


ease the policing of parking. What is the point of having these


restrictions if you're not going to police them. It does not quite add


up. There are people screaming at the television, saying, it is not


about policing it is about making money, generating money. The


motoring lobby is very influential, isn't it? On a serious note, there


is a lot of votes on this of thing. It is an easy... They have


themselves a splash in the Daily Telegraph 's. `` Daily Telegraph.


The World Cup does make it onto the front page. The man who put England


out of the World Cup, says The Times. A bit of a profile of the


much we all want to forget really. If only Brian was from Fulham, he


could play for England. He is from Costa Rica and he has put England


out, to everyone's surprise. A lot of people might have expected


England to be out at this stage but not to the hands of Costa Rica going


through. The South American teams are doing really well. They have a


lot of home support. They are definitely rising. At least we are


now spread to become the gated mass of how could England go through if


this happened at that happened and that happened. Straws clutching


springs to mind. The Daily Mirror has the most important questions and


I would imagine the conversation in many pubs and living rooms this


evening, what now for Roy Hodgson? They go into much detail. This piece


in the sports section with the headline, coming home, the FA is


right to stick with Roy. A lot of debate about that at the moment.


Absolutely. The question people will be asking is, who else can do it? It


is not so much, what next for Roy but if you get rid of him, who else


is there? The answer is, no one really. On that basis he will be


sticking around for a lot longer. He must stay because they can say he


must go but then they have to offer an alternative and there are not


any. He picked a young team. I took a lot of support came out


particularly from the former England captain saying, he did his best with


what he had. That is not a world`class football team. Even when


Rooney has been accused of not being world`class. He is good that he is


not consistently good. That is his problem. We did know that before


they went. The buck stops with the boss. If they lose to Costa Rica, it


might be a different headline. In the Guardian, back to the kind of


lines we were talking about after the local elections and the EU


elections. They have brought it back onto the agenda for some sort of


reason. Labour election anxiety grows. Fears over the Ed Miliband


effect. Ed Miliband has been told by Labour front bench is that he will


have to resign if they lose the next general election. There is some fear


about whether he can take them to the next general election and put


them in power. It is a really bizarre splash, to be honest. Who


did not think that Ed Miliband would have to resign if he lost the next


election? Absolutely no names. The buck stops with the boss if you have


not done well. Labour did not do too badly, they could have done better.


The pressure is mounting on Ed Miliband. He has not had a


particularly good week, has he? Let's face it. This week he is


particularly `` has particular taken a hammering for his lack of


confidence and lack of leadership qualities. White Rabbit and for not


being his brother. Still a lot of support for David Miliband. `` and


for not being his brother. 35% support for being the next Prime


Minister. He would thrash David Cameron in a head`to`head. 30


million people did not vote in those elections and they are not engaged


in politics. There is some talk now in the Daily Mail on page six of a


summer of pain for Nick Clegg put up to reconnect with the voters, get


people back voting for what ever party but he will hope for his


party. Lord Ashton did this and it went well. I was unaware that he had


worked in a gay nightclub. It did help with his popularity. However,


if Nick Clegg does this now it will be obvious. I think they want him to


get on his knees and he has got to show that he's really sorry. You


think that politicians engage with us normal folk enough. I don't mean


journalists but people who are working down mine shafts. Not unless


there's a photo opportunity. Lauded owners when he was transport


Minister rode the rails for a summer to find out what was wrong with


that. He didn't fix it. Jeremy Hunt hangs around hospitals a lot. He


said he had shaved half a moustache off, from a man who was having an


operation. It goes on below the radar. When politicians do try to


engage with the public sometimes it goes terribly wrong. They get it so


wrong. Baseball caps and bigoted women. The list goes on. We will be


back tomorrow with more papers. We will be back at half past 11. We


will be looking at some of the paper stories. Still to come: We will hear


from our security correspondent Frank Gardner on the recruitment


video apparently released by ISIS.


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