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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers with lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me is the brighter and political commentator Jo Philips


and Nigel Nelson. Schoolboy to Jihadist is the headline on the


Mail. The same story on the Sunday Telegraph of the two brothers who


left a British suburb to fight in Syria. The Independent is talking


about fighters from Syria who are now back in the UK. David Cameron is


under fire for his inability to stop Jean`Claude Juncker from becoming


chief of the European commission. Support for Ed Miliband in the


Observer and apparently 17 million of us are due to receive


compensation from airlines for delays over the past 15 years or so


says the Sunday Express. Let's start with this one, the claim that 3000


fighters from Syria are now back in the UK. That isn't good news, is


it? Know and if you go to the actual story on the inside, it is quite


bad. This is from and my six `` MI6 and a report is coming out from


someone who has been tracking the Taliban and other fighters over the


past ten years and worryingly, he says that the Syrian war is likely


to be an incubator for a new generation of terrorism and more


than 12,000 foreign fighters have gone to Syria since the war began.


10,000 went to Afghanistan ten years ago so that is considerably more


already in the last three years. It is quite grim. But Nigel, it is


politically quite difficult to determine how to stop people


travelling. If they are British citizens, they have the rights to


come and go as they please and it depends what they have been up to


when they have gone somewhere because they can be arrested coming


back. I think this figure gives some kind of idea of the task that


security services will be facing in monitoring 300 people which would be


a mammoth task `` 3000. If you are looking at each one, the only thing


they can do is try to find out which of those pose the greatest risk


because all of them will pose some kind of a risk on the basis of where


they have been. . This one talks about the schoolboy to the Jihadist


and it is an image that is going to pop up quite a bit. There he is at


school in 2010 and on the right he is apparently in this ISIS video


which came out last week and this will lead to a lot of discussion


about how happy and contented people can't seem to be. Who was it to got


to him? What did he read or see or watch? Or was he in that state of


teenage angst where they become very idealistic and passionate and


something just takes them away. It could almost be an identical story


about a kid who has gone from being happy and well balanced to becoming


a victim of drug culture because, in a way, someone has helped him get


there and enabled him to fulfil this desire that he has presumably got to


go out and do something and become a fanatic like this.


I think that it is the image on the front of the paper that shows a


happy schoolboy, turned into a jihadist with an AK`47 around his


neck. What made it happen? Social media? Peer pressure? Or is there


somebody out there actively recruiting? If you are profiling or


spotting people, you wouldn't say... He looks like a perfectly


ordinary kid. The Sunday Times. Here is an intriguing story. MH370 pilot


quotes chief suspect. Who is telling us this? This is the police over in


Malaysia and what they are saying is, the trouble with this story is


every little snippet is adding another clue. We still have no idea


what happened. What they are suggesting is he is the chief


suspect because he made no social or work commitments after the flight


while the rest of the crew did. I am not sure that is what you call


conclusive evidence. Maybe he is a guy who did not plan ahead. That is


what they are suggesting. Investigation is centring on the


pilot. Again, even if it does, why did he do it? Was he working with a


lot of? The way this whole story has gone, we will be having this


discussion in one year, two years, ten years time. Until they find some


wreckage, it will be very hard. Remember all the stories about the


new tribal? It the same. `` Bermuda Triangle. Another story that has


caught your attention, British troops to fat to fight. It's because


the food is so good. Nigel and I have both eaten in barracks abroad.


They do have fantastic food because army cooks are great. More than


32,000 soldiers! The way they were cutting back order the Armed


Forces, that is a serious figure. Eva is two and they not fit to


fight, we have a real problem. What they are talking about is they are


Sega Camp Bastion, one place where I have been to eat. They would cook


breakfast there, pizza. The one thing about travelling with the Army


is a seem to not just light on their stomach, the fly, stale `` sale, and


people are throwing food at you. There's not much else, is there?


Division to do, you are expending a lot of energy. You need to put


calories in one ad... Where is the sergeant saying, Nelsen, you are


getting a bit porky! I do expect them to be quite fit. Certainly,


give them food if they are slimmer, strong, tough and going out into


action. If they are lying around sort of... Obese. You would think


the sergeant major would do some in about it. Cut the calories down


slightly. The chairman of the obesity Forum says, I would have


thought it was the job of the army to keep them fit. A fair


observation. I can hear soldiers across the country throwing things


at the TV saying I do not know what you are talking about! Serious


matters now. This is the state of Ed Miliband's leadership. The clinic


has come out in support of him. He is about the only person who has not


damped him with faint praise. It was Kinnock who famously had the


Slightly better than having your Slightly better than having your


photograph taken if you are Ed Miliband. Underneath all of these,


there is a serious story that Ed Miliband is in a hole. He has become


a victim. I think, not by his own making because I do not think he is


as bad as he is made out to be. Unfortunate photographs. We were


just talking about this that you do think, this is so Westminster, he is


surrounded by all of these people and somewhere, somebody needs to say


to him, just go for a walk. Go to an art gallery. Do something ordinary


and get away from this obsessive being about everything you do is


going to be picked over. Is this completely Westminster? Is Ed


Miliband elite arrives in the way he seems to be... We lack he has been a


political adviser, my impression of Ed Miliband is that he is great when


he is himself. Very personable, great company, that is not saying


that's enough to be Prime Minister but his personal qualities are his


best assets. Just leave him alone and let him beams. Don't worry about


all the messages you have to get across, just let himself across. You


do so much better. That is why I agree, just take some time out and


leave the advisers behind. This is the first time, obviously, we have


had fixed term of Parliament. Everyone is so excited, looking


forward to the next World Cup. All the ambitious advisers who hope they


are going to be at the seat of government next May. They are all


hurrying around and everyone is saying, I think you should do


this... Everyone has a phrase... He wants to be the leader of the


country! Should he be making decisions for himself. That is my


point. You can end up having to many advisers and interestingly, his main


advisers are all blokes which would suggest that is an awful lot of


machismo competition going on. If you had a few... He needs to find


his own self confidence to tell him to sod off and leave him alone. Can


you lose `` use that word at 1130 was that the expression is well


made. Let's look at The Sunday Express. 17 million of us. 17


million! Are to get airline refunds. If we apply for it. I do


not think they will be automatic. They have been trying to not pay us


when they have flights delayed. They have been claiming that extra very


circumstances have stopped play and flying, therefore we are not do


compensation. There has been assisted in Europe whereby they


should be paying as compensation. Now we are going to get it. This


will cost the airline 's 6.3 billion. It found very much like the


trouble the banks had... Exactly on the insurance staff. Where they will


get the money, I am not sure. Gas. I will give you a clue. `` yes. Is a


good story. Has it got legs? Has it got wings? It is not a lot of money


but the point is, I think it is a big guy versus the little guy. This


has been in the works since 2009. The companies have been diddling


around, some bloke took one company to a small claims court and it has


escalated. Sometimes, the ordinary person, it is not a lot of money,


only ?350. Get rid of attacks. No time to mention that last story... I


do apologise. There is something fundamentally wrong. Thank you both


very much indeed. Do stay with us here on ABC News. At midnight we


bring you the latest ` as details emerge about the British man filmed


in an apparent Jihadist recruiting video posted online. But coming up


next it's time for Sportsday.


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