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have all the latest from the world cop. `` World Cup.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me is Paul Johnson, Deputy Editor of the Guardian


and Neil Midgley, Media Commentator at Forbes.com.


Phone hacking is the main story in the Financial Times, which shows


Andy Coulson, the former News of the World editor, who's been found


And the Telegraph shows Andy Coulson's predecessor,


Rebekah Brooks, leaving the Old Bailey with her husband,


Charlie. They were both acquitted of charges relating to phone hacking.


Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks are both pictured


The Guardian front page is also devoted to the phone hacking trial.


And The Times devotes its front page to the not guilty


The Sun does the same. Let's begin. We are going to start with the


Guardian. It calls Andy Coulson eight criminal. This is an


extraordinary story. There is a lot more to come. The front pages are


really diverted. `` very divergent. We have had eight John boasts chart.


Six have pleaded guilty. This is extraordinarily. 12 more trials are


scheduled. One or two of the People's seem to be thinking that


this is he. But it is not. `` the papers. We have a lot of stories


Europe, saying that report murder is to be questioned. He is to be


questioned under caution. If we think that is the end of it we are


completely mistaken. The Guardian has been running with the story. The


suggestion that Andy Coulson, the criminal who had David Tanner and's


confidence, there were no questions of him being went to the hacking at


the time. What was the problem back then? It is the way that the


politicians have reacted to this today. The Guardian is showing


admirable restraint. It is not being triumphant. It has been the story


all along. Ed Miliband is saying that David Cameron's government is


tainted. He employed Andy Coulson. That was in 2007. David Cameron was


in opposition. Andy Coulson was a criminal. The police, it was the


job, not David Cameron's. They is the question of what that David


Cameron now. What should he have asked. But I do not think there is


any suggestion that anybody has any evidence... Any more than he was a


former editor of the News of the world. He was the one bad apple. It


was the crime from News International. Most politicians were


silent about this. The one bad apple defence ran for some time. We know


that there were the few bad apples. But as the Times points out, Rebekah


Brooks is not guilty. So was in the shop for cooking up this conspiracy?


Senior management had no idea. It is very interesting the week that the


newspapers are covering this. The Guardian is talking about Andy


Coulson being guilty, but The Times is talking about Rebekah Brooks


being not guilty. This is being presented as effectively for the


Rupert Murdoch empire. You will remember when Rupert Murdoch came to


London, he was asked about his priority. He says this one, pointing


at Rebekah Brooks. She was a confidant of the Empire. She has


been cleaned up. `` cleared. It was even said that there might be


prosecutions in the United States. News International, is it going to


happen? We are not sure about this. Your reporters today have been


saying that the media corporate charters. Imagine if this was the


bank. If criminality cannot be proven at a certain level, there is


an attitude at the top for teaching responsibility. Look at what we have


seen at the BBC. It is not just if you people being found guilty, what


we have here... A court has found that Rebekah Brooks did not know.


But in terms of corporate responsibility it may be different.


The legal test that I read this was not the controlling mind of the


corporation, don't they know what was going on? Report Murdoch, James


Murdoch, what the new? `` Rupert Murdoch. The Daily Telegraph, is the


suggestion that this figure is thought it was the mode of nonsense?


That could be the case. One or two of the newspapers appear to be


calling it into question. But if the police have phoned criminality than


it needs to be posted. `` prostitute. `` pursued. Andy Coulson


is in the story here. Of course, all this, it brings into question the


regulation of the press and we also know that thousands of victims have


your phone 's hacked. One extra that I spoke to says it calls into


question the Leveson Inquiry. The Julie seems to have agreed that it


was the number of bad apples. `` jury. The Leveson Inquiry, was it a


waste of space? I would not go that far. Part of the motivation was to


say that the press should have been regulated. The field to our nails


this. `` They failed to unearth this. An eight`month trial? The


biggest statutory regulator of all is the police. The field. `` They


failed. But the PCC dead as well. They had to rely on them being a


complaint by somebody mentioned the story. That is going to be a new


system of press regulation. The victims of the hacking will say it


is not legally change from the old system. They are not playing with


the statutorily underpinning. But things have changed. The new body


for publications that sign up, the Daily Telegraph already committed,


though will be proactive Poles. `` powers. Has the Guardian signed up?


No, but the only reason to sign up would be if it was convinced that it


had credibility to the public. What about the people who think it should


be independent of the editors? If it is not God credibility, it is seen


as independent, I do not know what the future is. We will reserve


position on that. We also have a self`regulatory system within our


own organisation. We are going to move on. The hacking story is on the


front of every newspaper. Inside page of the Financial Times. We have


discussed this. Has this damaged David Cameron in a more long`term


we? `` long term way? I doubt it. I think the public queue about this


when the Milly Dowler revelation came out but I am not so sure that


they do any more. They have probably formed the opinion of David Cameron


and his relationship with Andy Coulson before this verdict. When


you have got the general election in less than a year, the question about


somebody's judgement in hiding a spin doctor seven`year cycle is


probably not going to be top of the list. Ed Miliband said, they went


after News International. Is this a good day for him? I do not know.


Though will be more questions about this, for the Cabinet Secretary as


well as David Cameron. The vetting procedure just seemed to be a Nord.


`` nod. In the future I think they will be very careful about what they


want from the spin doctors. More thought on that in the future. It


has been good having you here. All of the fallout from the hacking


trial. It is time for the sport. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


Thomas Niblock. Good evening. England are on the way home from the


World Cup after a scoreless draw with Costa Rica, but the big talking


point from Brazil surrounds Liverpool?s Luis Suarez. Italy


defender Georgio Chiellini has claimed he was bitten by Suarez as


both Uruguay and Italy played for a


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