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Welcome to our look ahead at what the newspapers will be bringing us


tomorrow morning. Thank you for joining us. Time for a look at the


front pages. The Metro reports on a young couple who it says were killed


by a speeding car. The Telegraph says the tax system is penalising


savers and home`buyers, who will soon pay more than drinkers and


smokers. The journalist Peter Greste stares from the front of the


Guardian through the bars of an Egyptian prison. It calls his


detention a stunning blow to free speech.


The Express catalogues the EU laws it says are ruining Britain. The


Times says a hardline Muslim sect is now the fastest growing branch of


Islam in Britain. The Mirror leads on the case of Gladys Wright, the


elderly dementia sufferer whose carers were convicted of mistreating


her at a care home near Bristol. The Independent says David Cameron is


isolated among European leaders as they decide the next European


Commission President. And the Mail says thousands of patients are being


struck off by their doctors, who can't cope with the pressure on


their surgeries. Starting with the Times. Peter


Greste used to work for the BBC. He is now with Al Jazeera. He and his


colleagues have been sentenced to prison for seven years for allegedly


supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This is a horrible story. An


award`winning Australian journalist along with two others, one of them a


Canadian Egyptian. And one of the Egyptians was given a ten year


sentence. This is completely unexpected. There has been no crime


committed except for the fact that they were saying the wrong thing and


that is that Abdel Fattah al`Sisi is having a complete crack down on what


is being said and unfortunately, many say that it is even worse than


it was under Hosni Mubarak, because at least then there could be descent


of opinion and differences. This is not good and, of course, much of it


is being directed at Al Jazeera because Qatar the network they


support, or are seen to support, the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the


Egyptian way at getting back at Al Jazeera and Qatar. Some people say


that it is as if the Arab Spring never happened. It has gone from


Arab Spring to Arab Winter. An awful picture of a journalist who is only


guilty of trying to find the truth. And standing behind this mesh of


wire. Journalists go to these countries to be a voice for people


who don't have a voice. It is worrying that a country which three


or four years ago was full of hope after the ousting of Hosni Mubarak,


and had legitimate elections which did elect the Muslim Brotherhood,


which was controversial, but they were legitimate, but now there was a


coup and we have Abdel Fattah al`Sisi. This is not just happening


in Egypt. We have seen a dimming the light the region. And how can we get


information out of their? Even citizen journalists taking


photographs and tweeting and so on will be very nervous about doing


that. If it can be traced to them, what will happen? Where will be the


international outcry for them as there is for these international


journalists? And Peter Greste has a dislocated shoulder, has been forced


to sleep on the ground, he need hospital treatment as well. There


are humanitarian issues at stake and we have not heard anything from the


regime. A number of dissenters have been complaining about the


authorities and they have simply just disappeared and no one knows


where they are. Staying with the front of the Times. British Muslims


flock to jihadist hardline sects. There is a lot in this I would like


to know more about. It started with this hardline sect within the Muslim


community. And given what we have read about in the last couple of


days about these young guys from Cardiff and elsewhere, and from


other countries as well, travelling to Iraq and Syria to fight, it is


worrying. We can take it acted the Trojan horse plot of possible


infiltration in Birmingham schools. There is a kind of fear there which


is a problem. That the vast majority of Muslims in this country are not


extremists. They want to be part, and have the same values as many


others in Britain. We should be alert. We should understand that


there are or appears to be within some areas of the community, the


Muslim community, adrift towards extremism. What it doesn't say is


what, where this study took place, what was the scale of the study. It


maybe this is inside the papers. I don't want to prejudge the Times. I


don't know if we need the study. We have 400 or 450 British citizens


going to fight. We don't need a study to tell us that something is


going on, and it does appear that some of these mosques are having


radicalisation through preachers or through Internet videos. And these


particular hardliners have been known to preach through both the


Internet and through mosques. And it is now hardline and is getting


traction in the youth in this country for some reason, and likely


in the United States as well. They are hostile to music, to television,


even celebrating birthdays. You would think that that would be


completely and to youth. That you are giving their music and


television? If their parents told them to do that, they would say, no


way. `` giving up. So what is attracting them, and what message


should we be giving out to try and prevent them, to actually immunise


them before they are getting this message, but also to have a way that


parents can turn towards some group organisation to try and pull them


back from the edge when they see some of these things happening.


Because from the parents, that on television talking about this, they


say they saw a change in the personality of their child, they


knew something was going on. Is there a concern, Jason, that as a


society, and maybe we should not know, is none of our business. We


don't know what is going on in mosques. We don't know who owns or


runs half the mosques in this country, how they are controlled and


funded. A lot of that is very open eight on actually. Yes, and there is


this sense of `` opaque. Yes, and there is this sense of isolation. We


feel isolated from them, and they from us. I lived close to a mosque


in Birmingham. You wonder what is happening there, you see these young


boys going on. And you think how can I live so close to something and not


know what happens there. So I understand this, but I suggest again


and again that it is important that there is a lot of anxiety in the


Muslim community about how they are portrayed. Because it reinforces


prejudice rather than highlighting the real positive contribution they


make to our society. One point made is that only two out of nearly 700


mosques are controlled by moderates, or modernists, which is


the term they use. Incompetent camera and savaged by a ally of the


EU. `` Cameron is savaged by his allies over the EU. I am baffled by


her strategy towards Europe and this whole row he has created over


Juncker. I do not understand. He is almost doing it out of pragmatism,


because he is being buffeted by his own back benches. The Eurosceptics


in his own party, and the threat of UKIP. But it is true, isn't it? He


is not the kind of man who is going to reform Europe. Why expand... What


he wants to do is renegotiate the EU so he can go back in 2017 and hold a


referendum, and say to people these are the reasons why we should stay


in Europe, and I have achieved this goal. He knows better than anyone


else that we need to stay part of the EU, if we don't want to become


the granny flat of the continent. The thing is that every major


political party in the UK is against Juncker. They are also against the


price as. He may be isolated in Europe, he is very united at home.


`` against the process. And the UK was right about the single currency,


they are the fastest growing large economy in the EU, and so some


people are going to state to stand by your principles. We have to move


on, but I suspect he would have brought the leaders together on this


issue, Mr Farage. He needs to say that these are the reasons why we


are there. David Cameron should be much older. Other countries don't


want Mr Juncker either. Going to the Daily Mail, thousands are told to


switch GPs. I don't understand this. Is it that they can't have their GP


because there aren't enough GPs, or they have to switch because there is


an area that has more doctors than they currently have? Because I know


that when I signed up for my GP they already indicated, first of all, I


don't understand why you can't have your GP near where you work, which


would save a lot of man hours, having to choose the GP closest to


your home. But there's someone clearly in the area, but they are


talking about some 95`year`old woman that is struck off from seeing her


doctor? That's crazy. There is a combination of factors. The first is


that we have this problem of an ageing population. It is putting


pressure, a lot of pressure, on the social services. Particularly on the


NHS. The second issue is that although they are training more


doctors, if you talk to doctors, they don't want to become GPs. It is


dull. They want to work in hospitals because they can do more research,


it is more intellectually stimulating, and being a family


doctor, although it should be a privilege, the majority of medical


students are not interested. The third factor is that the whole


reason that these government health reforms are needed is because we


have an ageing population and health costs were going to rise. They


needed to do something about it. It shows it is unravelling. They


created these GP groups who manage their own budgets precisely so that


they could cater for with greater freedom these problems. And they are


not. They cannot cope. Now it has become disastrous. We will go


finally to the sun, and the World Cup. St George 's cross. England


home to three Lions. It hasn't been the best of World Cups for the


England team. And if they lose tomorrow, against Costa Rica, I


don't think that has ever happened. Losing all three games in the World


Cup? Tony Parsons has hit the nail on the head. Some of these players


are earning ?300,000 a week. And how good are they? They're useless. And


the most shameful thing as always is sitting next to America, and her


soccer team is going to do even better. The most watched soccer


programme in America, the US Portugal game. Soccer, / football is


really taking off in the United States. Germany on Thursday night


will be tough, but if the US stays in, they will have totally converted


America. Maybe they will still be interested in baseball. Why did they


steal the word soccer for us to cover the game, either because of


American football? Exactly. It would be too confusing. Well we can't have


confused Americans. Americans, by the way, don't send me any tweets. I


love America. I used to live there, I lived there for seven years.


Baseball, rounders... We route for Britain, but if not, the US. Thank


you for that, for letting us understand what is behind the


headlines. Stay with us here on BBC News: At midnight we'll have a full


report on that case involving the journalists in Egypt, which has


provoked such international outrage. But coming up next it's time for


World Cup


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