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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers with this lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Saudi woman in Colchester say it is possible the killer carried out a


similar knife attack in the town three months before.


Welcome to look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow


with me tonight the writer and political commentator Joe Phillips,


and Nigel Nelson, political editor of the Sunday people. Tomorrow's


front pages, let's start with the mail, with the headline school boy


to jihadists, the mail on Sunday names one of the Britons it claims


to have appeared in and Ricky militant Isis video. The Sunday


Telegraph focuses on the case of two brothers ` Iraqi. You left the


British suburb to fight in Syria. The Independent on Sunday quotes MI6


which says 300 fighters from Syria already back in the UK. David


Cameron under fire according to the Sunday Times for his apparent


failure to stop Jean`Claude Juncker from becoming president of the


European Commission. The observer tells asked Lord Kinnock has offered


his support for the current Labour leader Ed Miliband. Finally 17


million of us are in line to receive compensation from airlines, for


delays and cancellations over the past six years. That is the claim in


an exclusive report in the Sunday express. Let's kick off with the


first of those. The Sunday Telegraph, the brilliant brothers


who left British suburb for Jihad. These are the two boys who


apparently appeared in the video that everyone has been talking about


that you have been covering. Their father as "eloquently across the


media today saying he is heartbroken. ` quite eloquently. It


would appear they are part of a wider network. This is really


worrying. We were talking about it, where do you get to the point where


you find the balance between frightening people and, obviously


there are all sorts of issues about not wanting to stir up any hatred.


That it is a real problem. As we come onto the papers in a moment we


will see there are more warnings coming from the former head of MI6


about the numbers of people who have come to Britain having gone out to


fight in Syria. In the wider area. It does seem to become a real


problem. Interestingly Lord Carlile who was the government 's former


anti`terrorism and Pfizer, who criticised the Home Office for


scrapping special orders to deal with terror suspects. `


anti`terrorism officer. It is the balance between civil liberties,


tracking terrorism, catching people. And asking the question of


why this happens. What is causing this? Is it disaffection or


brainwashing? Radicalisation? I don't go for the brain washing line


to much. Especially with these two lads. They are intelligent young


man. They had a great career before them. They were a grade students.


What makes them want to go out and and possibly, or probably get


killed. The radicalisation going on here is something we have to look


at. There are immediate things we could do. One thing that would help


Yewtree, they went to Turkey to get to Syria. ` hugely. The Turks need


to patrol their borders more carefully. When it comes down to why


these people want to go, we have to start in schools. The only way of


doing that, is for teachers to keep an eye out, for youngsters who are


going in that direction. Becoming radicalised. Once they have gone,


they will come back as trained killers. Then you get into the


Michael Gove area, and the Trojan horse schools. I'm not sure teaching


British values is quite the point. The issue there is to try to spot


people on their way to being radicalised. And what is going on.


You were talking a second ago about what the public can do. The idea is


if people understand just how dangerous these people are,


aware of. Who is around them what is going on, the only way to do that is


for the security services to be able to tell us a bit more about the


plots, 34 plants have been disrupted since seven slash seven, ` plots. A


bit more about what would've happened if those plots had come to


fruition. We have grown up watching things like spooks, you see films


like this, really chilling recruitment videos. It is very


fashioned barmaid and put together. But it looks like anything that


could be a video game. ` very flash and well`made. If you have a younger


brother watching something like that, you are not going to take much


notice, that there is this element of, you almost need to, not horrify


people, but say this is what happens. Does our generation, to


older generations talk successfully to teenagers? Do you think? Or is


there a generation problem? A lot of this is happening on social media.


Through technology. And the people who are trying to govern it, are


from a different generation. I'm the father of a teenager, and often


talking to him can be very difficult. He is not going out to


fight in Syria. This is a much more serious thing. People who are, lads


like this, who will come back and be perfectly happy to kill us. That is


a huge leap down the road. Talking their language, this comes down to


what the Muslim community does. It works in the mosques, the scores.


There are all sorts of ways of doing that. The first thing we have to do


is understand where these guys are coming from. `` the schools. It is


the same story on the front of the mail on Sunday, school boy to


jihadists. They have a photograph of calm and school in 2010. `: Khan.


His father has been speaking about it, it is absolutely, the father of


the other bloke, he looks like any kid. Where was the trigger? What


happened? Who did he meet? It is the awful thing, teenagers can become


very idealistic. There is nothing new in that. It is when it turns


into this sort of fanaticism and this terrible murderous fanaticism


that it becomes something appalling. The Independent on Sunday front


page, MI6 300 fighters from Syria now back in the UK. We are still in


that same fascinating space of, an extremely important story for our


society at the moment, but do we risk terrifying? People have to be,


not so much terrifying people, but people have to be aware. 911


happened, 77/7 happened, we know from recent history watched


terrorists are capable of. It is not a question of terrifying them. If


few years go by you stop thinking about it. It is that kind of thing,


that kind of awareness, not being terrified me go back to normal


business. They have one if you don't. What is important issue keep


your eyes and ears open and watch out for what is going on. `` they


have won. They are quoting a former terrorism chief at MI6. They are


saying 300 of these people are already back here. If you think of


these people are already back here. If you think about and to active


number of people who posed a risk worth 600. `` the IRA at its


height. They had already trained in warfare and explosives and weapons.


Back here now. They pose a threat to us. We have with us to people `2


people are well connected in the world of politics. Let's have a look


at the Sunday Times. Don't mention... Prime Minister 's failure


to curb the EU. This is one of those stories where it is incredibly


important to Westminster village but actively engaged the nation to get


excited about this? I can imagine you read here that in the breakfast


tables of the country tomorrow, it is important of course but it is


also incredibly dull and incredibly complicated. This is 54 of Britain's


leading businessmen who have written a letter to the Sunday Times which


is why they are leading with it on the front page, saying they're very


concerned by the government 's failure to protect UK from European


Union plans to tax the city and oppose new red tape. They are


forcing David Cameron, I think this is quite interesting. Ed Miliband


will come unto him in a minute, you is not having the best of weeks. We


will come onto him. David Cameron is taking won this battle about Mr


Juncker. You think why? David Cameron has got himself into a mess.


He has called a referendum in 2017, and in slash out referendum. He has


to come back with some kind of reforms in Europe. If Mr Juncker


gets the job and he's pretty certain to get its now, getting those


reforms will be much more difficult. David Cameron has now seen his other


referendum, the one he decided to call in Scotland, is not going as


easily as he thought. The same thing could happen here. We end up with no


Scotland, and out of the EU. We would be isolated. He is joined to


play as many last`ditch stand as he can. And he is beginning to look a


bit desperate. He is going to try to call a vote of the European Council


which is Europe's leaders, to see if they can block them. This is


unprecedented, I'm not sure what status a vote would have. He will


lose, nine of them have already come out in favour him. That makes you


even more week. The word desperate this right but life would be much


more difficult for him if Juncker does get the vote. You are both very


interested as well, Kinnock defends Labour leader against "vindictive"


agenda. A vindictive agenda, strong words. They are rather strong words.


Lord Kinnock as he is now, should know better than anybody what it is


like to have what he calls a hostile press. He had it in 1992. The point


she is making is making his, Ed Miliband has now become a victim of


a hostile press. `` he is making. The target of a hostile press. Not


quite a victim. I think he is a victim. You cannot blame the press


entirely for his poll ratings which are dire. Afflicted by a certain


extent by the media but they are not making him do stupid things like


having his photograph taken in the sun. That is ridiculous. When you


get into a hall and people see you, looking weak, `` a hole, unfortunate


photographs like that bacon sandwich video, everyone sneers and jokes,


everyone look stupid. It piles it on, press come, they can smell


blood. How much will Ed Miliband welcome Lord Kinnock 's backing?


They are friends and Neil Kinnock that for the leadership anyway.


Whether or not an intervention like this is actually helpful, I don't


think blaming the press, blaming the messenger. You'll Kinnock had a


rough time at the messenger. You'll Kinnock had a rough time and costs.


Doesn't like us very much. `` Neil Kinnock. We can understand that. ``


at the hands of the press. We are still focusing on Ed Miliband 's


problems, which he won't welcome. The idea he is weird, he's not


weird, he can be Prime Minister. Pupils at the moment show he is


likely to be by Minister, `` the likely to be by Minister, `` the


polls. He needs to do a bit about his personal ratings. Thank you for


joining us. More on that later. We should mention major refit photo on


the front of the Observer of Andy Murray meeting Rufus the Hawk. We


will explain more as it comes. That is it for the papers for this hour.


You will both be back at 11:30pm for another whizz through the stories


making the news tomorrow. Stay with us, at 11pm we will bring you the


latest as new details emerge about British man filmed in an apparent to


had it video posted online. `` jihadist.


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