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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Martine Croxall.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me is Martin Bentham, Home Affairs Editor at the London Evening


Standard and Yasmin Alibhai Brown, columnist from the Independent.


The mother of a man from Cardiff filmed in a jihadist recruitment


video appealing for him to come home is the lead story for the Metro.


The Daily Telegraph's front story is an investigation into claims


The paper also says the MI6 were handed intelligence five months ago


outlining the takeover of jihadists is Northern Iraq.


''Tories put Profits over Patients'' is the headline on the Mirror, top


doctors criticising the Health and Social Care Act saying millions are


The Guardian has the ongoing row over who will be the next president


of the European Commission. The Daily Express focuses on Britain


facing what it calls 'hayfever hell' with double


the sufferers this summer. You were sniffing your way through


the main bulletin because URA sufferer. MI6 neglected and alert to


jihadi 's takeover. Intelligence of this plan takeover of northern Iraq


by Isis. It appears that it was the Kurds who were trying to encourage


Britain and America to engage in some way. We know that there's


precious little intelligence about where the ISIS fighters are and who


they are. The Kurds thought that this risk was there. The question is


what would we have done if we had responded to this. The fact of the


matter is that the Americans and we as well are not very keen to get


involved. Barack Obama is quoted here from yesterday saying we can't


think we will play whackamole. Perhaps with hindsight there should


have been some response. It wouldn't have been a full`scale military


response. With all this going on, all of us, all of the time, it would


have helped, surely, for behind`the`scenes work to be done,


at least to know who is arming these guys. This is a well`planned


initiative. Everybody knows where they are going next. If there was


any information surely there's something that could have been done.


The Telegraph is saying that there was a bit of neglect. There have


been more and more examples of that. What could have been done is


what we've seen in recent days with military advisers, giving some


strategic advice about how to defend the place and maybe bolstering


defences in some ways. It has to be remembered that it wasn't just the


Americans being desperate to get out of Iraq. It was the government that


wanted him to leave. It's not a Western governments to intervene


because of what has happened in the there are so much intelligence work


and other kinds of interventions that happened behind the scenes. I


don't know how this was allowed to get to this point macro. It has got


to this point because of what has happened in Syria. Isis has been


growing in strength. Five months ago they hadn't even taken for Lucia ``


another city. It's not back closely linked with Syria. In such a


well`planned insurgents. There's a huge amount of money behind them. ?1


billion. Some of that they had gained themselves by their


successors. Selling off antiquities. A lot of this stuff has the backing


of Saudi Arabia. There's a lot of that going on. No pressure seems to


be put on them. It comes partly from Syria. Partly caused by the failure


of the Nouri al`Maliki government. People don't recognise the borders.


That's the point about their organisation. It's a new country


they are trying to form. I think our intelligence services have some


questions to ask. It's a bit too easy to blame them. Britain is the


country my son has betrayed in the Guardian. Video urging Westerners to


join him in the fight in Syria. His father lives in Cardiff and we heard


the shock in his voice. He had his sons passport but they got a new


passport. We've heard the stress in his mother 's voice when she was


interviewed. No idea that this was where they were heading.


Unfortunately this is a story we haven't heard in this terms, but


police have been saying for some time that some people have gone over


there and their families go to the police saying please help us to get


our sons back. That's the problem. Some of these men are 16, 17 and 18.


Old enough to do their own thing. Parents can't always control them.


That's the interesting thing. Some of these people are


third`generation. In spite of having difficult times when they settled


they have a deep attachment to this country. The father said I came here


as an orphan and I feel close to this country. Something has happened


to this third`generation or they are being influenced in ways may be


through the Internet or wherever, even the parents don't recognise.


Possibly the influence of the Internet but there has been some


radicalisation taking place in Cardiff. The police and MI5 think


it's not just the Internet but there are also facilitators. Some very


smart people are getting caught up in this. Brainwashing is what it is.


They are highly intelligent, a lot of them. These two young men, as


we've seen they've had great opportunities. One of them got a


place at medical school. They were not failures. They had been seduced


by this ideology. I can't understand at. A warning of a split with the


EU. Duncan Smith raises the stakes in the row over the choice of EU


president. David Cameron is not keen on this man. He hasn't endeared


himself to the media. Iain Duncan Smith says the idea of us staying is


unlikely if Jean`Claude Juncker gets the job. They can't just leave. It


seems quite peculiar thick Iain Duncan Smith to say this. This is a


club of many nations and Britain can't dictate. He has a point. There


is an argument that it doesn't really matter who's in charge.


Whoever it is will have a similar type of perspective. Jean`Claude


Juncker has been built up into this bogeyman. He has been at the centre


of this. He believes in Europe. An ever closer union which is something


we don't believe in in general. If our government is trying to say


this. There was a minority saying we don't like the way things are going


and somebody who's been at the centre of the European project in


such a central way. I think we should make Nigel Farage. That's


what we should be fighting for. Keep him away from the general election


next year. Andy Murray, I'm ready to wow you all over again. Promises,


promises. Wouldn't it be marvellous if he does it again? He managed to


live with the pressure last year. A great success. He could relieve all


of the football boom. It will be a tough battle for him. He seems to be


handling better since his last victory. We are more forgiving. It's


a British attitude. We want him to be ruthless. Let's move back to the


Daily Telegraph. Retirement, give it up and train as a teacher.


Pensioners will be encouraged to retrain as teachers, particularly if


they have sciences and engineering are specialities. I wonder how


appealing this will be. I love the idea. Sometimes I think his ideas


are good. Study on! Credit where it's due. ` steady on. So many of us


are living longer. We can't imagine giving up altogether. It's a


horrible thing, waiting to die. The one thing in this country that we


need is more intergenerational linkups. It happens within veteran


soldiers talking to young people. It's good if people want to do it


but the nu tea are threatening to strike. The school retirement age


will rise to 67. Not really feasible. Conflicting problems.


People don't have enough money for retirement so they are told to work


for longer but can they hang onto their jobs? I think it's a very good


idea if want to do it. In certain subjects there is a shortage of


teachers. Maybe some of them want respite from looking after their


grandchildren. Get paid for it. Instead of being unpaid help. We


were well behaved. Whether it can continue at 11:25pm we will wait and


see. We will be back them. Stay with us. More on the warning from the


UK's most senior counterterrorism police officer on the threat of


fighters returning to Britain from Syria. Please buy a newspaper


tomorrow because we won't have anything to talk about if you don't.


A way of hearing gunfire in the most concealed of places. I'm all ears.


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