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Sri Lanka the second Test match. And we have news of a winning start for


Andy Murray at Wimbledon. This will come after the newspapers preview.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Jason Beattie, Political Editor of the Daily Mirror


and Colleen Graffy, Professor of Law at Pepperdine University.


We start with the metro, they are reporting on a young couple who were


killed by a speeding car. The express catalogues the EU laws which


they say is ruining Britain. ISIS is the fastest`growing branch of Islam


in Britain. And we have stories about the care home problems in


Bristol. We are going to start with the Daily Telegraph, more tax on


savers than sinners. The Daily Telegraph has done a clever


comparison, they have taken one tax comparison, they have taken one tax


take, which the readers care about, and they have compared it with


another one, which the readers probably disagree with. Because it


is not them, it is the naughty people who smoke and drink too much.


And then they have said, this is appalling. Tory MPs and experts are


warning these taxes at the inheritance tax and stamp duty,


redundantly hits middle`class families, now you can see why they


have gone for it `` predominantly. It is a false comparison? A


completely false comparison. It is true, though, it is penalising


people who are doing the right thing, they are working hard and


saving and they want to give something to their families and they


are getting penalised. The threshold for inheritance tax is ?325,000, and


that is not very much, if you are taxed after that, especially with


housing prices in London. The Lib Dems oppose that. There is as a


gesture in the threshold could be moved up to ?1 million, which is a


bit fairer in London `` there is a suggestion the threshold. May have


gone for the story, this is pressure from the Tory MPs on George Osborne


`` they have gone for the story. It is not about equality. The point is


right about inheritance tax, with house prices going up so sharply in


recent years, the threshold is not high enough. People lucky enough to


own their own home, they aren't making a fortune in equity. We


should be thinking about the inequality of the tax system `` they


are making. The other thing could be to scrap the


are making. The other thing could be to scrap stamp duty for everything


under ?500,000, that will help everyone. It will make the housing


bubble even worse. We need more supply. That is already happening,


but at the wrong price, which we discussed last time. And now we're


going to move on to something out. I was enjoying that. I would say 30`30


at the moment, that is a tennis and allergy. `` tennis analogy. Forces


need strengthening to cope with the threat from jihadists, this is at


the bottom of the Daily Telegraph? That is right, several stories


looking at this, NATO has got to be contributing more, there is a story


about that. Some countries are not even contributing the threshold


amount for the defence budget and that causes problems. The other,


there is intelligence which came out earlier about what was happening


with ISIS, and that they were moving from Syria to Iraq and they were


planning to take over Mosul and head to Baghdad, we know this from


Kurdish informants. They tried to alert the British authorities. We


are now in a position where it will be very difficult. President Obama


wanted to go down in history as the president who ended wars, but now it


is looking like he will be the president who will go down in


history as having lost the war and he does not want that. But he will


not be putting more troops into Iraq. As a former State Department


official, how can you explain the fact, intelligence services knew


about the threat of ISIS for at least five months and they did not


do anything about it. They wanted Maliki to be more inclusive. And


also, trying to encourage the Iraqi and their own troops, but a quarter


of them, the training did not take, let's put it that way. The other


aspect, those that are joining the fight from Britain, about 500, I


wish there was more of a campaign with soft power on how are we


communicating with these young people, this is not a good future


career choice. I agree. The investment in the Armed Forces or a


stronger emphasis on soft power, to win round the hearts and minds of


these young men, before they go off and fight in places like Syria and


Iraq. I would like to contradict her revisionist idea of history. The


most recent problems have come back from the appalling handling of the


Republican Administration. It was a disaster. Maliki was an American


puppet. The forces were left without any civil service and any police


force. That was because of a botched job. Balmer wanted a legacy, that he


brought the American troops out of Iraq `` President Obama. Now it


looks like he will be the president who lost Iraq. 2009, people said it


was a stable country. He cannot have that as his legacy. To pick up on


that point, you say the president could go down as the man who lost


Iraq, but wasn't it lost in 2003? 2009, after the surge, people said


it was stable. No one said everything was rosy. Maliki was not


inclusive enough, they said. They have people in different towns from


the different factors in Iraq. You are placing the blame on what has


happened in this country, where hundreds and thousands of people


have died, as a result of a war, and a situation which was created


entirely in 2003 by George W Bush. You are escapades in `` that is a


very strange theory to posit. This is another programme. 40`30? No,


40`40, now we go to the front page of the Guardian. Peter Greste, he


has been imprisoned as an Al Jazeera journalist, but he is well`known to


many of us, he was at a barbecue at my house a few years ago. This is


the further unravelling of what looked like was going to be hope in


Egypt's and other countries, they have the travel of the Muslim


Brotherhood. We now have this country which seems to be slipping


backwards, a country of great promise, a very young population,


and it seems to be, or is committing human rights abuses. This awful


situation, where international pressure does not seem to have any


bearing on what the Asad regime, the elected government, are doing. The


Americans give Williams to the Egyptian military. `` millions.


Qatar is the country where Al Jazeera is based, and Qatar is


supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, and we can see that Peter Greste, he


just a two weeks per four, he is an award`winning Australian journalist.


He can hardly be seen as being in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood.


`` he just arrived two weeks before. It is a big play to say that they


are sending Qatar a message, and their support of the Muslim


Brotherhood, they say, is not sustainable, and so they are going


to play it out with their journalists. They'll so claimed it


was because they did not have appropriate presidential, but that


should be easy to establish. `` they also claimed it was because they did


not have appropriate press credentials. Other journalists have


been sentenced. One of them, Dutch journalist, was able to get out and


do her embassy, otherwise she would be in there, as well. `` get out


thanks to her embassy. There was a lot of hope. The court appearances


today, everyone is expecting they will be released.


today, everyone is expecting they When they went to the court for


sentencing, there was a sense of optimism, there really was. That


disappeared pretty quickly and pretty brutally. This was the


Sudanese women sentenced to death. She was brought up Christian. She


never considered herself a Muslim, so how could she have converted? The


hardliners are saying if you have a Muslim father you are a Muslim and


nothing else changes that. It is a horrific story and we know the


worldwide outcry about it so it is extremely good now she has been


freed. I would compare that with what is happening in Egypt to say


that international outcry was able to get some traction in Sudan


because she is an individual woman, but for the Egyptians this is going


to be fundamental for their control of the media. It is fantastic news


she has been freed. What she faced was horrific. I was worried about


this story because there was almost an element that because it was


Christian in a Muslim country, some people campaigning for release for


using that almost as a proxy to fight an older battle. A lot of the


protests demanding her release came from within Sudan. This is not such


a simple crusade. It is good that the government has listened. It is


an interesting contrast to what is happening in Cairo but you have to


recognise that was domestic pressure as well. That is a really important


point. You are going to be with us in an hour.


At the top of the hour we are going to have much more on the situation


in Iraq and the situation in Egypt involving those three journalists


who have been sentenced to seven years in prison for backing the


Muslim Brotherhood. Brazil look to be on their way


into last 16 as group winners.


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