26/06/2014 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers. A lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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of England has outlined ways to call some parts of the UK housing market.


There will be new affordability tests on mortgages and limits on


loans. Hallow and Wellcome for our


lookahead what the papers will bring us tomorrow. Joining us this evening


is the political commentator Joe Phillips and the Guardian columnist.


Thank you for joining us. Let's whip through some of the front pages. In


the Daily Express, a routine smear test could tell by the women are at


risk from developing breast cancer. EU leaders are questioning the


lifestyle of the man expected to be the next European Commission


president, Jean`Claude Juncker. The Metro leaves on the abuse by Jimmy


Savile. The Guardian also focuses on Jimmy Savile and questions over who


was responsible for allowing him access to NHS hospitals. In the


times, it says the population in Britain is the fastest`growing in


the European Union. The financial Times focuses on the allegations


facing Barclays macro finally, this is the Independent which says that


Britain is in the midst of a green energy revolution. Good evening to


you both. A very tough read for many readers of newspapers tomorrow. It


does feature on the front pages, such as the Guardian. The headline,


Jimmy Savile, rain of abuse across the NHS exposed. Romance looking at


what we have learned today from the investigation. `` very much looking.


It does take it forward. What we know has been catalogued and


reported it in detail in many of the papers. It is also... This is


reflecting on the political angle. Obviously, Jeremy Hunt, the Health


Secretary, made the statement in the House of Commons in the afternoon.


There is a sense about looking for responsibility. That is the question


that a lot of people are asking. How could this have happened? Who was to


blame? In a way, that has just been answered in the clip you have just


shown. What is interesting is that if we know Currie, who was the


minister in charge of Gary Medel out, and Jimmy Savile was accused of


a lot of incidents at Broadmoor, she is quoted in the Guardian saying, I


wish we had never seen hide nor hair of him will stop `` of him. There is


also an independent enquiry being called by the Labour Party. Ken


Clarke was Health Secretary at the time. I am not sure there is a lot


to be gained by trying to score political points. This very much


refers to the BBC programme, Panorama. They got access to


paperwork at the time as well. Surely lessons can be learned. Of


course they can. It is bigger than trying to say it was this government


or that government all this political party or that political


party. This is only the front page. A lot more coverage inside. There


are police and other people involved as well. I am not defending


politicians. Let's not use it because it is real stories about


real people who have suffered really badly. Let's not turn it into


political football. What Jeremy Hunt said in the House of Commons today,


if it tells us anything, this is about people who are victims of


abuse is not being listened to and not being felt that they would be


believed. I kind of belief you. It should not become a party political


battle but I think politics should obviously become part of it. People


will want to know how the political structure has allowed this to


happen. That is one of the reasons. They will want to know the children


are safe. Of course they do. They also want to know the institutions


will keep their children safe. Here, we are focusing on Edwina Currie,


who signed off on the ability of Jimmy Savile to be in these


hospitals. I think people will want a level of accountability, not least


because what we know and what is coming up is so gruesome that people


feel they need to tribute blame. That might not be a good thing. They


also want to make sure there are mechanisms in place to make sure


this will not happen again. Inevitably, there will be


repercussions individuals and we will need to find out who did what


along the line. You do not think this is the end of it. Absolutely


not. I think we will have to investigate further. We must be


careful about how we do it. There have been a lot of changes already.


There have. The details of the story today are so gruesome it is a bit of


a challenge for newspapers to work out how to deal with it. Let's have


a look at the Metro, just to pick up on that. The headline is pretty


stark. The Jimmy Savile sex files. DJ abuse children says the NHS.


Papers like the Metro are by a lot of people. They are left on trains


as well. It is a difficult story. Do you think it has been tackled


sensitively? Not as sensitively as it could have been. That is the


point. It is very difficult for newspapers to compete with online,


instant stuff. I do worry, and I'm not saying he should `` kids should


be wrapped in cop walks and protected from terrible things but


the Metro lies around, discarded on buses and trains across the country.


Your son or daughter is going to school tomorrow will pick it up.


There is a bit too much detail. This is what editing is all about.


Editors and picture editors had to decide every day which picture they


use, whether they use a very gruesome picture whether they have a


less gruesome picture, whether they crop something so it is not quite so


within the copy as well. The problem is that the story here is the


detail. We know the outline of the sort of thing that Jimmy Savile was


up to. Here it is a detail. It is doubly difficult when they are


deciding what to put into the newspaper when the stories about the


detail of it. How much detail do you run? A lot of kids will see the news


on television and see it in magazines and newspapers,


particularly in papers like the Metro. That is a good thing. You


want your children to be aware of the dangers. You want your children


to know it is an issue in society. There is also the sense of, it is


the balance that has ever been that, with editors on radio and


television. How do you tell a story with not sensationalising it of


terrifyingly quits out of you? Programmes like news and do tackle


issues like that but it is how. I have not seen new sound since John


Craven was doing it but that is another story. It would be


interesting to note how they cover it. As you said, they covered


Michael Jackson. Yes, it did cover Michael Jackson. The Daily Telegraph


leads on a very different story. It was looking at the European Union


and the goings`on in Brussels. It does not look like they are all


falling out with each other, they are watching poppies being dropped.


David Cameron alone and isolated in Brussels over his stand over


Jean`Claude Juncker. It sounds like he wants to be. I think the look


that Angela Merkel was giving him, if looks could kill, he would not be


standing up straight. I thought, this is surely a joke. Is this


absolutely the last ditch attempt that David Cameron is trying to


discredit Jean`Claude Juncker? He has put himself in a corner. He is


isolated. Whether or not Jean`Claude Juncker 's drinking is a problem.


Apparently he has cognac for breakfast. That was not unknown for


Churchill to have a drink before sunset. Is that the best they can


come up with? Why has he put himself into this unnecessary corner and is


actually looking a little bit ` and he has not had a good week `


isolated. I'd our political editor `` our political editor said, there


is a much wider picture about this. If he thinks Jean`Claude Juncker is


not the right man, how has he gone about trying to stop him? Given the


verdict on the EU that people pass at the last election, maybe he is


not the right man. We hear that privately leaders in other countries


think about. Then you come to the second issue. How did David Cameron


go about trying to persuade them? There are chickens coming home to


roost. It seems as if he does not have the relationship with the other


EU leaders that would allow him to make a perfectly `` a perfectly


reasonable point. I tag are you saying he is looking weak? If you


detach yourself from Europe and how it really works, you need to engage


with Europe. You cannot do it. That is what has happened. Dangerous


times. We are going to stay with the Daily Telegraph. We are going to


stay with the Daily Telegraph and rather exciting news, particularly


for women. Cancer in general, women are offered hope of a blood test


that can predict the risk of breast cancer. There is some real meat to


this story. This research has been done At University College in


London. What they have done is identified the DNA, as you say, the


genetic likelihood of breast cancer, and they think they can develop


within the next five years or so, a pretty simple blood test that could


determine whether you are likely to get it. And whether you are likely


to die from it. The severity of it. That is really important and there


is very much a lot of publicity around Angelina Jolie, who decided


to have a double mastectomy. That is something that people often talk


about. This is a good news story. The Daily Express is also covering


it. It's about striking the right


emphasis and making sure you are not running too far ahead of what the


research actually says, and especially something like this, it


really is important that we don't make a cure`all for these things


seem more hopeful than it really is. It is a job for editors. The Daily


Express obviously runs a lot of health stories on its front pages


but it has a responsibility to think carefully. We have got enough time


to look at the times. It probably won't surprise many people that has


been put down to immigration, but also increased birth rates as well.


It is 64 million people, so we are the second most populist in Europe


after Germany. The annual increase is just under 500,000. But it is


immigration, births, what does it tell you? We are a very overcrowded,


little island. With immigration, that causes higher birth rates, but


this will be interesting politically as well because the government have


been quite anti immigration intone, but now they know they will not meet


their caps, they will probably have to sing a much kinder chin about


immigration and maybe there are positive effects.


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