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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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the home crowd plenty to celebrate as he eased through to the next


round, all of that and more on sports day coming up after the


papers. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me is political commentator


Lance Price and Reuters business Tomorrow's front pages, then,


starting with... The Telegraph carries


a recommendation from the government's chief obesity adviser,


who says parents should ban fruit juice and fizzy drinks from the


dining table, and serve only water. The Metro front page shows


a dreary welcome home More fallout from


the hacking trial in The Guardian. It says the Prime Minister's


judgement is in question after he commented on the case before the


jury had reached all its verdicts. And The Express says sunshine is the


key to lowering your blood pressure. The Financial Times says


David Cameron is now alone in his opposition to Jean`Claude Juncker


becoming the president of the European Commission after the Prime


Minister's allies abandoned him. The Mail also carries that food


advice. We will start with the Guardian. They say that the Prime


Minister ignored warnings. Commenting before the Julie has


vanished as though deletions... On the face of it, it does not look


like it has even been acknowledged. I have never, across a Jew diligence


process will be asked if you engaged in any criminal activity and then


you make a decision on to hire or not. `` due diligence. But he does


not do these chicks are born? It requires civil servants and it was


required that receive some money Andy Coulson would not be subject to


these? It was an extraordinary decision. I went through the highest


level of security checks. That is clearly an issue. It raises


questions about David Cameron's judgement and also the system. The


headline of the Guardian is about the decision of the Prime Minister


to comment before the Julie had finished its dollar deletions. ``


jury had finished its deliberations. The Guardian have done more coverage


of the story than any other newspaper. The reporter who started


the story has gone into an enormous detail but he accepts that the


evidence was not good enough to convert Rebekah Brooks. He makes the


interesting point that the trial was about something else. The power of


the media, the Prime Minister, and in terms of the collateral damage,


people in high places whose careers are on the line, David Cameron seems


to be suffering even more than Rupert Murdoch. You mention the


reasons, although there was enough strength in the case. The Crown


Prosecution Service say that it was brought to explore a culture of


invading privacy. The tactics in which people used... It is the


concept, we are going to investigate this new media. As the Julie found,


the evidence was not that strong against a number of people.


state about as much as it costs to state about as much as it costs to


investigate financial crimes. It was quite unusual. It is very difficult


to look at it and see that politically, the political factors


were not an issue. It would have been very difficult for the Crown


Prosecution Service not to have investigated. The Milly Dowler


development, her disappearance was being investigated and her mobile


phone was subject to phone hacking. I think the public revulsion at that


meant that the trial had to happen. Some people thought it was going to


cost too much but I do not know if that should be a justification. It


all adds up to evidence that it was an extraordinarily trial. The point


was made by a lawyer that if the invasion of privacy needs to be


investigated, as a criminal case the correct way to do it? It does seem


to be muddying the water was. `` waters. Wheel does this leave


stronger press regulation? If the criminal case is able to deal...


That is the issue. It was the full regulatory system. The was evidence,


it was posted. We now have convictions. This is already being


used by people who are not in favour of increased press regulation as


evidence that Bill is not the need for those kind of measures. What do


you want to see? I think everybody, everybody was horrified to see some


of the tactics used. The way in which it appeared to be absolutely


normal. Phone hacking, other wanted methods. `` wicked. The Financial


Times, Jean`Claude Juncker. David Cameron is not a supporter. It is


looking increasingly likely that Jean`Claude Juncker is going to get


the top job at the European Commission. It looks all but


certain. David Cameron thought he could take on the pro`European


majority and face them down. He has field. `` failed. It is going to be


seen as a humiliation. Beck questions about his judgement. The


feudal sceptics, he is standing his ground although it may not do him


much good? It may box and into a corner. He has clearly got the


message from his political partners, externally, President Obama and the


business community. The issue is that he has bolstered himself. But


at what cost? It looks like he has lost. David Cameron is warning them


will be consequences if Jean`Claude Juncker gets the job. Angela


Merkel? I am sure that they will try to take the heat out of the


argument. They do not want the rest of the European Union, they do not


want the United Kingdom to leave. Not simply to save his fees but they


do believe and reform. They do not want to see the European Union


changing but some actually do. That is pressure on Jean`Claude Juncker


to become reform. Let's move on. The fan goes wild! World Cup flops


arrived home. Their misery complete. The game was seen by 5.8 million


viewers. We would not time that down! `` turn that down! What is


going to happen to the England team at the moment? Roy Hodgson try to


bring some useful players into the team? I was discussing at the while


ago. My ignorance was demonstrated. We are not exactly sure what this


was the only support. I am amazed at how the numbers are calculated. As


the weather? What is it? It makes an answer. Do you have a CD? Video


games? How any of the fans who you thought that they could do real I do


not know. But it will not stop people talking about it and spending


a fortune? The Metro says at least we have Andy Murray! Spectators at


Wimbledon, watching Andy Murray. Here is the cartoon. And Louise


flies? `` Luis Suarez? Top about repeat offenders. The evidence seems


to be pretty obvious. Has shoulder bore testimony. Hopefully it will


desist. Thank you very much for joining us. That is from ours. That


is all we have time for because of the World Cup. Stay with us.


sports day. Fifa way up the charges against Luis


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