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argued against backing Jean`Claude Juncker for the role. Kievan


Girouard says he wants more time to decide whether or not to quit


international football. `` Steven Gerrard.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me is Martin Bentham, home affairs Editor at the


London Evening Standard and Yasmin Alibhai Brown, columnist from the


Independent. Tomorrow's front pages starting with... The Daily Telegraph


investigates football match fixing. The Financial Times is cutting the


international terrorism budget. `` features a story on the government.


The crisis in Iraq leads the Independent. The Times leads on an


NHS finance story. Also a picture of Andy Murray who will begin to defend


his Wimbledon title tomorrow. So let's begin... The Telegraph first.


This is the issue of ISIS being on the march. Yes, and they must have


known at MI6 because they watch everything and everybody. Was a


decision made or was it neglect or were they just hopeless? Even if


they knew, what could they have done? I'm not sure which one of


those it would have been but it seems to me absolutely clear that


they must've known. The Americans have been very clear in the last few


days that they need more Intel and that if they do anything, that must


be a contribution. They have only started flying drone missions to


take aerial surveillance over the last few weeks. This was five months


ago and the subtext to all of this is that the Americans don't really


want to get involved. He had been reluctant in the last few days to


have any involvement in this. I think, actually, although this was


five months ago, ISIS took over Falluja white it while ago and once


they had secured that area, obviously there was a threat of them


spreading elsewhere. What worries me is, I am a Shia Muslim and it is an


old battle that started after the Prophet died and it has reappeared


with a vengeance and that is quite frightening because as far as I'm


concerned, Muslims can be of various denominations like Christians can


but there now seems to be a concerted effort to wipe out Shia


people partly because of the bad politics in Iraq. And the bad


politics of Nouri al`Maliki. He has not been inclusive. Let's move on


and look at the Financial Times, the counterterrorism budget has been cut


to ?15 million coming up with efforts to slim down the diplomatic


service. Obviously, in the light of what is happening in Iraq and the


need for intelligence, this will be of huge concern. To be fair to the


government, the Foreign Office doesn't fund everything. It is not


the same as MI6 cutting anything, their budget is still going up. The


overseas work of MI6 will continue. But the Foreign Office has


essentially been very good at knowing these nations. There are


many people who understand the terrain and the politics and it


seems to me, if you want to cut down at the Foreign Office, these


embassies abroad, let's start with those, they are astonishing. You


don't need these palaces anymore. I think to cut down this section would


be excellent. You can't have a British embassy in a bid to break


house can you `` in a red brick house. I have been to about four or


five and they are outstanding. I have been to the one in Paris.


You're going to Wimbledon tomorrow so you can't complain. The


Guardian, Britain is my country but my son has betrayed it. This is the


father of Nasser Muthana who said that he was shocked and saddened


when he found out what happened and that his wife collapsed to the


ground. The impact that it has on families when they find out where


their children have gone to is devastating. And the wives, so many


times the wives of these young men don't know where they're going. He


could have been such a good doctor and gone to these countries and


helped. And when they come back, the fate that awaits them is pretty grim


if it can be proved that they have been involved in terrorism or gone


to a training camp. It is a maximum of ten ten years and there is a very


heavy penalty for having partaken in one of these training camps


particularly if you are filled with these weapons as they often are in


the videos. We should start on brainwashing them when they get


back. Something happens to their heads and we should be doing much


more work with them. That is obviously the key in the long run,


trying to ensure that they become normalised. We have had the effect


of Afghanistan and Iraq and so on and it has been creating a problem


for so long where you have had Cressida Dick talking about how this


problem has been around or many years `` for. I remove or steering


five years ago about how the threat from Al`Qaeda would last for years


and that was also dissipating a little bit and now we are back with


a new one. Another story in the Guardian, Torry warning of a split


with the EU as the PM enters into a row with the next commission


president. This is whether or not Jean`Claude Juncker should be the


head of the European commission. David Cameron has his suspicions and


he is not the only one who is not keen on him. The centreleft Italian


Prime Minister is not excited anyway. I think Angela Merkel is. I


think she is in a position where the cause of the largest policy being


aligned with him, I think it is suggesting that behind the scenes


she is not that happy but she is in a position where she feels she has


to do it and I think that is what this story is suggesting. David


Cameron wants to flesh out Angela Merkel and the Italian Prime


Minister and make them vote his way. If I was more committed to the


European Union as a country, I would get really fed up with us. But not


everyone across Europe is keen with what we have at the moment. I think


it needs reform but we have been so halfhearted about belonging and we


want to over exert the influence that we do have. I don't think we


should necessarily think that all of these countries are acting in a


quantitative or altruistic way. You're fighting for their own


interests. The the Independent is back to Iraq. The great unraveling


with Sunni militants seizing more towns yesterday. The West agonizes


over how to respond. Is this the unraveling of Iraq? Can it exist in


its current form or will it exist in name only? That is one of the big


questions and ISIS certainly wants to achieve the unraveling of Iraq.


You are now potentially going to have a attractive situation which


may end up resulting nothing at the end or having a Kurdish area and


then a Shia area... The boundaries were drawn in Britain. A couple of


diplomats, wasn't it? It wasn't a nation. It was made into a nation


and now it is breaking apart again and I think it is tragic. It is


tragic. Just like other parts of the world like the Balkans or the Soviet


Union, we don't have need divides between religious groups or ethnic


groups, people do have to mingle amongst each other and live together


in an ideal world, so it will not be a good situation. I am reminded of


the Sykes`Picot agreement. But it was the wife of one of the diplomats


who drew the boundaries. I am not going to argue with you. The i. This


is about the HS two. `` HS3. Should the money be spent on developing


better transport links between the northern cities? There was a big


piece recently about this whole idea of a Megan northern city linking in


all the northern cities together `` mega. There is an argument to say


that it could certainly happen. It is so expensive. It is, but then we


will have it. It is an investment, certainly. I can't see businesses


taking that big a rest but perhaps they will. It seems that all these


meta` structural things are done by governments `` businesses. Moving on


to the Times, critics predict delays due to a shortfall from cuts to the


NHS. I don't know where they're going to get the money. If. `` if.


rising demand. And in ageing population. It may be one of the


issues but we need to take about what is covered by the NHS and what


the limits are. They're not going to break up the NHS. It would absorb


any amount of money you care to throw at it. There were very big


mistakes made. It is a public and private partnership which has cost


the NHS an enormous amount of money. The central government made


those mistakes with the restructuring. Successive


governments did as well. This was Gordon Brown! It is a disaster. That


isn't the whole cause of this great black hole that is being talked


about here and there is a question about which drugs are provided and


how much everything is costing. It has to be something which is always


part of the conversation. Or whether people who drink or smoke too much


are going to be covered by our NHS system. Here is Andy Murray. I


wonder if he will be allowed to wear this particular T`shirt because they


are clamping down on what they're allowed to wear. It has to be


predominantly white. Should the standards be maintained? I think


they should. We don't want advertisers. It makes it easier for


BBC coverage. It is just wrong to be branded in this way. And visible


undergarments ring play `` during, must also be completely white. No


colourful pans. I will check tomorrow that they are wearing the


same thing. That is all for now. Stay with us here on BBC News. At


midnight ` more on the warning from the UK's most senior


counter`terrorism police officer about the threat of fighters


returning to Britain from Syria. But coming up next it's time for World


Cup Sportsday.


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