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toppled in heavy rain. Country singer Dolly Parton says she feels


like a rock star after filling in the biggest crowd of Glastonbury so


far. Welcome to look ahead to what the


papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are former government policy


adviser and academic and the independent Whitehall editor Ollie


White. Tomorrow's front pages. We start with the Financial Times,


claims officials in Berlin will do everything in their power to stop


the UK leaving the EU. David Cameron writes in the Telegraph that


Britain's drive for EU reforms are on track. And he can do business


with Jean`Claude Juncker. Elton John joins the debate about gay members


of the clergy, saying in the Metro he believes Jesus would allow


same`sex priests to marry. The express claims the fairing taking a


state pension could leave thousands of people better off in the long


run. ` deferring. The Guardian 's main picture is of Dolly Parton, who


made her Glastonbury debut today. The Daily Mail, claims the Prince of


Wales try to influence former Labour ministers on a range of issues from


climate change to alternative medicine. The Times says plans to


merge income tax and National Insurance will be a key part of the


next Conservative manifesto. The German finance minister said it


would be unimaginable for the UK to leave the EU. One wonders what he


has in mind to stop us doing so. After the rows of last week everyone


is busy picking up their toys and brain to put them back in the pram.


Generally does not want the UK to leave because they would feel


isolated and under the control of the Mediterranean bloc, Italy,


Greece, Spain. It is in Germany's interest to try to persuade the


Brits to stay, do everything they want. We thought we would get their


help on Mr Juncker but that is not happen. Now you have him saying we


want you to be part of Europe, will do everything we can. It is part of


the consensus`building after last week. It is quite powerful some of


what he said, historically, politically, democratically,


culturally, with Britain is entirely indispensable for Europe, he says. `


Great Britain. It's nice to know we're so needed in Europe, that we


have is friends who speaks highly of us after the spot of last week. He


won outright. ` us that. He has great consensus. He is an


integration on this. People are licking their winds after last week.


` weans. His comments come as the CBI business group says our economic


growth relies on our membership of the EU and Ed Miliband is pulling on


that as well. That is what big business and you can see the battle


lines being drawn for 2017 if indeed there is a referendum. It is very


clear that business, like they are beginning to do with the Scottish


referendum will, very strongly and say, leaving the EU will be


disastrous for British jobs, exports, and we may not like certain


things about the EU, but we are far better in than out. One of the


difficulties of the yes campaign, is people 's concerns about the EU,


about immigration. I don't think there is anything David Cameron


vehicle to get from the EU on free movement of people because that is


at the core of what Europe is about. You can see a referendum campaign


where Cameron is negotiating what is a decent settlement but doesn't hit


the key concern of voters. I think that would be a real problem. Let's


move on that day with this scene, the Daily Telegraph has David


Cameron writing in it tomorrow. ` theme. Declaring he can do business


with Jean`Claude Juncker, insisting his drive for European reform is on


track as she was saying. The interpersonal are still good, and


there has been the same court today, much being made of the fact the two


gentlemen have kissed and made up in political terms. Exactly, ready to


move on and keep fighting. Nevertheless they are friends. They


have this issue but they have made friends in political terms. Exactly,


ready to move on and keep fighting. Nevertheless they are friends. They


have this issue but they have made friends and they are it is most the


Prime Minister is going to do with this in different ways, it is more


amicable. ` it is nice. There will be lots of meetings and between


summits. ` in between. It is damaging for Mr Juncker to have had


such bad press, especially in the British press. On some level we need


to make amends. We need to know what he says. One of the interesting


things, this has been portrayed as a humiliation of Cameron, two against


the rest. One thing it has done for him, it has proved within that


format that he is prepared to have a fight, to stand up, and to walk


away. And when we get renegotiation that is an important thing to have


done. He did stick it for several days despite very negative


attention. Europe has always tended to go on consensus, people backing


down at the last moment. By not doing that it sends a powerful


message. He is quoted here as saying this was all about making sure he


would be taking seriously in negotiations ticking forward. The


quote is anyone in Europe who thought I was going to back down is


now thinking again. He is playing this as a victory for the tough man


of Europe. I think there is some truth in that. He was put in an


unenviable situation he was going to lose so he had to decide what he


would do. Would he walk away quietly or take this stand and portray it as


a principled stand which I'm not convinced ever was. It does have a


slightly useful negotiating stance coming into 2017. We'll see how it


plays out. Let's turn our attention to the Telegraph 's main story. The


Princess battle for grammar schools. This is tied up with the BBC Radio 4


documentary which has been hearing from former Labour minister saying


they were urged by Prince Charles on various issues to reconsider their


positions. Many people getting quite agitated do the future king may have


something to say on these matters. If of years after the fact it is


interesting comments come out a documentary where the prince


consulted Labour ministers, on policies including climate change


and GM foods, in addition to grammar schools. We've always known this has


happened in the Prince has been very vocal about different issues,


whether in letters to government ministers, that we've only just


heard about or other issues. He is a very vocal monarch. Monarchy is


constitutional and we have these issues with how much you can


interfere with different ministers. It is interesting it is coming out


now. The other point as he has been spectacularly. In a way that is


reassuring. He can say what he likes but these people... There is quite a


nice quote by Blunkett saying he didn't mind the intervention. If you


are waiting around to be king of the UK you generally have to you engage


or you would go spare. There is something to be said, some people


get very irritated and say he has no role in any of these issues but


other people say what is he to do, he has ideas and division, what is


to stop him saying. No one has to do what he says, he has no leverage to


say you must. He is just saying what he was to say. He is the patron of a


large number of charities representing a raft of different


sections of society. Let him say what he likes. He has a good point,


venison to it. He seemed quite relaxed about it. This is a


democracy, everyone has that right. He is a monarch in waiting and it


has been decades. It is nice he is engaged. On some level we should


appreciate that. The Guardian giving us a bit of sparkly Dolly Parton,


she has been playing at Glastonbury. Their main story,


Labour offers olive branch to business. Ed Balls, and Ed Miliband,


both making speeches this week as they try to win business. Ed Balls


going to be talking about potential low corporation tax. ` woo business.


Trying to get their credibility back up with the business community.


Talking to business people who have attended these events as a charm


offensive. Both Miliband, Chuka Umunna, to a lesser extent Ed Balls


get a frosty reception from business, the whole thing about the


energy price freeze went down very badly. This is an attempt to say we


will not be as unfriendly to business as you might think. For


example, they went met and with the corporation tax rate which has come


down significantly over the last few years under the coalition. They will


keep it as it is. They don't seem to be offering in the story anything


new other than reassurance we will not cover you with extra taxes. I'm


not sure, on the basis of this, he will win many hearts and minds in


the city. I agree, saying you're going to maintain the rate is not


exactly a new policy. Or a very extrovert policy, it is sticking to


what we have, suggesting it is a good policy. It also talks about


more power to local government but we already have a decentralised


world, we have given lots of money to local government and lots of


policy initiatives. What is new potentially is the quota of


government contracts to small companies, that sounds like a


procurement edge. That is something this government is trying to do with


recruitment, why should they do something and give lots of money to


Hewlett`Packard etc. `` procurement. It is probably quite sensible. If we


talking about potential policy proposals being unveiled by labour


we have two touch on the critique that has come from Jon Cruddas who


has been saying I've had lots of good ideas on policy and nobody is


putting forward. How devoted are the Labour Party on this issue? It has


been running all we can. `` divided. It's interesting with this


leak of what John Part is said in a private forum. Lots of interesting


ideas. `` John Cruddas. It is not what people want to hear. Despite


the fact he has spent well over a gay talking about these new policies


were supposed to be interested in, it `` well over a year. You wonder


what is going on in terms of the policy review. If you are John


Cruddas you do not go into a public meeting and say stuff like that if


you don't expect to be recorded. The Tories have people going into these


meetings, one in ten days. You shouldn't say those things. Ed Balls


was on the Andrew Marr show today saying he is frustrated, he spends


hours. Ed Balls would be furious, so would Miliband. They will be furious


not necessarily they don't know what he thinks but he has been stupid not


to say it in public and be recorded doing so. It's a great story but not


brilliant for the Labour Party machine. The express has how to get


a bigger pension pay`out, suggesting thousands of victims could double


their income from their savings by putting up taking a state pension.


How is this going to work? `` putting. I'm not sure I completely


understand this. It's something about, but all comes from the budget


where you didn't need to buy an annuity. You put your pension pot


you give it to a company, and they say we will pay you however much


year until you die. George Osborne says you don't need to do that any


more. This is saying you take a pension pot and you spend it for the


first few years. Blow it on a Ferrari lifestyle. Take a nice


holiday. During that time, this is where I use it, your state pension


will go up by 10.4% each year it is deferred, plus an extra 5% living


costs. At the end of the five year when you have blown your pension pot


you can get your state pension and it will be bigger because it was


deferred. I think that is what it is. Nicely explained. Thank you very


much. They have a big typeface in the express, it sounds exciting but


perhaps you need to look at your own finances and see if it would really


work for you. A simpler story if we return to the Telegraph, this will


make people laugh. Tucked away at the bottom and the sparkly Dolly


picture, Britain arcs America to end their ban on haggis. `` asks. Did we


know there was a ban on haggis? Some people may vaguely remember this


happened, I wasn't aware, I've had vegetarian haggis and it's


fantastic. All it might be nice for community relations. I think there


is something in this. This is all about Whitehall and London saying,


we are better together, we have allowed the Americans, if you go off


online you will not be able to sell your haggis. `` clout with. Thank


you for joining us. We will have more for you in the next hour, when


we look more closely at some of those stories. We will be back at


11pm, GPs with a poor record in detecting cancer could be named


under government proposals. We will have more on that. Coming up next,


it is time for clip. `` click.


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